Need an app store similar to the Google Play Store? Then checkout the best Play Store alternative for Android in 2018.


With over 2.7 million apps, the Google Play Store is undoubtedly the best app store on the internet thanks to its ubiquitousness on every Android phone. In spite of being popular and safe, there are a lot of freaking apps on the Google Play, and the majority of these apps are too overwhelming that they aren't good at all. Finding an app that's worth it on the Google Play Store isn't as easy as you think, since you'd need to scroll through a dozen of ad-riddled apps & games to discover what you're looking for. If you're tired of the Google Play Store, or if your new device doesn't bring support for the Google Play Store, then you're at the right place. In this article, we're going to unveil the best alternatives to the Google Play Store. So if you've got your Android device ready, and you're ready for a change of app store, then here are the best app store similar to Google Play Store.

1. TutuApp


TutuApp is available on Android and iOS, in fact it's the best place to discover apps that aren't available on play store. TutuApp is a Chinese app store (but in English) that offers tons of cracked or modified Android apps and games that are entirely free. The app store brings a very clean user interface with plenty of plethora features such as barcode scanner. For one thing, TutuApp popularity was a courtesy to its modded Pokémon Go, and it claims to be the best iOS helper as well as the best alternative to Apple iTunes App Store. So it enables iPhone users to get paid apps for free without jailbreaking​. In summary, TutuApp is really a very good alternative to the Google Play Store.

Download TutuApp (free)

2. Amazon AppStore

Amazon AppStore

With over 334,000 apps, Amazon app store is without doubt a go-for if you are looking for the best alternative to Google Play Store. Amazon AppStore offers a dozen of all your favourite apps and games, both free and paid, with a huge collection of books, music and movies that are cheaper​ compared to that of Google Play Store. Apart from its UI, one of the exceptional or benefitting feature you'd like in Amazon Appstore is its "free app of the day". This works in such a way that users are offered a paid app or game for free everyday. Aside from this, most of the apps you'd find in Amazon AppStore are safe and ad-free. So go ahead and install Amazon AppStore on your Android phone.

Download Amazon AppStore (free)

3. F-Droid


F-droid is a repository that contains an installable catalogue of free & open-source apps (FOSS). The app store works similar to how Google Play Store works, but the major difference is that it offers an archive of open source apps. This practically means that you won't be able to discover any famous or well known apps and games. Fortunately, f-droid brings over 2,000 free and open source Android app in its repository, so you won't get tired wading through the lists. Similar to the Google Play Store, f-droid can be able to detect which app you have already installed and brings suggestion to update it to newer version. Overall, f-droid is an excellent app with clean interface and probably the best alternative to Google Play Store.

Download F-Droid (free)

4. Aptoide


Aptoide is an alternative marketplace that hosts over 700k Android apps. Even though it isn't a centralised store just like Google Play, users can still manage their own store and share with anyone. Perhaps this is one of its outstanding feature, as it enables each user to share games and apps that aren't on Google Play Store. Aptoide's main interface is quite intuitive, offering tons of free apps plus rating to know if the particular all you are trying to download is good or not. A lot of free apps are being shared on aptoide community, and you can even use the new "rollback" fracture to revert to the older version of an app. Aptoide is doubtlessly a cool alternative to Google Play Store, but the only downside is that there's nno option to filter apps.

Download Aptoide (free)
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5. Mobogenie


Mobogenie is an Android app store that is quite similar to the Google Play Store. The platform claims to offer a ton of apps and games that aren't on Google Play. Using mobogenie market, you'd notice that the user interface is incredibly sleek, concise, fully organised, clean smooth and most importantly user friendly. On Mobogenie, you'll discover millions of apps and games that are free and safe to install, coupled with a huge collection of ebooks, pictures, themes, launcher, music and videos that are available for download. Even though mobogenie may seem interesting, it has a downside. And that's because users aren't allowed to directly download apps and games, instead they will be redirected to the Google Play Store. Mobogenie is nore than an appstore, you can use it as a cleaner, manager and as a tool to backup to PC. So if you are tired of Google and its play store policies, use mobogenie to get paid apps from Google Play for free.

Download Mobogenie (free)

6. SlideMe


SlideMe is one of the independent Android app store that offers a huge catalogue of junk-free Android apps and games. This means that all the apps & games on SlideMe have already been scanned for viruses. One thing you'd love about SlideMe is that all the apps submitted on its platform are curated to work in AOSP based device. Coming to SlideMe user interface, it's quite focused, apps are less cluttered & the user experience is top-notch. One of the biggest advantage of SlideMe app store is that it accepts payment through PayPal and you'll discover millions of apps and games that are almost free. So if you need the perfect Google Play Store alternative, then you should consider opting in for SlideMe.

Download SlideMe (free)

7. Uptodown


Uptodown is another unique alternative to Google Play Store, you will get to discover thousands (if not more) of free apps and games with neutral contents. For one thing, uptodown's main user interface is quite classic, and it's filled with daily featured apps plus Android news. Similar to aptoide, uptodown offers a rollback feature which enables users to install an older version of an app or game, that's if they are unhappy with the new update. One major difference you'd fancy while using uptodown is their honest and straightforward description review, they'd exposed every tiny secret of an app, and tell you if it's worth trying or not. Overall, uptodown is a cool alternative to the Google Play Store.

Download Uptodown (free)

Wrapping Up

The above third-party app store is without doubt the best alternative to Google Play Store. You can also opt-in for the Samsung Galaxy app store or Getjar, since they offer a huge catalogue of free apps. If you are the type who isn't comfortable installing third-party app store, then you can visit ApkMirror, considering the fact that it hosts a ton of official and unofficial Android apps that are free of course. So what are you waiting for? Simply head over to Settings -> Security and enable installation from "Unknown Source". Then start installing of the above mentioned third-party app store. They're probably the best alternative to the Google Play Store.


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