The best wallpaper collections for Android to Liven Up Your Home Screen

Let it shine! Wallpapers are the best way to beautify our Android phones. They've a great way of livening up our device to look stunning more than ever. When was the last time you changed your Android default wallpaper? I guess you've already forgotten. Apart from icon packs, a cool HD wallpaper can actually go a long way in customizing, beautifying and livening up your Android phone or tablets. The past few weeks has been very stressful for us, since we decided to spend a fair amount of time hunting down high quality Android wallpapers which have supports for both portrait and landscape mode.

Finding the best Android wallpapers to use as background on your device home screen can actually seem a bit difficult, especially if you're looking for a catchy wallpaper that is as rich in color and sharp as in high definition images. The Google Play Store offers tons of apps that have wallpapers, but it’s difficult to find truly high quality wallpapers there. Thus upon discovering the Google+ collection feature, we decided to curate some of the amazing collection of HD wallpapers for Android. This wallpapers are frequently updated and you can obtain high quality wallpapers by following a few collections or communities. Below are the best FREE HD wallpapers for your smartphone or tablet that you won’t find in pretty much any application.

1. Absolutely Wallpapers ™.

Absolutely Wallpapers™ brings the best and the most beautiful collection of HD wallpapers for Android.  Also referred to as "Google Earth View", the community is been managed by varieties of people's from different categories of life. Unlike it's predecessor, Absolutely wallpapers brings a ton of cool landscape wallpapers designed specifically for Android tablets. Most of there beautiful HD wallpapers collection includes the nature scenes and cityscapes. In summary Absolutely Wallpapers brings the most awesome HD wallpapers collection to liven up your tablet.

2. Android Wallpapers Collection.

Android Wallpapers is one of the new and hottest wallpaper community on Google+ where you can painlessly grab most of the finest or your favourite Android wallpapers.Android wallpaper community brings a high definition of the most beautiful wallpapers to liven up your home screen. The community features a variety of HD wallpapers which have supports both on landscape and portrait mode. Thus they're most suitable for smartphones and tablets. Android wallpapers community brings different types of wallpapers such as nature scenes, abstract and other HD wallpapers that suits your device.

3. PinSharp Wallpapers Collection.

PinSharp Wallpapers Collection is one of my favorites Google plus wallpaper community. Their sole purpose is to bring unique and high quality wallpapers directly on your Android home screen. The community brings new and beautiful HD wallpapers everyday. Most of their wallpapers collection includes abstract, flowers, nature scene and other amazing HD wallpapers which are supported in portrait mode. Overall PinSharp Wallpapers community are dedicated to bring the most beautiful HD wallpapers to liven up your Android home screen.

4. World Of Wallpapers Collection.

World of Wallpapers Collection by Cliff Wade features the most beautiful HD wallpapers in portrait mode and thus it supports android phones. If perhaps you need a stunning wallpaper that can best Liven Up your device home screen, then this probably can be the best alternative. Having amassed a great number of the most stunning Android HD wallpapers, Cliff Wade has dedicated himself into sharing HD wallpapers of any kind exclusively on his Google plus collection or community. Most of Cliff Wade designed wallpapers includes cityscapes, nature scene and other amazing wallpapers.

5. Absolutely Wallpapers Collection.

Nick Nice has single-handedly dedicated himself into making amazing wallpapers for Android. The Absolutely Wallpapers Collection curated by Nick Nice features a ton of portrait wallpapers designed specifically for Android smartphones. Most of Nick Nice works are incredibly beautiful and can liven up your phone. The wallpapers designed by Nick Nice generally includes tech stuff, cityscapes, nature scenes, cars, super hero & comic stuffs. Overall his wallpapers includes assortment of HD quality wallpapers that can fit in any device.

6. Material Wallpapers Collection.

Material design, they're probably one of the finest wallpapers that catches my fancy. They've a unique way of livening up your Android device home screen to look classic and elegant at the same time. Material Wallpapers by "Alex Chaves" is a great collection if you want a flat and yet a classic material design style of Wallpapers. His Google plus wallpaper collections features a ton of healthy and the most beautiful HD wallpapers with a mixture of muted, scrollable, colourful and wide range of portrait and landscape material design wallpapers. Most of his wallpapers works great on Android phones and tablets.

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Final Words

The above HD wallpapers are the best from our list, these beautiful wallpapers comes from different categories such as landscapes, cityscapes, space, abstract, and smatterings of animals, cars, and people. However if you want to obtain beautiful wallpapers from the Google+ feed, then download the Google+ app and open it. From the search bar type in “Wallpapers” to see the results, then identify a few communities that offers stunning HD wallpapers and "Follow" them. Now every time you open the Google+ app, you will find fresh HD wallpaper to download from your feed.

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