Here's how to convert WhatsApp voice messages to text - For Android and iOS user.

WhatsApp is a very popular social media messaging app for smartphones, offering a lot of significant features that allows users to communicate with family and friends. With over one billion monthly active users, WhatsApp brings the functionality to send end-to-end encrypted messages, videos, gif, images, audio files, documents, contacts, user location and most importantly voice notes. The platform also allows for group communication. If you're a WhatsApp user having lots of foreign & local friends, then you may have been receiving tons of voice messages that aren't understandable or you're not just able to decipher or listen to them at that particular time.

What if you can convert those voice notes to text and then listen to them whenever the situation permits you to?. Yeah this is quite possible, as you can comfortably use "transcriber for WhatsApp" to convert WhatsApp voice notes to text without any limit. The app is pretty accurate, and we've personally tested it on Oneplus 3T running on Android 7.0 Nougat and found it to be working quite perfectly. Without further ado, here's​ the perfect method to convert WhatsApp voice messages to text.

Install Transcriber for WhatsApp

To begin with, head over to the Google Play Store and install Transcriber for WhatsApp. There are other similar apps that claim to be able to convert WhatsApp voice notes to text, but Mirko Dimartino's transcriber for WhatsApp is the one that works best and it is the one you should be using.

Choose Language

Once the app is installed on your Android device, locate and open it from your app drawer. From here, you'll be greeted with a brief instructions​ on how to convert your WhatsApp voice notes to text by using the all popular Transcriber. Simply swipe your screen from the right or tap the arrow icon to skip the introductions.

The moment you enter the app's interface, you will​ be allowed to select the current language you're using. To simply put, there are 11 languages supported in transcriber. Under UI, you can configure the options in there to your preference. Once you're done then it's time to convert WhatsApp voice notes to text.

Convert WhatsApp Voice Notes to Text 

Now open your WhatsApp messenger app, tap on a user contact and locate the voice note you wish to convert to text. Next press and hold the voice note, then click on the share icon that's located at the top bar of WhatsApp. From here, choose an action by selecting "transcriber" from the lists. The voice note will automatically start a rapid connection & within seconds, your voice note will be transcribed to text.

You can copy or share the converted voice note to anywhere. Transcriber has no limit as you can be able to convert numerous number of WhatsApp​ voice notes to text without a seconds and everything is quite accurate. There's no annoying ads and it's lightweight. Overall enjoy your converted WhatsApp voice note on Android.

For iOS users, you can install, you can also convert WhatsApp voice notes to text by installing Audio to Text for WhatsApp. Open the app and grant it the permission to access speech recognition. Then open WhatsApp, tap and hold on a voice note, from here, press "forward" and tap the share icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Next select "Audio to Text" from the list and wait till the voice note is converted to text. That's all!.

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