Microsoft introduced support for the Web Authentication specification in Microsoft Edge giving the more secure and passwordless experience to its users.

microsoft edge web auth

Microsoft Edge with the Windows 10 provides you a better battery life and performance. It lets you enjoy faster browsing on Windows 10 platform which in turn saves your time and helps you focus. You can get all your stuff done easily with the built-in features of Edge and stay organized. In spite of so many improvements by Microsoft, the majority of windows users still use Chrome or Firefox as their primary browser. So, to take Microsoft Edge one step ahead of its competitors, Microsoft today announced a new feature - Web Authentication in Microsoft Edge.

This upcoming feature of Microsoft will give you a passwordless experience. So, what this feature does exactly? Web Authentication in Microsoft Edge allows users to sign in everywhere with their face, fingerprint, PIN, or portable FIDO2 devices. So, it solves your major issues like that of forgetting the passwords or creation of a secure password so that no one else has access to your content.
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Enjoy the web without passwords

Security on the internet is a primary concern for every user as we perform many online activities like purchasing goods via e-commerce websites or online retailers where we give our personal information as well as payment records, Registering for a course or event where we enter all our details and many such situations where we tend to give much more information through the internet.

And all these important and private information stored over the internet is secured only with one parameter that's the Password. Now, passwords can sometimes be an issue for you either in case you forget it or you did not create a secure password in the first place. If you use an easy to remember password which is usually a simple password, you might get into trouble as there is always a chance of database leak as we have seen in the past, and common passwords are easy to crack.

Microsoft Edge Web Authentication
Source:- Microsoft

To solve all these security concerns and change this ancient-old security model, Microsoft has been developing a world without passwords with the innovations like 'Hello Biometrics' and today with the 'Web Authentication'. This passwordless system created by Microsoft allows users to keep their data private and prevent its access to anyone without notice.

Windows Hello allows users to authenticate on any Windows 10 device without a password, the data can be accessed with biometrics face and fingerprint recognition or a PIN number to sign in to websites within Microsoft Edge. The face recognition allows users to log in to the sites that support web authentication in seconds with just a glance.
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Final Thoughts

With the Web Authentication in Microsoft Edge, it will now become faster and safer to log in to different websites. Edge along with this new add-on keeps providing its users good performance at fast speed and gives them an amazing and secure browsing experience. It's great that like Smartphones, Browsers have also started implementing next-gen security access parameters and tools that assure the users complete security on the Web as well as on their Phone.

To get started with this great security feature in Microsoft Edge and to know more about its implementation, check out the Web Authentication guide here.

Share this article with your friends and family and let them know about this cool feature of Microsoft Edge and do let us know in the comments section below what do you think about this Passwordless login feature of Microsoft Edge. Will it be safer or will it also fail like most of the face recognition software in the phone?


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