Our curated list of the best video editing apps for android in 2017 which brings tons of plethora features .

Android development is growing rapidly with numerous apps that can forever make life easier. Back in the early days when android wasn't ubiquitous, editing videos has always been the heaviest task a device with low spec can perform. Thus many people prefer and found it more convenient to edit their favourite videos by using there computer systems. This case however can now be narrated in a different but positive way as the new smartphones been developed in our era are unraveling tons of mind-blowing premium specifications. Editing videos has always been of great essence to many YouTubers, film makers and perhaps to folks who love to shoot videos. During video editing there's a need to add music, crop and delete some part of the video and perhaps merge it in other to make things look more stunning.

Having this in mind, android developers aren't relenting to unveil the best video editor for android. This video editing apps has been optimized to run on modern android smartphones that brings with it a decent RAM and perhaps a huge in-built memory. Thus there's no longer a need for you to transfer your favourite videos onto your PC in other to start the video editing process. Once you're able to figure out the "Best" video editor app for your android device, then you're probably one step ahead to achieving your aim. While choosing a video editing app, you've to blend with something that's reliable and feature-packed. Without further delay, below are the best video editor apps for android.

#1. AndroVid - Video Editor

AndroVid is one of the best video editor apps for android that brings with it tons of plethora features. The app is a very handy tool that is used specially for video editing and moreover it includes smart functional tools. Using AndroVid, you will experience how simple the app is when it comes to editing your favorite videos. You can painlessly use this awesome app to merge multiple video clip into one video and add music your own preferred custom music. The app also allows you to convert your favorite animated videos to GIF and brings with it a video tool box that unveils lot's of option such as contrast, brightness, saturation which allows you to add more effects to your favorite video. Overall AndroVid holds lot's of function and it's a "Must Have" Video editing app for android. Currently over 10 million people downloaded AndroVid from the Google Play Store.

#2 KineMaster - Pro Video Editor

KineMaster is no doubt the only fully featured professional video editor for android which supports multiple layers of video, images, and text, as well as precise cutting, trimming, multi-track audio, precise volume envelope control, color LUT filters, 3D transitions, and much more. KineMaster was developed both for professionals and amateurs alike, the app offers an unprecedented level of control over the mobile editing process, both for artists and educators. The handwriting layers integrated in the app allows you to draw directly on the video and it also comes in handy for storyboarding. KineMaster brings tons of essential features such as the ability to preview video at anytime and there are variety of themes, animations, visual and audio effects the app offers. Overall KineMaster increases the reach and popularity of your YouTube channel once you get to use the slick videos you made with the app. Currently over 10 million people downloaded KineMaster from the Google Play Store.

#3. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto is another video editor app for android which automatically turns your photos and video clips into magical music videos that you’ll want to share with friends and family on social media platforms. The app is not only a video editor, as it allows you to express your creativity by making a movie and thus narrate your story. While using magisto, you don’t need to be a photo or video editor expert since the app itself will create a professional looking music video from as little as a few photos or a video clip. That's how simple, magical and reliable magisto is. As usual magisto unravels a good number of smart features that's of essence during video editing. Some of this plethora features includes a video effects which smooth transitions to turn your photos and videos into beautiful memories. Currently over 5 million people downloaded Magisto from the Google Play Store.

#4. VidTrim Video Editor

VidTrim is an easy to use video editor and organiser for Android. The app includes multiple features such as trimming, merging, frame grabbing, video effects, extract audio or convert to MP3 and transcoding. Having used this app for the past few months, I'll say that it's actually good for your video editing process. VidTrim specially does not require a professional since the app itself is easy to master. Moreover VidTrim brings an intuitive user interface and you can conveniently share your edited videos via the app without any hassle. The app also brings a video rotate option which enables quick rotation without encoding or true rotation by encoding. While using VidTrim, you can play, rename and delete video clips. The pro version offers advance features that's worth upgrading to. Overall, VidTrim brings the fastest trim time and smoothest experience . Currently over 10 million people downloaded VidTrim from the Google Play Store.

#5. VivaVideo - Free Video Editor

VivaVideo is one of the most downloaded and the best video editor for android. The app has been my favourite video editing app and it serves my needs as anticipated. With VivaVideo, you can easily create professional looking video stories within a few taps. The app offers hundreds of user-friendly special effects that range from stickers and filters to animated clips and subtitles which transform everyday moments into works of art. VivaVideo brings a brand new redesigned UI to give you a fuller editing experience and even better performance such as an editing tools that can be used to trim and merge clips in storyboard editing mode. The app brings effects such as reverse, blurred background and tons of themes to choose from. Once you import your favourite pictures and songs, VivaVideo can turn them into a perfect slideshow. Overall, VivaVideo unravels a powerful capabilities for an even better video editing experience. Currently over 100 million people downloaded VivaVideo from the Google Play Store.

#6. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is another unique and the best video editor app for android which brings a powerful timeline video editing, free video effects, a photo video editor, slow motion and more. Apart from this, the app includes a voice over and action movie effects for a great 4k movies on YouTube or Vine. PowerDirector unveils a full HD movie maker on your phone with rotate, split or trim video options. You can easily make a movie with your pictures with the video FX, transitions, and custom audio soundtrack integrated in the app. PowerDirector brings an easy to use, high-end performance, advanced editing and professional tools which will help you to edit, trim, rotate, split and crop your video clips. Overall PowerDirector is the best choice if perhaps you're looking for a video editor with 4k movie option. Once you add your favourite videos to your timeline then the editing process will begin instantly. Currently over 10 million people downloaded PowerDirector from the Google Play Store.

Final Words

An endless search to a journey that has already been condemned non-fruitful can also be termed as time wasted. We geeks over here at techviola having known how important editing videos on android can be, decided to vet the Google Play Store in other to benchmark the best video editor apps strictly for your android device. There's no doubt that numerous numbers of video editor apps are out there for you to grab, but most of them are total crap and doesn't bring the anticipated features. Thus simply make a choice from the above video editor apps and start your video editing on the Go!.

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