Checkout the best battery indicator and battery monitor apps for Android. They are perfect for your minimalistic needs.


Unnecessary battery draining is one of the major problem we'd face on Android. While this might seem disappointing, you can try to monitor your battery level with a good battery indicator app. Apparently, almost every Android device brings an old battery indicator lying in the corner of their status bar. But you'd know you need something better and even more cooler huh? Hence if you're looking for the best battery indicator on the market or probably wants to see the accurate battery percent remaining on your Android device, then you'll need a pulsating battery indicator app.
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Basically, battery indicator is a free utility app that gives accurate information about a device's battery. In this case, any Android app that claims to be a good battery level indicator app must show the extact battery level you have. Also the app should be able to provide handy informations such as the battery temperature and time when it is plugged/unplugged. Now having vetted the Google Play Store, we where able to fish out the best battery indicator apps you can use. So without further ado, here are the 3 best battery indicator apps Android.

1. BatteryBot Battery Indicator

BatteryBot Battery Indicator has been with us for a very long time and it's probably a fan favourite considering the fact that it is lightweight, less fancy, and accurate. The app once installed and setup, will begin to show your device's​ battery level on the top of the status bar. This will appear as an icon on the left side and with it, you can monitor the percentage of battery you have left on your device.

Aside from the small circle desktop widget present in BatteryBot, the app also provides additional informations relating to your battery status. Handy Info such as battery the health, temperature, voltage, when it is plugged​/unplugged are generally visible on the notification area. Overall, BatteryBot is worth using, considering the fact that it is ad-free.

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2. Energy Bar

Energy bar lets you add a colorful battery indicator to the top of your Android screen, just above the status bar. It's a great way to visualise your battery level, and it's perfect for your minimalistic needs. Despite it being highly configurable, energy bar offers a very streamline dependable function and it does not consume battery. Once you toggle on energy bar from it's main UI, a horizontal line. From here, you can go further to tinker with the app and assign any color to change automatically.

Another good thing is that you can even set the thickness of energy bar and move it to the centre. The horizontal color coded line drawn above the status bar can be used to monitor your device's battery level. Energy bar brings a pulsating charging animation that you will fancy, also when your battery is fully charged, the line will cover the whole width of the screen and if the battery deplets, the energy bar will reduce too.

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3. Battery Indicator

The last but not the least! Battery Indicator is a simple and easy to use Android app that you can use to monitor your battery level. The app brings a graphical user interface with a big colored battery icon that can be used as a widget on the homescreen. When you launch battery indicator, you'll have to accept the app's term's and condition before any configuration can begin.


Aside from this, battery indicator brings a big readable digits, and the battery icon "displayed" on the status bar looks quite mechanical. Similar to BatteryBot, battery indicator shows essential information such as the battery temperature, voltage, and even what's draining your battery. Overall, battery indicator is worth using and its ability to estimate the amount of time left to discharge or charge your phone is quite unbelievable.

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Wrapping Up

There are a lot of Android apps that claim to be the best when it comes to monitoring your battery level, but the one's we listed above are the best since we've had a chance to use them. You can also opt-in to use DU battery saver, since it does a pretty good job in keeping an eye on your battery level and optimizating the apps on your phone from draining your battery. Overall, these are the top battery indicator apps for Android you should be using in 2018.

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