L Speed can help improve your android device performance and battery life.. We've explain how it works below..

Android has always been the place of target for aspiring developers since it's an open source. If perhaps you've rooted your android, there's no limit to what you can achieve with it. The main goal of rooting an android phone is to improve its performance and experience. Over the years, a large number of tweaks has been made available for android phone to improve efficiency and the developers at XDA forum are doing much more to continue the legacy. But have you ever wondered what if there's an app out there that can help improve your android phone in all ramification?. If your answer is yes then that's why we're here today.

L speed has always been with us since early 2015 so it's no longer a new app for tech geeks. The app offers a suite of popular mods and tweaks in a single convenient package. Over time the project had evolved and there are lots of new features that has been added to it ranging from battery calibration to faster boot process. The only requirement is a rooted android device running on 4.0 and above.

The main aim of L speed is to improve performance,  reduce significant lags and overall extend battery life. The app comes with an intuitive and clean user interface thus options are separated into sections and you can long click on any option to view it's detailed explanation. The best thing about L speed is that it supports changing theme colors. Thus you can either switch colors from light to dark or to your preference.

Features of L Speed

  • Better performance
  • Better battery life
  • Less lags
  • Faster input/output and read/write speed
  • Cleaner script for cleaning system
  • CPU tuner
  • Battery calibration
  • Seeder
  • FStrim and much more

Tweaking Your Android With L Speed

Before we venture into the main article, you've to first of all download L Speed . The app is available on the Google play store for free so you don't have to worry about purchasing it. However the developer added a few advertisement in the app in other to get little money for coffee. But the ads won't be a barrier or intrusive as it hardly pops out.

Now after downloading L Speed, navigate to your app drawer and locate it from there. Then tap on it to open, during the opening process, it will automatically check for root access and extract busy box.

Next you will be presented to the welcome page of L Speed. Tap the "Get Started" icon and from the next screen you can easily setup some options from there. However I do recommend you skip them to get to the actual app.

Once you've landed on the main page, you will notice how clean and simple the app interface is. But don't panic since there isn't a lot going on in the profile section. You can customize the profile to your preference.

Now swipe the screen from the left or tap the three horizontal line at the upper left corner of the screen. Tap the dashboard section and from there, you can see your device, battery, memory CPU and kernel information.

From the app main menu again, tap the "Main tweaks" option and you can see some options to tinker with. The "kernel tweaks" improves your device battery life and performance by changing the kernel related tunables with new values while the "Liquid Smooth UI" improves the user Interface performance, with a little more battery draining. You can toggle other options to see there various functions.

The next option is the CPU Tuner. There isn't much to tinker here, it's main function is to improves the performance of your android phone with a little more battery draining in counterpart. However you can choose not to toggle it.

The LNET Optimizer improves the network browsing performance.If you choose the small "Net buffers",  it will increase the network buffers size reasonably for each connection but if you choose the big net buffers, the increase will be much bigger and it may affects your battery life while using your network. So toggle other options to your preference.

Next is the IO Tweaks, this option can improves the performance of your android phone with a little more battery draining in counterpart. However you can choose to toggle the "IO Boost" which in turn improves the performance without reducing the battery life. Other option can be toggled to see there various functions.

The Virtual Memory option can also help improve your device performance, however i haven't figured out it's main function but it certainly can help in improving your device performance and battery life.

The RAM Manager offers a little but important function here, once you choosing the multitasking option or gaming option, then your device can blend with this and improve your device activities. However you can choose the balance option to keep things at equilibrium.

The Seeder option can also improves the performance of your device. However the battery draining depends on the Seeder level you choose. If you increase seeder level, your device will suffer from less lag but it will drain more battery so it's recommended you select the moderate option.

The cleaner option comes in handy too, however by intuition you can easily figure out what there functions are. You can toggle the "Run cleaner on boot" to help removes the junk and obsolete files generated by the system  during your device booting process.

The FStrim option can be toggled too, but I can't seem to figure out it's function. From the setting section, you can choose the color interface and also toggle some options to your preference.

Final Verdict

If there's any app that can help boost up and improve your device performance then it's L speed. The app can come in handy if perhaps your phone lags a lot. After enabling some of the options I explained above, I was able to run some of the Games that force closes on my android device and also I noticed that my battery last much longer... L Speed is always much better if you can explore deep and tinker with more options in it. All in all, this app is what you need to improve your device performance and battery life. Keep L Speeding!.

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