Ever encountered the olpair, openload.co pair and openload errors while trying to stream a movie on Kodi? If yes, then here's how to block openload stream authorization on Kodi.


We all know Kodi spawned from the love of entertainment and it has become one of the very best and open source media player application that runs on a huge range of devices and operating systems. With the help of add-ons, users can play and watch movies, music, podcasts and other digital media files on Kodi but there is a catch. A slew of this video add-ons requires authorization especially if the stream is coming from Openload sources. Now assuming you have selected a video to watch on Kodi and stumbled upon a message that tells you to go to a website and pair your device, don't panic as we're going to address this openload.co pair, olpair and openload pair errors on Kodi.

What is Openload?

Without beating around the bush, we can simply say that openload is nothing more than a file host or repository. It is a place where media contents are stored and the service is somewhat similar to what Dropbox is offering. Users are allowed to upload files to the site, then share the links to other users for download. For one thing, openload does not provide any sort of indexing or search facility, so you'd have to know where what you're looking for is located. Openload anonymity has made it extremely popular and it is one of the best place to find, stream and even download tons of movies and TV Shows.
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In other to build a list of the files present in Openload, a "slew" of developers came together to create a resolver software that 'scrapes' openload for contents. One such software is none other than URLResolver, a 'script' that sits in the 'background' and fetches links from external sources and a ton of Kodi addons depends on it to work. But wait, lets not "complicate matters" by going into unnecessary and technical talks. From here, lets see why openload requires pairing.

Why Does Openload Require Pairing

They say "the best things in life are free," but this 'statement' isn't completely true as nothing goes for nothing. For a site to keep running, the company behind it needs to be making money somehow, at least to cover operating expenses and openload isn't an exception to that. Infact they make pretty good profit by promoting banner ads and pop-ups. The latter may quickly seem annoying once you visit the site, but if you're accessing their contents through a Kodi add-on, you'll be protected from the advertisements.

Openload Pair

As Kodi popularity surge, the "owners" of openload realised that a slew of contents are being 'pulled out' of their servers and they were not making any revenue out of it. To "combat" this issue, openload came up with a "tactic" that involves blocking users who have managed to bypass their advertisements using services like Kodi add-ons. After some days, a compromise was found and that is to force Kodi users to visit a website, pair their device and get 4 hours of streaming. With this, openload is able to serve users some ads and generate traffic too. So you see? You get to stream your video and openload gets to make their money... Things goes fair.

The Truth, and Is Openload Pair Safe?

Before we dive into the how to thing, let's see what Openload pairing actually does and see if it's safe or not. When you open a browser and navigate to the designated pair website, openload will be able to register your IP address once you click the "Pair" button. The pairing page features a captcha that helps prevent robots or automated systems from accessing and downloading their video contents. But here's the truth, that pairing process is simply a platform mapped out to serve users ads. Doubt me? Click the pair button and you'd see a pop-up trying to sell you to some get rich quick scheme.

Now you must be 'wondering' if Openload pair is safe or not. Well it depends on how swift you are while using the site. A lot of people have being complaining that thetheir computers are being infected with viruses and malware once they visit the "pairing" site. But here's the thing, in other to stay safe it's recommended that you install an Antivirus or a quality malware protection software on your PC before visiting the pairing site. Alternatively, you can choose to stop them in their tracks by closing the pop-up windows as quickly as possible. Once you are done with the pairing stuffs​, ensure to close the site completely. Don't leave any tab open.

Fix Openload Pair Errors

So we're done with the talks, and it's​ time we hit the nail on the head. There are two ways to go around this openload.co pair error. One is to "obediently succumb" to their instructions while the second one is to beat them at their own game. So let's go with the first method and pair our device obediently.

First Method (Pair Your Device)

As instructed in the pop-up message, fire up the web browser on your computer or mobile device (you can't access the given URL on Kodi, since it doesn't support hyperlinks) then head over to https://olpair.com
  • Once you are in, simply click the checkbox that says "I'm not a robot".


  • This will pop-up a reCaptcha verification, go through it and click verify.


  • Once completed, you'll see a "✓" check. 


  • Now scroll down the page and click the pair button.


A confirmation message will appear, telling you that the pairing was successful. Now close that window, open Kodi and select the video with the Openload Pair error. It should start playing now.

Second Method (Disable Hosters With Captchas)

The above steps was quite simple, but it came with its own downside. Yes you where able to skip those pop-ups, but you'd know you just shared your IP address to some unknown company. So ensure to access the site with the same VPN you use while streaming on Kodi. The second method however is pretty simple and reliable, so here's how to block the Openload authorization on any Kodi add-on.
  • Launch Kodi and open your preferred add-on (I have chosen Neptune Rising as my example)
Openload.co pair
  • Now scroll down until you see the "Tools" option. Simply click on it. (If you're ​using a different add-on, you may see Settings instead of Tools) 
  • Once you're in, navigate all the way down and clear cache followed by providers.
  • After that, scroll up and select the option "SETTINGS: Playback".
Openload Pair
  • From here, hover your mouse to Hosters with captchas and click to disable the toggle switch. Then hit ok.
Openload Pair

That's it! You can now go back to Neptune Rising main menu (or any other Kodi add-on you're using) then select the video you want to play and it should work now.

Wrapping Up

So that's it, fixing Openload Pair errors in Kodi is quite easy, and we just detailed everything painlessly. Incase your device doesn't have a built-in web browser, you can still access the pairing link using any device connected on your home network since they use the same IP address.


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