Use magisk to hide root and make Android Pay, Pokémon Go, Netflix and Snapchat work again

SuperSU have been with us for many years, allowing users to root their Android phones without stress. However, everything​ became rather meaningless when Google introduced its SafetyNet. Apps such as Netflix, Android Pay, Snapchat and Pokémon Go adapted to this feature, thus preventing rooted Android users from using them. The situation was a big blow to alot of people, as they started seeing Chainfire's SuperSU rooting method to be a waste of time. Fortunately, topjohnwu developed an app dubbed magisk manager, which is capable of rooting your Android phone and most importantly, it can bypass Google's ​SafetyNet with the help of  "magisk hide" option.
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Magisk is an open source rooting app that's based on universal systemless interface. The magisk manager is an app that houses a ton of modules and brings unlimited potentials, while magisk is the zip file that consists of framework which modifies the boot image and add files to /data and /cache partitions once flashed via custom recovery. Magisk proves to be systemless to the core, as users can still receive OTA updates after rooting their phone. To me, magisk is an hybrid. It's practically the best alternative to SuperSU and xposed framework. Now here's how to install and use magisk to root your Android phone so that Android Pay, Pokémon Go, Netflix and Snapchat can work again.

Unroot Your Android Phone

This section is optional, it's only meant for those who have used a different method to root their Android phone. Before you begin with the installation of magisk, unrooting your phone and reverting any system mods will be highly necessary. So the first step is to uninstall xposed framework. Don't worry there's a systemless version of xposed you can install through magisk. Now head over to the framework section in xposed, tap the "Uninstall" button and reboot your phone.

Next, you'll need to completely unroot your phone and restore the stock boot image. To achieve this, open the SuperSU app and go to Settings. From here, scroll down and tap on "Full unroot" followed by "Continue". You will be asked if you'd like to restore your device's stock boot image. Tap "Yes" and if a popup appears, asking to restore the stock recovery image, tap "No" to this prompt. Your phone will reboot after a few seconds.


  • Android 5.0 lollipop device and above.
  • Twrp or any other custom recovery installed.

How to Install Magisk (2 Methods)

Installing magisk is quite straightforward, the first method involves installing magisk framework through the magisk manager app, while the second method is to manually flash the magisk framework through twrp or any other custom recovery. Let's quickly look into ​the first method.

#1. Install Magisk Manager & Grant Permissions.

Magisk manager been a cool handy app, yet still violates the Google policies due to the fact that it targets SafetyNet. Thus Google decided to remove magisk manager from its playstore. Hence you will need to download the app from here. Once you have installed magisk manager, open it and grant all the necessary permissions. Next, the app will automatically check to see if you've magisk Installled.

If not, you'll be prompted to navigate to the download page. So ensure to tap on "Go To Install Section". From here, hit "Download & Install", then tap "Install" again from the pop-up and finally reboot your phone to activate magisk. That's it. Your device have gotten a root access, and it's time to explore and Install modules. For the second method, here's how to get it going.

2. Download Magisk Zip File, Flash & Install Magisk Manager.

With the help of a flashable zip, you can install magisk on your Android phone with less or no stress. So to begin with, head over to this link and download the latest version of magisk flashable zip file. Place the file in your device's sdcard. Then reboot to twrp or any other custom recovery you've installed before. From here, simply create a Nandroid backup of your current ROM that will be restored in case you encounter bootloop.

Now if you are using twrp recovery, tap on the "Install" button, then locate the magisk zip file you placed in your sdcard. Select it and swipe to flash the zip. Once the flashing process is completed, reboot your device by tapping the "Reboot System" option. Next download the apk file of magisk manager from here, then go to your phone "Settings" and enable installation from "Unknown Source". Then Install magisk manager when you're done. There's all a magisk uninstaller zip file you can flash in case you encounter bootloop.

Use Magisk Manager to Hide Root From Certain Apps.

Magisk systemless root method hides root access from apps such as Android Pay and Pokémon Go, but at times, SafetyNet fails. Enabling Netflix and Snapchat to detect the root privilege and thus block you from using them. To prevent this, the XDA developer "topjohnwu" integrated a feature on magisk manager named Magisk Hide. This enables you to hide root from certain apps and be able to use them.

To begin with, open magisk manager from your device app drawer. Then head over to the Settings menu and enable the BusyBox, Magisk Hide and Systemless hosts option. If you dive into the status section, you'll notice that you've passed the SafetyNet when you tap on "SafetyNet check". Now go to the side menu again, this time jump into the "Magisk Hide" section. You'll see a list of all the apps on your phone, scroll through the lists and enable the apps you want to hide their root permissions. That's it. Magisk magisk will ensure to prevent apps such as Android Pay, Pokémon Go, Netflix and Snapchat from detecting root and in this way, it will bypass Google's SafetyNet.

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