DU Battery Saver actually Works!. We've detailed a full review of the app and it's the best battery saver app for android

Battery saving apps has never for once favoured the android ecosystem, in as much as there are lot's of them out there on the google playstore yet only few can actually boost of it's functionality. Back then when android was still surfacing, people worried about whether the smartphone they're  budgeting for can actually play and run some of the heavy apps and games they've always admired. However the case is a whole lot different now as we worry whether the smartphone we purchased can actually last long as we anticipated.

While there are lot's of innovations and experiments scientists are carrying out to better the power management of our android device, yet the case has remained unsolved. Newly android smartphones are been equipped with larger battery that has high capacitance and voltage in other to extend it's battery but the woes are still not getting better. This is exactly where and why you need a well detailed and powerful battery saver app to help prolong your smartphone battery. As I noted earlier, while there are tons of battery saver apps for android on the google playstore, yet most of them claim what they're not. However thanks to baidu for there tremendous app "DU Battery Saver". It has proven to be the best among other battery saving apps out there on the internet.
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If there's any battery saver app that we're going to recommend for your android smartphone then it's no other than DU Battery Saver. It's a free battery saving app that helps you to get 50% more battery life for your android thus making it (battery) to last longer. With over 500 million people who love to use this app, it's no doubt that it is certainly what you've been looking for. DU Battery Saver offers some real cool battery management features which we've detailed below with a pure review about it...

Why DU Battery Saver Is A Must Have App

With the number of excessive features DU Battery Saver was integrated with, there's a high rate that it's a MUST-HAVE app for your android smartphone. The app brings a number of handy features you will fancy, so let's take a glimpse at some of those integrated features packed in DU Battery Saver.

1. One Click Optimization & Battery Saver

This is the first feature you will see on the DU Battery Saver home screen. But before that, there are three more options you can see too namely temperature, voltage and capacity. There functions are purely clearified as they show your device battery details from the temperature down to the Maximum battery capacity.

The optimization button comes in handy too..as it's main function is to find and fix  battery power consumption problems and also unlock detailed settings to fine-tune your battery energy savings. Once you've tapped the optimize button, it will automatically start scanning all the running apps on your device and allow you to manually fix them thus saving battery at the process.

2. Smart Pre-set Mode

The smart preset mode is one of the feature that caught my attention in DU Battery Saver. By default some of the modes has already been set.  However you can use the smart pre-set battery default power management modes or create your own custom mode by tapping the "Add Mode" option to get high performance and great energy savings.

After toggling some of the apps you prefer, you can choose the screen brightness and timeout. Once you tap the create button, you can see your custom pre-set mode which you can easily delete when you choose too.

3. Auto Clear Apps & CPU Frequency

The one is perfect, once you're not ready to start optimizing your apps manually, you can easily enable the auto clear app feature to get things going. It automatically shut down draining apps that runs in the background of your smartphone. You can easily set an auto clear schedule at any interval you prefer. Also you can protect important apps from auto clearing by adding them to the Ignored Apps List.

The CPU frequency has always been better, however the sad news about it is that it's only applicable to rooted android users only. With this feature enabled, you can save more power by reducing the speed of your android phone processor when your screen is locked. This won't be a barrier for non-rooted user as you can grab the free version of DU Battery Saver and thus enjoy the "Phone Cooler" feature which in turn systematically monitors, manages, and disables the CPU intensive apps on your phone in order to reduce phone temperature to a safe level and protect your hardware.

4. Battery Monitor

If you've ever wanted to Monitor all your apps in one easy click, then DU Battery Saver have got you covered. The Battery monitor comes in handy when you want to monitor all the apps that drains power while not in use and remind you about high consumption apps.

With the 1 tap saving option, DU Battery Monitor can easily indicate how much battery power will be extended. It also monitors all running apps that aid in power consumption and thus list you all the detail to your app manager where you can easily disable them or force-stop them if you choose to. The Battery Monitor feature clearly shows the status of battery life and usage right from your android phone.

5. Healthy & Smart Charge

From scientific research, it's recommended not to fully charge your device battery up to 100%. DU Battery saver comes with a power charging tip right from the fast charge, full charge and trickle charge. Once you toggle this feature on, you can easily start a healthy charging once your battery is lower than 20%. Here's the tip recommended to get a healthy charge for your battery.

Use constant current to perform fast charge up to 80%. Then select healthy charging to get a fully charge. The trickle charge helps to keep electrons flowing inside the lithium battery to make up for self discharge and thus get a longer battery. You can reduce charge current when your smartphone is fully charged then use impulse current to fully charge your battery. All in all, the smart charge displays the charge status in real time, thus it accurately estimates the remaining charge time.

6. Convenient Power Saving Widgets

DU Battery Saver comes preloaded with essential widgets that comes in handy. If you're the type that loves adding widgets to your home screen, then DU Battery Saver was made specifically for you. Once you've installed DU Battery Saver, an "Optimize" widget can be seen at the home screen of your device. It's main function is to stop power consumptive background apps with one tap to boost battery life.

You can also add more DU Battery Saver widgets to your home screen to easily manage connectivity features on your phone. Adding the (4 × 1) widget makes it more easier to manage WiFi, brightness, mobile data, Bluetooth etc.and set power saving mode on your device. You can simply add this widget by long tapping on your home screen or if you're using a launcher that allows you to access widget from the drawer then your go to go.

What Users Love Most In DU Battery Saver

Although DU Battery saver is packed with tremendous features, but there's always something users will love most in the app. Since DU Battery Saver is an app that's been upgraded frequently, a feature was added to it, an was named "DU Aurora Engine". This feature made it possible to see an Advanced Saving option right after you've completed the standard optimization of your battery.

The Advance Saving option finds the app that's running on your phone and kills them in other to extend battery life. However you've to enable DU Battery Saver in the accessibility list in other to activate these feature. The notification Saving main function is to stop the power consuming apps that reside on the notification bar in other to extend your battery. Going further you can see the screensaver option which when enabled tends to appear on your home screen during charging process.

A Glimpse At DU Battery Saver User Profile

DU Battery Saver features a user profile when you can access other features integrated in the app. To locate this, tap on the user profile option at the upper right corner of your smartphone screen, now a side bar will emerge. The healthy charging tips is the first option you will see, however we won't go into that since we've detailed it above.

From the user profile you can see some of the smart features you can unlock using DU coins. Such as the screen lock-auto clear and the network control which automatically disable the network connection when screen is off. DU Battery Savery offers varities of battery skin you can choose from, while others are free, youve to get some coins to purchase the paid ones. The setting icon can also be found at the upper right corner of the screen. Enabling some of the options found there can help enhance your smartphone battery.

Final Words

From the review above you will surely concur with me that DU Battery Saver is the simplest and easiest way to keep your android phone battery working at it's extreme perfection. It comes with lots of features that can help boost up your device performance once you unlock them. The review we've detailed above is for the Pro version of Du battery saver which cost a token on the Google play store. However you can download it for free by hovering over to one of my previous articles. Your android smartphone battery can never be much more better without DU Battery Saver!.


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