Here's how to change Android font with or without rooting.

Every Android device brings a pretty default/system font that looks a little bit awkward. Don't misunderstand with me on this one, the fact is that no matter how good your content might be, an ugly fonts can actually be an enough reason for people to turn away from your phone. While on the other hand, a well designed font can completely change the atmosphere and mood of your android device. Been a tech enthusiast, i have tasted most of the stunning fonts out there and to be sincere they've a way of making your android device look classic, originated and most especially awesome.
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Indeed changing the font of your android device can actually be quite a big deal, especially if you're trying to get your UI to look exactly as you feel it should. However while there seems to be numerous methods available to change the fonts on your device, I'd say that most of this methods requires a rooted android phone. Fortunately for us all, there is actually a way to change the fonts of our android device without rooting even though there are obviously more limitations. With that said already, let's dive into the main procedures.

Method 1: Change System Fonts Via Settings

This method can actually be the most easiest way to change the fonts on your android device without the need for root access. As you've already known, stock android doesn't have a built-in option for changing the system fonts. However this feature is made available on almost every samsung galaxy brand device. With it's liberal customization ability, changing fonts on any samsung galaxy smartphones can be as easy as a pie.

To get this one going, Open Settings > My Devices > Display > Font Style and select whichever font that entices you. For me, the "Rosemary" font is OK. You can also purchase new fonts if you think the provided fonts aren't cool. To do this, tap on the "Get Fonts Online" button. Again, non-Samsung devices may or may not have this feature by default. If your flavor of Android doesn’t have a built-in way to switch fonts, try one of the following apps instead.

Method 2: Change Fonts Using Go Launcher

Go Launcher is one of the most populous android custom launcher ever known, it's customization ability backed up with the numerous plethora features it brings is probably making a name for it. To be sincere it was the first Android launcher i have come to be familiar with and i guess even a toddler will agree with me on this one *winks*. Go launcher does not only provides different types of wallpapers, it can also help to change the fonts on your android device without the need for rooting.

To begin with, head over to the Google Play Store and install Go Launcher. You can also install Go Launcher Font. since it provides different types of fonts. Next open Go Launcher and from the home screen, tap the Menu button at the right corner. Select "Preferences" from the menu then locate the font option. Now you'll see the list of available fonts, simply scan, then select the font you desire, wait till changes takes place. You can manually put the font files to the path /sdcard/GOlauncher Ex/fonts. Thats all!.

Method 3: Change System Fonts Using HiFont

HiFont is a pretty cozy free font manager and installer that can painlessly aid to change the fonts on your android device. The app is my favourite out of the numerous font changer apps out there on the internet. However the sad but good news is that it needs root access in other to work on "Non-Samsung Galaxy" smartphones. Thus if you're using a galaxy device, you don't have to worry about rooting your phone. As usual head over to the Google Play Store and install HiFont.

Open the app after installation and take a moment to browse all the different fonts that are on display and if you find any font that entices you, select and download it. Then tap "Use" and reboot your device. If you want to apply your own fonts, then you'll need to makes use of .ttf files. Simply place the .ttf fonts inside a folder called "Zitiguanjia" (without quote) since it happens to be the HiFont's folder for custom font file and if perhaps you can't find this folder, create it. Now open HiFont, then tap on "MyFont". From there select your custom font, apply and use it.

Final Words

Guess we're done here huh? The above methods where the less-adventurous way of changing the fonts on your android phone. Even though there are many android apps like "font installer" that can painlessly change your device font but this however doesn't come without root access. Thus we've detailed the best and it's up to you on which you found worthy among the guides above. Enjoy your favourite funky Fonts!.

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