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It's no longer a secret that Apple's new iPhone X is an overpriced smartphone that boost barely of decent features. At a price tag of $999, you'd know you have to spend the whole of your monthly salary to buy the device. Even though the iPhone X proves to be a top-notch device with premium specifications, how much is Apple paying for each components used to produce the iPhone X?. Fortunately, chinese Industry insiders thought it wise to investigate on the iPhone X production cost and they have made a rough calculator of how much each components in the iPhone X costs. Apparently, the estimated production cost of the iPhone X is around $412.75 and that's approximately​ 60% cheaper than the $999 retail price.
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Unsurprisingly, Samsung's 5.8 inch OLED display is the most expensive material used in the iPhone X. According to the chinese industry insiders, Apple is paying the sum of $80 for each single panel unit and this is way higher than any other material used in iPhone X production. Apart from this, Apple's new powerful A11 bionic chip built by TSMC costs $26 while the qualcomm modem that's plastered in it costs $18. Another expensive part of the iPhone X is the DRAM and NAND memory which was provided by Toshiba. The 3GB RAM costs $24 while the 256GB NAND memory goes for $45. The 3D sensing is valued at $25 while the haptics is worth $10. The lists goes on and on.

To put things in perspective, let us check the table image below. There, you will find the total BOM and manufacturing cost of each materials used in producing the new Apple iPhone X.

iPhone X Production Cost


There's no doubt that iPhone X is Apple's most expensive smartphone ever, and its outrageous price is no child's play. Still one might argue that 60% profit is unnecessarily high and that it's an overpriced pieces of metal. The full-screen OLED display is one of the eye-catching gold used in the iPhone X, but even though it is advanced, there are similar device which offers it too. To simply put, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ where the first device to bring an infinity edge-to-edge screen, and the total production cost was estimated at $307. All in all, iPhone X is one hell of a smartphone with an mouth-watering price.

Source via | iChunt.

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