Clock widget comes in handy for keeping an eye on the current time on our phone. So if you need a clock widgets for home screen, then here are the best clock widgets for Android.


In life where everything we do always seems to be in haste, one will at one point or the other need an analogy or digital clock to help him/her keep track on what the time is. Time management is an oxymoron, whether you are​ a night watchman, a deliveryman, a student or a government worker, you will agree with me that "time" is an essential aspect of being punctual to our day-to-day business. Watches are designed to help us glance at the time while on the go, but not everyone can afford it. So if you have an Android phone and a clock widget installed, managing the time will be much more convenient.
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A clock widget is simply a mini app that sits on your Home Screen and mostly attempts​ to do one thing well; tell the time. There are a slew of clock widgets out there, each with its on unique design. But you'd know aside from telling the time, an elegant and fancy clock widget can help 'adorn' your home screen. Of course the Google Play Store is filled with dozens of clock widgets for home screen, but the lists can be overwhelming. So to help make the job easier, we've lined up the best clock widgets for Android.

1. Digital Clock Widget Xperia


An Xperia fanboy I am, notwithstanding the fact that I don't own one. But using one of the best digital clock widget that promises  to bring Sony Xperia look and feel to other devices "wouldn't" be bad I guess. As the name portrays, Digital Clock Widget Xperia is a simple but yet customizable digital clock widget for Android. It brings quite a few options to fiddle with, and aside from the semi-transparent weather widget it brings, the app also lets users adjust the time and date size, including its color and you can even choose your preferred date and time format. It is really a clock widget worth having.

2. Round Clock Widget


Next up, we have round clock widget. One of the intuitive and yet accurate clock widget for Android. Round Clock Widget is an app that offers a ton 'beautiful" round clock widgets to help spruce up your home screen. The app itself is clean, and brings over 20 different styles of round clock alongside 12 stylish fonts. One of round clock widget unique feature is the second and dot circle animation it brings, users will also discover an alarm clock shortcut within the app. To sum it up, round clock widget brings easy settings to help you get going with ease.

3. Digi Clock Widget


We love 'em big, We love 'em solid, we love 'em mechanical. Digi Clock Widget is arguably one of the most popular clock widget for Android and it offers a whole five set of free and highly customizable digital time and date widgets. No doubt, its interface may seem antiquated but the accuracy is top-notch. Digi Clock Widget features a plethora of customization abilities, starting with the option to select preferred color and date output to a variety of language, users are also allowed to use custom fonts as well as pictures as widget background. It's really among the big clock widget for Android.

4. Clock Widget


Aww! Ladies rejoice, we have a simple but yet elegant clock widget that can help spice up your home screen. Clock Widget just like its mates, is an app that can be used to keep track on the time directly from your home screen. Bringing with it the best fonts ever, clock widget material design look will in fact allure you. With just a tap, you can load up the settings page to tinker with some of the options there. Using 'clock widget' is quite simple, as the basic requires opening the app, clicking on the widget tab and then dragging your favourite clock widget to the home screen.

5. Clear Clock


Clear Clock is definitely one of the best and exclusive clock widget you'd find on Android No weather, no nonsense! It brings more than 20 exclusive themes as well as a theme creator to help adorn the clock widget once it is placed on your devicevice's home screen. To narrate further, clear clock supports upto 27 languages​ for each day of the week, and you'll get to find some personal settings options to fiddle with. Clear clock offers quick access to alarm and calender, and aside from being decent, light and essential, it is one of the best analog clock for Android

6. 3D Neon Blue Clock


3D Neon Blue Clock is apparently the first analog clock widget with real time seconds. As a clock widget app designed to help users check what the time is, 3D Neon Blue Clock can also go extra mile to liven up your home screen. With a unique design and an easy but professional interface, you'd get to see its 3D effect in full glory. The app allows its users to choose between three sizes of clock, ranging from small (1×1), medium (2×2) and large (3×3). Combine 3D Neon Blue Clock with a matching wallpaper and see how terrific and wonderful it'd look. Overall, it is a nice clock widget for Android.

7. Minimalist Clock Widget


We love 'em sleek, we love 'em minimal. If the 80's feel 3D Neon blue clock brings does not suite your needs, they you should opt-in​ for something minimal, something that's clean and polished. Minimalist Clock Widget is yet another fantastic clock widget that works accurately on Android. Despite its ability to show weather forecast, it still uses your battery power efficiently. Minimalist Clock Widget brings 20 different beautiful clock widget styles to choose from, both digital and analog. You can customize the clock widget background and text with your own color theme and even set the widget as a shortcut to another app.

8. My Name Clock Widget


Yeah, you heard 'em very well. My Name Clock Widget is one of the customizable analog clock widget for Android. It allows you to personalize your clock with your own name and it brings a lot of beautiful themed wallpapers for you to match with the widget. With a nice user interface, my clock widget offers you the ability to customize the clock widget from within the app itself. You will get to see a slew of options to fiddle with, and the clocks are all resizable. Adding the clock widget to your device home screen is pretty simple, just tap and hold on an empty space on your home screen and select Widgets. Then find the clock widget and drag it all the way down to your home screen.

9. Onca Clock Widget


Onca Clock Widget is another minimalist clock widget that was inspired by minimal and flat design. Aside from combining both digital and analogue clock for telling the time accurately, Onca can go extra mile to ensure your home screen is clean and brings the "modern" style you have ever wanted. Similar to other clock widgets for Android, Onca offers a slew of configuration menu to help users adjust the clock widget to their personal preference. You can easily select a cool font size, color and even adjust the clock transparency. It's really a one of a kind clock widget for Android.

10. MiClock


Lastly, we have MiClock. A minimalistic clock widget inspired by the LG G4 lock screen clock. MiClock is one of the most popular digital clock widgets for Android, it was designed as a way to stylishly display the current time on our home screen. One of MiClock excellent feature is that it brings numerous clock widgets in multiple styles. Aside from this, they're resizable and can be used both on the home screen and on the lock screen as well. Of course you'd get to see an option to customize the fonts, colors, and text style of each clock widget element. This is essential to tailor the clock widget to look classic on your home screen.

Final Words

There are obviously a lot of clock widgets out there, some unmaintained & probably outdated, some inaccurate. But all in all, we where able to sort the best clock widgets just for you. So if you are tired of the default clock widget your phone brings, or probably don't fancy the Galaxy S8 clock widget, then the above clock widgets for Android should be your best bet.


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