This is actually how to convert a smartphone charger to a wireless charger. I never thought of how possible it is to make a wireless charger using cheap and affordable materials not until now that the trick has gone viral. Imagine how great and honourable it will be to make a homemade wireless charger that can charge your smartphone even at 50 ft away from the power source. Without wasting much time, let's take down the list of items required for the conversion, anyway the items are what we use everyday and are very cheap to afford.
  1. Smartphone Charger Adapter

  1. U.S.B Cable

  1. A Bar Magnet ( with definite shape and not broken)

  1. Aluminum Foil

  1. Electric tape

  1. Copper wire

  1. Scissors

Brief Procedures Of How You Can Successfully Convert Your Smartphone Charger to a Wireless Charger

1. Pick up your U.S.B cable, cut it nearly at both ends, use the same scissor to carve out part of the insulated cover of both wires as shown below.

2. Cut out a piece of the Aluminum foil and use it to cover the naked parts of both wires gotten from procedure 1, as shown below.

3. Now tie some strings of copper wire round both USB ports.

4. On the same region, cover the part with your electric cable and repeat procedure 3

5. Pick up your bar magnet and place it on the top left side of your adaptor for proper wireless connection.

6. Now connect both USB ports to their respective device and plug the adapter to a power source and watch your phone charging. That's it!!.


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