The Split View, Slide Over and Picture in Picture multitasking feature where reserved only for the iPads which was a courtesy from the iOS 9. Perhaps this was the reason why iPads are more competitive than Microsoft Windows tablets. While this feature has been of detrimental to all suported iPads, many iPhone users have always craved for it. The split view and slide over feature integrated in the iPad technically gives you the ability to have multiple apps on-screen at the same time. We mentioned the Picture in Picture mode earlier on but i won't be going into details since it isn't what we're here for. Just know that this feature was designed for anything video-related and thus it can convert any video to small thumbnail that can sit over the other apps you’re using.

The Split View feature integrated on the iPads allows you to use multiple apps at once while the Slide Over feature allows you to quickly bring up an app in “compact mode” without leaving your current full-screen app. You can’t actually interact with both apps at once, but this is a quick way to bring up a calculator or note-taking app, for example, and quickly interact with it without losing your place in the original app. Now, if you’ve even wanted this feature on your iPhone, I’ll show you how you can get the Split View and Slide Over multitasking on your iPhone.

Note: This procedure requires you to have cydia and a Jailbroken iPhone, so if you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, headover to Google and quickly look for a tutorial on that.

Install Gorgone

Gorgone is a new free tweak available on Cydia. The app brings the Split View and Slide Over features to any jailbroken iPhone or iPod device. Thus to begin with, open cydia on your iPhone and search for “Gorgone” in the search tab. Next tap the “Install” button followed by the “Confirm“ icon. Now hit “Restart SpringBoard” if prompted to complete the installation process.

Enable Rotation

Your iPhone will restart in a few seconds and "Gorgone" should now be installed successfully. Now we need configure Gorgone’s settings. Thus head over to “Settings” > “Gorgone” and turn on “Enable Rotation“. This option helps to enables rotations in most of the apps and on the home screen. While the second option “Enable Lock Screen rotation” is for iOS 9 only and doesn’t work on iOS 10 at least for now.

Use Split Screen Multitasking On Your iPhone

Once you're through with the above procedures, then it's time to use the split view and slide over feature on your iPhone. Swipe in from the right side of the iPhone's display. A small side pane will appear bringing out the list of all your installed apps. This can be done in either portrait mode or landscape mode.

Now tap an app in the list to load it in the side pane. Then you can interact with the app, without leaving the current app. This works exactly like iPad's slide over feature. Once you swipe back, it will again switch you to the previous app that was running before.

You can also switch between “slide over” apps by swiping down from the top of the app in the sidebar. Simply open a slide over app in landscape mode and you’ll see a handle in between the two apps.

Pull the handle toward the center of the screen to activate the split view feature. You’ll then see two apps on screen at the same time. One app on either half of your screen and you can interact with both at once. To exit the split screen mode, just slide the app away using the drag bar in the middle of both the apps.


Gorgone is a nice app that enables the Split view and slide over feature on your iPhone. However the app tweak does have a shortcoming though. It rotates every app on my iPhone, even those that have the orientation lock enabled. A rotating home screen is something most users would not like. To fix this, you can use a flex patch.  It would be great if this tweak had an up-down split screen instead of the left-right one.

Now if perhaps you don’t like the Gorgone tweak of enabling split view and slide over feature, then Multiview, Splitify, Multify and Medusa are probably the best alternatives to Gorgone. Using "Multiview" tweak, all you've got to do is enable the app via settings after installation and get things going on as it should.

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