The best Nintendo Wii and GameCube Emulator for Android, Mac, Linux and Windows PC

Nintendo's GameCube and Wii are one of the best video game consoles that became extremely popular due to their abilities to run high definitive games seamlessly. Both consoles where able to 'compete' with the likes of Microsoft's​ Xbox 360 and the Sony Playstation 2 / 3. Having known how step forward and interactive the GameCube and Wii games are, you'd certainly want to get one of these consoles. Sadly, the GameCube and Wii console has been discontinued, and the Wii U and Nintendo switch emerged as its successor.
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Thankfully, there's still a way to run the GameCube and Wii games on our device and that's through emulation. With the GameCube and Wii Emulators, you'll be able to play thousands of GameCube and Wii games by emulating them on various platforms such as Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. Hence if you've got your device ready, below are the best GameCube and Wii Emulators to emulate GameCube and Wii games on Android and PCs.

1. Dolphin


You'd know that the GameCube's code name is dubbed dolphin huh? and luckily, we've gotten the perfect dolphin emulator that is capable of emulating GameCube and Wii games on premium smartphones. Dolphin is a very popular emulator for Gamecube, Wii and Triforce, and it runs well on modern gaming Android phones and PCs. Dolphin emulator offers the necessary touchscreen controls with extra features that lets you to configure every aspect of the program. For instance, you can enable dual core option and even connect a controller to the device. There are a lot of GameCube and Wii games compatible with Dolphin emulator, and it's available on Android and PCs but you won't find any dolphin ROMs in this emulator.

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2. GCEmu


Y'all know how hard it is to emulate games huh? But GCEmu shows that it can be done and can be done at a reasonable speed. The GCEmu is an (incomplete) emulator for the Nintendo GameCube and it uses tricks such as recompilation techniques to achieve a seamless gameplay. Unlike Dolphin, GCEmu is only available on Windows and as usual, there's no GCEmu ROMs included in it. So you will have to browse the web for some of the best GameCube ROMs for GCEmu. One thing about this emulator is that it seems to have been abandoned by the developer, as there's no update coming forward. But it can still run some few GameCube games at a decent speed.

3. WhineCube


WhineCube is yet another decent emulator for Nintendo GameCube, and it lets you play your favourite GameCube games without hassles. The emulator is capable of loading and executing file formats such as DOL, ELF and GCM. Similar to GCEmu, WhineCube is only available on Windows and their are a few but decent games it can run flawlessly. To be more elaborate, WhineCube does not run any commercial games, but some of the few homebrew games such as Tetris worlds, Pacman, and BAM are playable with decent graphics. You can browse for some of the best WhineCube​ ROMs on the web.

4. SuperGCube


If you are familiar with the then popular GCube emulator for Windows, then there is a high chance that you might have heard about SuperGCube. SuperGCube is basically a GameCube emulator that's based on the discontinued Gcube emulator. But this time, it's more efficient and the emulation has been optimized to its core to achieve great speed. The developer behind the supergcube emulator had said that theres an interpreter mode implemented on it and a recompiler is on the way. But we haven't seen any update yet. Either way, the superGcube emulator can emulate GameCube games once you find the right ISO files. It's available in English and can be downloaded on Windows 32-bit.
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5. Dolwin


The last but not the least! Dolwin is an open source GameCube emulator that allows you to play most of your favourite GameCube games on Windows PC. Even though the dolwin emulator is still under development, there's an assurance that you can still be able to boot & run some of the commercial gamecube games. To give you a clue, there's a demo present in the dolwin emulator zip file, simply extract it and play the game to test the emulator. Remember that dolwin is not supported with most of the commercial games out there, so you've to choose wisely. Dolwin emulator is available on Windows PC.

Final Words

The aforementioned emulators are capable of emulating most of the GameCube and Wii games on Android and PC, having tested the dolphin emulator, we found it quite superb and the developers behind it are relentless in releasing new updates that fixes most of the bugs. One thing to note here is that you shouldn't expect 100% flawless gameplay, but if you are using device such as Galaxy S8, Oneplus 5 and Nvidia Shield, then expect a near flawless gameplay. Overall, enjoy GameCube and Wii games on your Android phone.

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