Samsung Galaxy S8 Renders, Leaked Concept Images and Mock-ups by 3D artist or designers.

The past few months has been hyped up with lot's of Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images and rumors. The Galaxy S series enthusiast or perhaps fans are eagerly waiting with watery mouth to see what the company's latest flagship device would look like. The sad news however is that there will be no Galaxy S8 at this year's MWC which was to take place at Barcelona.

According to Evan Blass who recently tweeted on his twitter channel, implied that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will be announced in March 29th, and released in April. We've already summarized everything there is to know about the Galaxy S8 and the S8 edge but we felt like it would be great to unveil all the existing renders for the newest upcoming flagship smartphone.

Without further ado, below are some of the intriguing renders and concept images that envision what the latest flagship device could probably look like.

Kingway Lee Renders

There's no doubt that you've probably seen some of the leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 images online, but the latest concept envisioned by the 3D artist or designer "Kingway Lee" can be termed as the most stunning Galaxy S8 renders we've seen so far. He single handedly gathered all the latest rumors and news revolving around the Samsung Galaxy S8 to create something more believable and elegant.

The Galaxy S8 somewhat looks like its predecessor with some notable top notch differences. From the image above, you'd agree with me that the device screen top and bottom bezel has been significantly reduced to create more room for a dual edge curved display.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 bottom bezel lacks a physical hardware button thus an on-screen navigation key can actually makes the device more promising. Also from a close glimpse, you'd notice that there's no Samsung logo at the front top display of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 top lip display include various sensors, including a front-facing camera, iris scanner and a speaker which perhaps will probably unveil good quality sounds during music entertainment.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S8 unveils at its back a single lens camera which is perfect for outdoor photo snapshots. The heart rate monitor is also located at the back including the fingerprint reader which flanks at the right hand side.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 also features various hardware buttons at the sides such as power and volume keys. Not only this, there's also a button at the side which is dedicated or design to call up the Bixby virtual assistant.

Finally, the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S8 render reveals the device 3.5mm headphone jack, USB port and a speaker. There's this rumor circulated that Samsung will remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack, however it seems the company had a serious thought over it.

These images perhaps may actually seem to be envisioned by Kingway Lee, However there's a lot of sense in them since it looks believable. Note the above picture aren't official yet, as Samsung might totally release something more different from the speculated one's.

Ghostek Renders

The Ghostek smartphone casemakers or manufacturers has envisioned a Galaxy S8 covered in an atomic 3 waterproof case. As usual there's no Samsung logo at the top, thus the branding has been moved to the bottom bezel of the device replacing the physical hardware buttons. The Ghostek renders for the Galaxy S8 maintains the dual edge display with curves at both sides.

There's no fingerprint sensor at the back, neither is there a heart rate monitor or a flash. Only the camera can be seen in action. The left side unveils the power and volume buttons. The device bottom wasn't unveiled from the image above, thus we're not certain if the upcoming Galaxy S8 will bring a 3.5mm headphone jack or not. The Ghostek renders if accurate will take a special place at the heart of the Galaxy S series enthusiast.

Final Words

While the above speculated renders and concept images seem to look accurate and believable, the main question however is "will Samsung dish out the physical hardware home buttons for something more promising"?. These question and more will be answered when the flagship debuts in  it's first launch at New York city sometime in April 2017. Thus while waiting, kindly reveal to us what you think about the above concept envisioned by the top designers or 3D artists. For me, the above pictures rendered me speechless!.

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