The perfect and most beautiful method to cartoon your photos using beFunky cartoonizer.

The internet of good things and perhaps bad things too. If you'd ask me, i will plainly tell you that Photoshop is the best editing software on PC that cannot be tamed. The app can painlessly transform any of your photos into something more beautiful provided you make use of the right effects. There are lots of image editing software out there on the internet that provides the opportunity to add effects on your favourite photos, however none of this software brings the powerful features Photoshop came with. When we talk of cartoning a photo, there's no doubt that our first thought will revolve around "Photoshop" probably because it has always been popular.

Now what if there's an online tool that can painlessly transform any of your photos into cartoon?. In this modern era, cartoning a photo has become a trending job especially on social media platforms. Girls loves to cartoon their photos and the boys aren't an exception. Thus folks find it irritating paying for this feature on Photoshop. Now upon discovering the "beFunky" cartonizer, a great online tool that can painlessly transform any of your photos into cartoon, i probably knew this was exactly what everyone craved for. With beFunky cartonizer effect, you can easily cartoonize your photos and videos without any hassle. The tool also allows you to turn videos into cartoons, create digital painting out of your pictures, create animated avatars and more.

beFunky Features

  • Turn your photos into digital paintings and comic style animated cartoons.
  • Convert videos into cartoons
  • Create and enhance cartoonized avatars and choose between different background scenes, clothes and accessories, hairstyles, etc.
  • beFunky warp tool enables you to push and pull any area of an image (enlarge lips, reduce nose size, etc.).
  • Get a black and white pencil drawing of any photo.
  • Embed your beFunky stuff on your blog or profile pages and Invite up to 100 friends to beFunky.
Now having see the awesome features beFunky brings with it, let's quickly dive in and see the most perfect and easiest method to transform your photos into cartoon without the need for Photoshop.

Cartoonize Your Photos With beFunky

beFunky is an awesome online software application that can convert any of your photos into cartoon without accepting a dime. This tool has been with us for long and we're here to unravel how to use it. The software works "through" applying a cartoon effect to your uploaded photo, thus once you apply the needed effects, beFunky cartoonizer will return back an amazingly different photo you have provided and this time around, it will have the cartoon effect added to it!.

Enough said already, let's get on with today's business. To proceed with the cartooning process, head over to beFunky cartoonizer webpage and read the introductions. Once you're done, click on "Get Started". Now upload the photo you want to cartoonize or simply snap one by using the beFunky online webcam. Next select the effect from the available list like pencil effect or the colored cartoon effect and it will be applied to the photo instantly.

The beFunky cartoonizer also brings the wrap tool effect which could be utilized to distort up your photo and hence apply more effect to it. Guess we're done here. There's no doubt that other online tools might bring the cartoonizer features with them, but beFunky is different since it's easy to use and can produce amazing cartoon effect of your photos.

Final Words

The above stated methods isn't complex neither is it too hard to go with. beFunky cartoonizer was created both for the amateurs and professionals respectively and thus using the app works just like uploading your photos and applying your desired cartoon effect. Thus beFunky will painlessly do the remaining work by adding a cartoon effect to your uploaded photo. Perhaps it's high time you forget Photoshop and make use of beFunky cartoonizer to apply cartoon effects on your favourite Photos.

Top image credit: Befunky

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