Looking for where to watch HK drama online? Then here are the best sites and apps that lets you watch hong kong (HK) drama and tvb drama online.


While being "blindly focused" on Korean drama, we tend to forget the very beginning of our "drama addiction" and that is pretty unfair. Before now, TVB drama from Hong Kong was our first "introduction" to Asian dramas, they had a high focus on actions instead of "romance" and this made them popular, but it's quite sad that the "golden era" of Hong Kong Drama has passed. But lets admit it, HK drama 'back then' was in one word remarkable, they made varieties of shows that had perfectly executed plots and most of their dramas features "strong female characters" who are ready to take the "bull" by the horn. Their memories we will surely retain and if you are looking for where to watch HK drama or tvb drama online, then we have got the best sites and apps.

1. Viewasian


Viewasian is a website specially designed to allow users watch the 'most recent' and even the oldest dramas online. Unlike the highly 'acclaimed' Dramafever, Viewasian HK drama collections isn't pitiful as you'll get to discover an 'extremely large section 'dedicated' to watching Hong Kong​ Drama online for free. The easy to use and simple user interface isn't the only feature that'll "allure" you to Viewasian, the site brings a full support for drama ratings and equally offers "complete" episodes of HK drama in HD quality. Viewasian streaming speed is in one word fast and it should doubtlessly be your go to when you are in dear need to watch HK drama online.

Visit Viewasian

2. Icdrama

hk drama

Next up, we have icdrama, one of the most popular & highly recommended site that's useful for watching HK drama with "vivid' clarifications. Icdrama.se spawned to help users "brush up" on their cantonese and it does so perfectly well by offering them an 'overwhelming list of the latest HK drama from "different" genres. On icdrama, users can 'painlessly choose either to download or watch a show, and there is a Cantonese and English subtitles option that 'helps to make 'things' understandable. Most of the HK dramas on icdrama are in high quality and it's truly reliable notwithstanding the fact that it makes use of "cyberlockers" for HK drama download.

Visit Icdrama

3. Newasiantv

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Newasiantv isn't in anyway​ special than its counterparts, infact it looks a lot more like the previously mentioned Viewasian and it's a website "specifically" created to allow users watch Hong Kong drama with ease. One thing that mostly attracts me to newasiantv is that it "doesn't" ask for any sort of registrations, and with 'just' a click you can watch from a 'huge collections' of Hong Kong dramas. Newasiantv interface is quite simple, and I "personally" love the fact that it gives recommendations based on other "users ratings. Aside from this, it will impress you to know that newasiantv offers even the 2017 HK drama in eng sub and they're waiting to be streamed in any quality format.

Visit Newasiantv

4. Hkfree


At first, one may think that icdrama is the "last of its kinds", but 'once you encounter Hkfree, your "thoughts is likely to change. Hkfree looks a lot 'similar' to icdrama and it might even be better. The site brings tons and tons of the latest HK dramas with perfect descriptions, and they are available to be 'streamed' for free. Hkfree's easy-to-use and simple navigation was "aimed' at non-tech savvies and just like icdrama, you can choose to watch the selected HK drama online with English or Cantonese subtitles, or you can easily opt-in to download them for offline viewing. Overall, Hkfree is a website dedicated to watching HK drama online.

Visit Hkfree

5. aDrama

hk drama

Acting as a "container" that gathers most of the popular & latest Hong Kong dramas uploaded by official channels themselves, aDrama stylishly emerged as the best HK drama app for Android. It was designed to allow users watch HK drama online while staying safe at the same time. Most of the Hong Kong dramas on aDrama "fall' under the public domain, so it's competely legal and free to use. Aside from bringing a cool voice search and continue watching feature, aDrama lets users to group drama by year, add them to favorite list if need be and most importantly, it supports Google Chromecast. aDrama user interface is quite elegant and you'll get to find a ton of popular HK dramas with complete episodes within the app.

Download aDrama


HK drama are undoubtedly captivating, if you haven't given it a try, then you should now. They are 'much more like' the highly praised Korean dramas but 'features more actions and less romance. The above sites will freely let you watch your favourite HK drama, and if you're a beginner longing to see what Hong Kong drama has to offer, then we just walked you down the nostalgia lane with this services that lets you watch HK drama and TVB drama online. Bonus tip, if you think the aforementioned sites and apps aren't enough to quench your HK drama needs, then you can give Viki and vChannel app a try. The latter however is quite cumbersome and mostly unreliable.


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