Looking to spice up your home screen with a minimalist icon pack? Then here are the best minimalist icon pack for Android.


One of the reasons why i have come to love and fancy Android is probably due to it's customization capabilities. Imagine with just a few couple of apps, you can totally revamp the look and feel of your Android smartphone. Icon packs are solely one of those set of apps that can completely redesign our device to look stunning provided that you match it with the perfect and beautiful HD wallpapers. While custom launchers are solely aiding in bringing out the best in Android, it's probably not enough without a set of the best minimal icon packs.

Minimal or Minimalist icon packs are designed to be small, flat, clean and simple. They've a way of transforming any Android phone to look mechanical and classic. With its small, simple, flat and clean interface, you'll probably get to love your Android device more than ever. We've previously mentioned the best icon packs for Android and thus we decided to journey further and continue the list, and thus in this article, we'll be looking at the best minimal icon packs for Android phones. So if you've got your device ready, let's hunt some of the best minimal icon packs.

1. Flight - Flat Minimalist Icons

If perhaps you need an icon packs that can ultimately suite and blend with any Android wallpaper, then Flight icon pack could probably be the best alternative. The Flight icon pack has been designed to bring a simple, clean, flat and white icon pack with transparency in the icons to blend in well with your backgrounds. The flight icons packs aren't flashy you know, it's just good, looking clean and brings aflat design. Flight unveils over 800+ hand crafted flat, clean and simple white flat HD Icons backed up with some beautiful wallpapers. In summary flight icon packs is really good and works best with dark wallpapers. Currently over 500 thousand people downloaded flight icon packs from the Google Play Store.

2. Min - Icon Pack

Unlike Flight icon packs, Min icon pack has always been my favoritism and I'd like using it on most of my unique and best Nova Launcher setups. Icon packs has there own suitable places, and Min icon pack can strictly better your Android device home screen without any hassle. It's simple, clean and classic. Min icon pack has been specifically designed to be small, it can be used on its own or as a complement to another pack which is probably the reason why i fancy it. The Min icon packs features over 1500 icons and it supports multiple launchers. Min also brings over 50+ wallpapers, various icon alternatives and moreover it's been updated regularly. Currently over 500 thousand people downloaded Min Icon Pack from the Google Play Store.

3. Whicons - White Icon Pack

I guess the name detailed the icon pack vividly. Whicon is a unique Minimalistic and clean white theme icon pack which is elegantly beautiful and shiny. Now if perhaps you don't really fancy the Delta and Moonshine icon pack, then Whicons can no doubt be the best alternative after all. The Whicons icon pack features over 4402 unique icons, a beautifully designed cloud wallpapers and most importantly, it supports a ton of multiple launchers. Whicons has been one of my favorite and most used minimal icon pack for years and I'd say that it's aesthetically perfect and moreover a ton of new and unique icons are added regularly. Overall I can actually say that Whicons improves visibility for those with weak eyesight and colorblindness once you get to use it with black wallpaper.

4. Lines Free - Icon Pack

You need a beautifully designed material icon pack? Then Lines can actually be the best and perhaps your first choice. Lines icon pack are outlined shapes of the best and most popular Android apps. Each of the icon was hand crafted with simplicity in mind and the center of the outline is transparent, letting you show off your wallpaper beneath the icons. The lines icon pack are in high enough resolution and this gives any device out there a cool looking lined icons. Lines features over 2,400+ handcrafted icons with 200+ HD wallpapers. Apart from this, new icons are added constantly and it's brings a Muzei support that's perfect for rotating wallpapers. Overall Lines icon pack is a clean and white outline icons that works best with dark wallpapers. Currently over 1 million people downloaded Lines Free from the Google Play Store.

5. Delta - Icon Pack

Delta is yet another most favorite and favourable Minimalistic icon pack for Android. I have come to love the clean, flat, beautifully designed and simplified look which the Delta Icons brings. Now if perhaps you prefer and fancy something more classic, flat, beautiful and material, then you should probably give Delta icon pack a chance. Delta is a minimalistic pastel icon pack suitable on many known and most popular Android launchers and just like the Min Icon Pack, it can perfectly adapt to anywhere it's been placed. Delta also includes more than 1200 handcrafted Icons and it's actually the best. Currently over 100 thousand people downloaded Delta Icon Pack from the Google Play Store.

6. Light Void - Minimalist Icons

Light Void is a simple, clean, minimal and flat icons that matches with a ton of HD wallpapers. It unveils an icon centers that's transparent thereby creating a window to the background behind them. Also the "light void" hollow icon center changes with whatever is behind it making the entire display blend together very well. Light Void also brings beautiful widgets that offers color, size, and font customization with hand-picked wallpapers of skies, clouds and landscapes. Light Void also features over 3,150 handcrafted HD icons which are updated regularly. Overall light Void is a clean and white icons that works best with dark wallpapers. Currently over 1 thousand people downloaded Light Void icon pack from the Google Play Store.

Other Minimalist Icon Packs

  • Flat White Icon Pack
  • Glyphsy Icon Pack
  • Gel Icon Pack
  • Minimalistic Tiles Icon Pack

Final Words

Simple, Minimalistic, Precise!. With the best minimal icon pack, you can totally revamp your Android device to look and feel exceptionally stunning. While most of this icon pack brings a limited number of icons, I'd say that they're perfected and if perhaps you want to enjoy these icons more, then you should probably upgrade to their respective Pro version. Till then, we'll be featuring the best icon pack for Android which can help you for an intense customization!..

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