Looking for a free and MP3 music download site to get tracks for offline listening? Then here are the best free MP3 music download sites you can use.


The act of music began even before we where born, bringing people together, increasing happiness, inspiring change and promoting peace. Then comes technology, crashing down the once mighty music industry and forcing musicians to find alternate means to make ends meet. In an attempt to fix that which has been broken, cloud-based music streaming services like Spotify came into existence, ensuring that musicians get paid for their work.
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But you do know streaming music online without Wi-Fi connection aren't the best solution, since they can 'rack' up a hefty amount of data usage on our phone over a short period of time. Assuming you are in a "no network area" and wants to play some songs online, then you'll know the essence of downloading tracks to your local drive for offline listening. Thankfully, we found a slew of places where you can get free music with little or no hassles. So without further ado, here are the best free music download sites.

1. MP3Juices

We begin with MP3Juices. One of the best free music download site that allows users to search for their favourite songs and grab them in the best possible quality. MP3Juices is an online MP3 Search engine that curates music from multiple online sources and present them for users to download for free. The site itself is easy-to-use and doesn't require any registration. All you need to do is to type in your query or paste in a video URL (which will be converted to MP3 once you click the search icon) and you will be presented with songs that you can listen to before downloading.

2. Free MP3 Finder


Free MP3 Finder is one of the most popular music download site that allows users to download music from more than 1,000 sites including YouTube, Jamendo, Archive and 4Shared without the need to install any app. As an online free MP3 music download site, free mp3 finder offers a ton of features and can also serve as a music video download site. The website brings an audio converter that auto converts YouTube playlist to MP3. To use free MP3 Finder you'll need to head over to the site and search for a music or artist. Then either play the music directly from the site or download it in high quality for offline listening.

3. Musicpleer


Next up, we have Musicpleer. A simple but yet popular music download site that offers a ton of free online music to be downloaded for free. For one thing, musicpleer​ interface is quite stylish, making it easier for users to navigate through the site hassle-free. Aside from being safe, musicpleer hosts a slew of songs on its database. You will get to find most of your favourite albums on the site, but the only downside is that each track can only be downloaded one at a time. On the good side, users will get to search by artists or song name, then download or play them with ease.

4. Datmusic


Datmusic is one of the fastest​ free music download site that is similar to MP3Juices. The site provides millions of legal songs with bitrate upto 320 kbps quality. As usual, datmusic doesn't 'host' any music on its server since all of its contents are generated from multiple sources like YouTube, Goear, SoundCloud, VK, Last.fm and Spotify. One of datmusic strong point is that it's easy to use, I haven't found any pop-ups on the site and moreover​ users can find tracks by artist or by entering the song name. You can then preview the songs before downloading.

5. My Free MP3


My Free MP3 claims to have a huge library of music that's better than MP3juices. But for an unbiased review, I'd prefer MP3juices to my free mp3 since it does not offer any intrusive pop-ups. On the bright side, my free MP3 brings a plethora number of music that can be downloaded for free - all in MP3 format. No registration, no software, no problem. On my free MP3, users will get to find most of their favourite soundclick track and grab them for free. The site is safe and generates its search results from multiple sources which you can play or download directly.

6. Tubidy


Tubidy is another free music download site that will allure you. Aside from offering a vast amount of songs to download, users can also add tracks to playlists. On tubidy, you'll get to discover a list of most popular songs alongside their thumbnails and top videos. The site offers free MP3 download in high quality and you can easily preview them anytime anywhere. Coming to the user interface, tubidy is neatly laid out and with just a search, you will be presented with a ton of music to download for free. No pop-ups, no malware. Tubidy is undoubtedly one of the best free music download site.

7. Muzmo


If you are looking for a free MP3 download site that'll provide you with a slew of music without going through the hassles of pop-ups or fear of virus, then muzmo should be your best destination. Muzimo is a famous and free music download site that offers a huge catalogue of songs. Most of muzmo's music can be downloaded in up to 192Kbps quality. On muzmo, users will get to find top albums, new and popular songs - all from different artists and genre. Muzmo auto converts music video to audio and present the generated MP3 for users to stream or download for free.

8. MP3XD


MP3xd. is also one of the best free music download site that has a huge library of music all from different artists and genre. The site itself is easy to use and the user interface looks quite stylish. To find most of your favourite songs on MP3xd, you can either search for the song name or artist, then tap download icon and wait till a new window opens (this will take a few seconds). Once done, the download will begin. Despite the fact that users can preview songs before downloading, MP3xd is still one of the best place to discover and download free mp3s without worries.
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So these are the best free music download sites you can use. There are other places to get tracks for offline listening, but you will need to be cautious of ads. Of course you can use any of the online MP3 converter tool if you're getting tracks from YouTube. The above music download sites are totally free, easy-to-use, no intrusive pop-ups and offers a ton of music to download.


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