Khatrimaza Bollywood movies are mostly in mkv version, and the site looks too good to be true. But is it safe?, Is it legal?, Here's everything you need to know.


Back in the 90's, the movie theater was one of the best places where people gather to experience something together. But the desire for that magic and the value of seeing how people feel after watching a movie is already fading. All thanks to computers and technology, a lot of people are becoming more secluded from each other as they now prefer to watch movies online in the comfort of their homes instead of going to the cinema. The world has advanced tremedously and a lot of online streaming sites have mushroomed all over the internet with some legal while others fall on the illegal side.
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Honestly, a lot of "internet users" have at one point or the other visited a website that allows them to stream a slew of contents without paying a cent. And assuming this is true, then you might have been to khatrimaza, one of the most "notorious" website that allows users to download and watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies dubbed in Hindi - all for free. Sounds good huh? But wait you'd know it's illegal to download or watch a movie you haven't purchased beforehand online? Still not clear? Then read on as we attempt to address whether khatrimaza is legal, safe or not.

What's Khatrimaza?


Khatrimaza simply means dangerous pleasure and it's an online portal that allows users to watch or download the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi. The site itself is completely free to use and brings a lot of pirated contents which are monetized through adverts. Despite the fact that the official and have been taken down, a ton of similar sites spawned, and they have been able to circumvent the law in most countries with the aid of cyberlockers.

Does it Look too Good to be True?

For one thing, khatrimaza looks so good that you cannot believe that such a site is possible or can continue. The contents they are offering are quite tremendous and khatrimaza mkv movies tends to be one of the best quality I have seen for quite some time now. I recently paid a visit to one of its temporarily existing site ( and decided to see if it was actually real or not. Here's my experience..

Upon arriving at the site, I saw a neatly laid out platform with tons and tons of Bollywood and Hollywood movies all in Hindi. First there's an option to watch a selected movie online within the site and you can choose to download it for offline viewing. Of course I went on with the latter and the pop-ups that appeared within the next page wasn't pleasant at all. I managed to skip those malicious ads that was trying to sell me to some get rich quick scheme and successfully arrived at the Download button. But here's the truth, I downloaded a movie that's technically protected by copyright law and it's a big offence in countries such as the U.S.

So Is Khatrimaza Legitimate?

For the past few years, we've seen a ton of sites increase their level of sophistication with online piracy websites shifting from "peer-to-peer downloads" to illegal movie  streaming. This sudden, vast change has the potential to "harm not only" relevant media companies but consumers as well. In the western world, the governments are acting swiftly on intellectual property theft and any citizen caught sharing or distributing copyrighted contents tends to face a jail term.


If you are a regular visitor at khatrimaza, then you may be wondering whether the movies present on the platform fall under the public domain. One way to ascertain this is to visit, it's a site that provides information on where to buy, watch or rent films legitimately. So considering the fact that khatrimaza is offering free movies that's still airing in the cinema, that makes it untrustworthy and illegal.

Should You Use It?

Despite the fact that khatrimaza fall into a legally murky arena, it isn't completely harmful to use, especially for those living in third world countries. Once you have a paid and reliable VPN combined with a good Antivirus software, they you can easily visit khatrimaza and stream or download your favourite movies with ease. For the U.S citizens, I strongly recommend not to use this site since it brings its own consequences. Legitimate subscription based streaming sites such as HotStar, Amazon Video, Netflix, Spuul and Hulu are there to serve all your movie needs provided you can cough up a few buck. In summary, khatrimaza isn't legal and users should be wary of how they make use of the site.


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