Finally, the latest Google Pixel 2 launcher APK is out. Download and install it on your device right now (No root).

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is due to arrive soon and while we are still waiting heartily for the acclaimed device, there is a need to get most of its apps on our current Android phone. Google's yearly tradition of tweaking the Pixel's UI makes the device to look quite exceptional, and if you have been spending the past few days on YouTube (just like me) watching the Pixel 2 in action, then you'd agree with me that the newest Pixel launcher spotted on the Pixel 2 XL brings a ton of attractive features. Previously, we wrote an article on how you can make Nova Launcher to mimic the Pixel 2 Launcher, we also went further to offer you all of its widgets and wallpaper. Hopefully today, I'm pleased to announce that the latest Pixel 2 launcher APK is available for download.

So if you think following the Nova launcher recipe is cumbersome, you can try to install the Pixel 2 launcher APK since it brings all of the Pixel 2 exclusive features. One of the changes you will notice on the new Pixel 2 launcher is the search bar which has been moved down to the bottom to replace the dock we where once used to on the Pixels. The colored G logo present in the search bar widget has also been tweaked a little bit to showcase transparency but their actions has not been changed so far.

At the top, we have the new "at a glance" widget that provides informations such as the weather condition, calender info and clock. The app drawer looks quite neat too and beautifully arranged. The latest Pixel 2 launcher we're going to present also spots a Google Now integration that's accessible from the side of the display. So if you'd love to get the pixel launcher on your Android phone, then here we go.

Download Pixel 2 Launcher

To begin with, download the latest Pixel 2 Launcher apk on your Android phone and install it ASAP. If you're faced with any error such as "App not installed", you can install the modified version of the Pixel 2 launcher on your device. Alternatively, you can choose to download the zip file of the latest Pixel 2 launcher and flash it via custom recovery. Overall, enjoy the new Pixel 2 Launcher on your Amdroid Phone.

Source | Xda.

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