Checkout the best battery saver apps for Android in 2018. It's high time you say no to battery draining.

Have you ever dreamed about a battery pro master thats capable of defending your phone battery and manage all processes on your android phone? If the answer is YES then you're at the right place. Battery saving apps are one of the best android apps that can help prolong your battery life. Over the years scientists has been adding more functional capacity to our Phone's battery life, yet our battery don't last up to a day with heavy connection enabled.

That's where battery saver apps for android comes in. They are capable of optimizing your device to reduce battery usage, thus prolonging it's life at the process. As someone who's using an android phone, you're expected to have at least one battery saver app installed on your android phone since they help to reduce battery drain and protects or prevent your android phone from hitting up.

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Developers are doing there outmost best to keep us up to date with the latest battery saver app, and in as much as there are a lot of them, some tends not to give you what you desire and thus you become dissatisfied at the process. When searching for a battery saver app you can use on your android phone, you should consider its features and what it is capable of doing.

Monitoring of battery consumption, control and preventive measures for your battery have nevrr been so easy and useful before. So in this article, we're going to list out the ultimate best battery saver apps for your android phones. We're listing the best and they can serve your needs anytime, anywhere.

#1. DU Battery Saver PRO

DU battery saver is the most rated and one of the best battery saving app that makes your android battery last longer. With DU battery saver, you capable of getting up to 50% more battery life for your android device. DU battery saver ensures that you get a healthy battery charge state and also solves battery problem and extend battery life using the smart pre-set battery power management modes and one touch controls. It optimizes your device by fixing battery power consumption problem, you can also use the phone cooler feature which works systematically by monitoring, managing and disabling CPU-intensive apps in order to reduce phone temperature to a safe level and protect your hardware. Currently over 5 million people downloaded DU battery saver pro from Google play store.

#2. Battery Doctor - Power Saver

Battery doctor is a special 1 tap optimization battery saving app for android developed by the famous clean master team. Battery doctor monitors your battery charging status and also Prevent/stop the power draining apps on your phone from running. Using battery doctor, you're guaranteed of enjoying a long lasting battery power. Take full control of the power draining apps on your android by finding them out and stopping them at the process. Also you can monitor how long your battery is capable of lasting under a variety of situations by playing games and turning on WiFi. Battery doctor manages your battery temperature, kills apps when the screen is off and also it features a simple easy to use interface with over 28 languages supported. Currently over 100 million people downloaded battery doctor from the Google play store.

#3. Go Battery Saver Pro 

Go battery saver monitors all apps that drains power while not in use and reminds you about high power consumption apps. Go battery saver for android is one of the most used battery saving apps on android phone, it indicates how much battery power will be extended if you make use of the 1-tap saving. Also monitor all running apps that consumes power and list the details to app manager. You can boost charging on go battery saver using 3 stage, the speed charging stage, continuous stage and the trickle stage. It also features a phone cooler that's capable of monitoring and disabling the CPU intensive apps in a systematic way. You can switch battery saver mode by time, battery and power which helps you to choose the best one for any situation. Currently over 1 million people downloaded Go battery saver from the Google play store.

#4. Avast Battery Saver

Avast battery saver is the most powerful battery saving apps for your android phone, it extends your battery life by stopping apps that you aren't using and optimizing your device settings and also allows you to stop apps with just one tap. It's easier to use and capable of squeezing up to 20% of your battery life by terminating apps that runs in the background. Avast battery saver boost your phone performance and with the adaptive estimate function, you'll know how much life you have left on your battery. Use the pre-configured profile and adaptive smart profile on avast battery saver to optimize your phone settings to suit your environment and adjust your phones settings according to your regular usage. Moreover you can plan when to charge your phone based on your phone usage using avast battery saver. Currently over 10 million people downloaded avast battery saver from the Google play store.

#5. 360 Battery Saver

360 Battery Saver like others is a free battery saving apps that makes you extend the battery life of your android phone by cutting down charging time under the power saving mode. It also protects your battery all the time using the Battery time monitoring, power saving and battery charging time reducer. 360 battery savers does a great job by detecting what apps have been eating up your battery power and it also tells you which one of them should be killed thus to save Battery power. The best part of 360 battery saver is that you can be able to stop all the battery draining apps on the background with one click and reduces battery consumption during the charging time. Moreover, 360 battery saver helps you to manage all the draining apps, stop useless apps and decrease the charging time. It also monitors and completes healthy battery charging to ensure battery that your battery stays in its best condition during the whole battery life. Currently over 1 million people downloaded 360 battery saver from the Google play store.

#6. Just Battery Saver 

Just Battery saver is a free and one of the best Battery saving apps for your android phone which optimizes and helps you to economize your battery charge and provides longer battery life. Just battery saver uses statistics to analysis power saving control of battery consumption which are combined into a user-friendly and stylish interface. It can be refer to as a battery defender which is able to release voltage on your phone or tablet. Just battery saver can make your battery charge faster and also you will be able to customize battery settings and protect it from quick discharge and other failures. It also features a task killer which is capable of terminating unwanted processes consuming memory of your phone.  Just battery saber makes your phone battery work better, it reduces power consumption and helps to manage your applications in order to optimize your work. You'll have no problem in usage of this simple handy tool. Currently over 500 thousand people downloaded just battery saver from the Google play store.

#7. Dr. Battery - Fast Charger

Dr battery is the most ultimate free battery app that can charge your phone faster by 30% and extend your battery life up to 59% by finding apps and settings that drains power on your device. It is the most efficient and professional looking android battery saver and power booster and it guide users to save battery life just in a single tap whenever it starts trickle. Dr battery saver optimizes your phone ability to enable settings for killing background running apps while functioning as memory cleaner, RAM booster and most especially task killer for a better Battery performance. It also monitors your phones temperature in real time and analyzes which apps are causing the overheating. With Dr battery saver, you can customize power saving options according to your desired preference and also you can save battery life up to 2×-4× more to help boost your phone get along a lot more faster. Currently over 1 million people downloaded Dr batter saver from the Google play store.

Final Words

Don't ever let your android smartphone let you down in terms of battery consumption, use the above listed battery saver to prolong and enjoy long lasting battery life for your phone. They're great and comes in handy for varieties of our purposes. Control them and they will concur! Always use a better battery saving apps on your android device.

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