Charter Spectrum is among the leading cable television service providers in the United States. ‘Favorites’ list allows you to manage collection that you watch the most. Here's how to edit my favorites list..
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Charter Spectrum is among the leading cable television service providers in the United States. Apart from cable television, the company offers various other quality services, including the high-speed Internet as well as local- and long-distance phone service. Comcast's cable television service features HD channels, on-demand content, International stations and many other benefits.

While you can choose from the thousands of channels offered by Spectrum cable service, a ‘Favorites’ list allows you to watch channels that you have managed yourself. This is basically a collection of all the channels that you watch the most.

Charter Spectrum offers a dedicated feature for customers, known as Favorites, which allows users to choose and arrange their most-watched channels under a single umbrella, which can be easily accessed anytime. If you want, you can make changes to the Favorites list through the ‘Favorites List Setup’ screen. Follow the below instructions to edit the “Favorites” list.

Steps to Modify “Favorites” List on Charter Spectrum 

Step 1

First of all, you need to highlight the "Setup" option, which you can find on the main menu of your Charter Spectrum TV. Then, press "OK/Select" button, which is available on your Spectrum remote control, to open the setup screen.

Step 2

Now, choose the "Favorites List Setup" to open the Favorites list.

Step 3

Next, you need to highlight the name of the Favorites list, which you wish to edit and then, press the "Save" icon. You can recognize the ‘Save’ icon easily as it appears an image of the heart.

Step 4

Here, add or remove the desired channels. In order to add any channel, first highlight it and then, press "OK/Select" on your remote. Similarly, to remove any channel from the “Favorites” list, first highlight the desired channel on the list and then, press either the "FAV" or "OK/Select" button. When you find that the Save icon disappears, it means, you've successfully removed the channel.

If you encounter any trouble while modifying the “Favorites” list, contact experts for assistance to troubleshoot the issues. You can get in touch with Spectrum care service for immediate help from skilled and experienced tech professionals. You can easily get rid of all sorts of technical glitches with your Spectrum customer services with the help of tech professionals, who are readily available round the clock. Visit -
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