We've seen the Nokia's Android device unveiling silently in 2017. HDM Global are seriously breathing new life to wake up the Legends. Our expectations have thus been fulfilled and many Nokia fans or enthusiasts are eager to see the newly launched Nokia 6 in reality. Earlier on, (back in January to be precise) HDM Global released the Nokia 6 android phone in China and the sells has been tremendous so far. The newly launched Nokia 6 android device uphelds to it's premium specifications and features just like we unraveled earlier in one of our previous articles.

We've seen numerous concept images or perhaps renders of the Nokia 6 android phone. Now here's a cool hands-on images and Unboxing of the Nokia 6 android phone with it's elegant design and the top-notch features unraveled by the mid-range smartphone. The hands-on images looks somewhat familiar with what we've probably seen in the past. The initial Unboxing of the Nokia 6 android device unveils a regular reflex, Earphones, Micro USB Cable (type C), and a travel Adapter. Those are rather the only accessories the flagship device has in store.

Now coming back to the Nokia 6 android device itself, the sound made during the device boot process brought back the old memories we had back then when the Nokia 808 and it's predecessors where still active. The Nokia 6 android device features a unibody metal design cased in aluminium. The device weighs a 170 grams and the fused antenna band design is slightly visible at the edge of the device.

Now taking a closer glimpse at the top-front of the Nokia 6 android phone, we've got the notification and LED sensors, a earpiece port that doubles as the speaker, an 8 megapixel front camera and the Nokia branding. Apart from this, the Nokia 6 android featuresa 5.5 inches display with full HD resolution and incredible colour reproduction wrapped in 2.5D Gorilla Glass. The display stack is laminated together with a polarizer layer enabling excellent sunlight readability and slim form.

The Nokia 6 unveils a back buttons and a unique home key which capacity doubles as a fingerprint scanner. On the back, we've got a 16 megapixel phase detection auto focus rear camera which is suitable for taking sharp detailed pictures. The Nokia also unravels an LED flash, a secondary microphone and the Nokia branding. The  Nokia 6 f/2.0 aperture lenses and exclusive camera UI with automatic scene detection make it easy to take great shots every time.

The Nokia 6 android phone unveils a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top. At the right side, we can see the power button and the volume up/down key. The micro USB port, primary microphone and the speaker are located at the bottom of the Nokia 6. To the left, we've got a hybrid tray where you can insert either your mini or micro SD card. The Nokia 6 android phone is definitely a premium device that brings plethora features.

The Nokia 6 is completed with the latest generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor with X6 LTE modem designed for excellent battery life and superior graphics performance. The device brings an adreno 505 GPU, a processor speed of 1.4 GHz and it also feature a dual SIM and 3000mAh non-removable battery. The Nokia 6 runs on the latest version of android 7.0 Nougat with Nokia own custom UI which is based on CyanogenMod 14.

The Nokia 6 has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage with which to run the latest version of android Nougat and is packed with entertainment to bring to life the latest that android has to offer. The dual amplifiers deliver a 6dB louder sound than a regular amp, giving higher voice, deeper bass and unmatched clarity. Dolby Atmos creates powerful, moving audio that seems to flow all around users.


The Nokia 6 android phone brings with it a completely new launcher that seems a bit unique. On the device first boot, you probably won't get an app drawer on the launcher since it's running on stock android. However the app drawer thing can be enabled once you navigate to the launcher Settings>Preference. Then tap the "Layer Mode Settings" options and from there enable "Two Layers".

The Nokia 6 android phone also brings the Nougat split screen features which enables you to run multiple apps side by side on the phones display. This is totally awesome considering the level of multitasking the split screen mode brings. The Nokia 6 android phone camera is definitely perfect for outdoors shooting as it catches pictures with full HD resolution.

Final Words

So that's it with the Nokia 6 Unboxing and hands-on images. We've seen so far the device premium features and it's worth budgeting for. The HDM Global are seriously on a high peak to launch good numbers of Nokia brand phones this year and so many consumers are eagerly anticipating for this. The Nokia 6 will soon be made available on other countries apart from China. Till then!...

Image credits: C4ETech

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