Checkout Samsung's new upcoming foldable Galaxy X rumors. This includes the features, specs and release date.
Samsung is testing a dual-screen smartphone that will feature two OLED panels. Reports suggests that the device will be Galaxy X and it will come with a hinge in the middle which will allow you to fold the smartphone.

The rumors about Samsung announcing a bendable smartphone could become reality next year. To recall, Samsung filed a patent for a phone that bends down the middle and this new take on foldable phone could be a sudden vast change in the smartphone marketplace and consumers will see it as a new innovation. According to the rumor, Samsung is on the verge of releasing a new smartphone called Galaxy X and it could be the world's ​first foldable phone. Reports suggests that the upcoming "Galaxy X" will feature a flexible screen, with 4k ultra HD resolution and a curvature of 3R. With the Galaxy X, Samsung may have the potentials to open a new mobile era. Imagine a device with flexible screen that can fold like a book and when unfolded it becomes a tablet. Isn't that awesome?.

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From what we have gathered so far, Galaxy X will carry the model number - SM-X9000 whereas the X plus will have SM-X9050 as its model number. We aren't sure about this yet as Samsung may take its consumers by surprise. But one thing is sure, Samsung is working on a smartphone that'll be inward foldable. Reports​ from the Business Korea confirmed that Samsung "was" designing a phone that will be both inward foldable and outward foldable. Their decision was later changed after much considerations and hence they have decided to settle for the inward folding design. Samsung's president "Koh Dong-jin" had earlier this month said that the company will launch a foldable phone once they overcomed the obstacles facing them. His words reportedly said...

We are currently dealing with some hurdles and we will release our first foldable phone after overcoming the hurdles.
Samsung foldable phone concept | Source -

From the report above, you will agree with me that Samsung is working on something that will change the mobile era. There isn't much known yet about the Galaxy X, and we are not even sure if it's indeed the phone name. But you'd know that the work on the creation of a new foldable smartphone has been long anticipated and we are waiting for Samsung to unveil it soon. No doubt, the upcoming foldable phone from Samsung will be top-notch device and the OS may run on Android Oreo. Things aren't clear yet, and we're not sure on what to expect from Samsung. They may even decide to launch its foldable phone alongside the Galaxy S9. But as we've said earlier, we'll need to wait and see as everything unfolds.


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