Android has seen numerous coding in custom ROMs which has never been integrated into stock android. The dynamic status bar feature is definitely one of them. Earlier when the mobile operating systems was emerging, the blended status bar was what every android users where excited to lay their hands on but Google failed to implement this features on stock android. The dynamic status bar incorporates color code in other to blend with the currently running app on your rooted android device.
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Having tested lots of xposed modules such as DroidTint, Flat Style, Tinted Status Bar and Lollistat, most of them slowed down the performance of my phone. However "perfect Color bar" was the first xposed module that I've found that makes any android device look even more beautiful without taking a toll on it's performance. The module can make the status bar and navigation bar on your android device transparent. Thus if you want to get ahead of the curve and get the dynamic status bar feature on your lollipop, marshmallow and nougat android device, follow the below speculates guides.

Note: I have already activated the perfect color bar module before writing this article. Thus you'll see it in action as this article unravels.

Install Xposed Framework

As stated earlier, Perfect Color Bar is an Xposed module, so you'll need the Xposed Framework installed on your android device to get things going. Thus download and install the latest version of the Xposed Installer on your device. Open the app and tap on "Framework" then select "Install/Update" to ensure you're on the latest version. Now reboot or Soft Reboot your device.

Install Perfect Color Bar

After your android device reboots, locate the Xposed installer app from your device app drawer and open it. Now tap on the "Download" section and search for PerfectColorBar. From the result, swipe over to the version tab and hit the download button. Then wait for the process to complete before installing the module.

Activate Perfect Color Bar

Now headover to the Xposed installer app and this time around, simply tap on the "Modules" section. Then make sure the "perfect color bar" is checked. Navigate back and jump into the "Framework" section via your Xposed installer app, then perform a "Soft Reboot" or Reboot your android device.

Checkout Your Application

Once your android phone reboots, check out your apps and you should see the status bar change color according to the running app. Below you can see screenshots for both the Play Store and Vine applications. Also the navigation bar on your lollipop android device will blend color with the running app you're on.


And that's it. This is quite the transparent look you've ever craved for. Once you've got everything tinkered as stated above, you'll get a dynamic transparent status bar and navigation bar on your rooted android device without any hassle. The app is stable and once you tinker with the module settings, you can setup things to your preference.

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