We have lined up the best xposed modules for Android lollipop, marshmallow, nougat and Oreo,

Xposed modules

Recently in one of my previous article, I benchmark and listed the Top 10 Best Xposed Module For Android Smartphone and today we're going to see more of them especially that off lollipop and marshmallows.

Xposed framework is the best tool for customizing your android phone, the modules have the tendency to mod your android device to look more gorgeous. Over the year, the developers has been bombarding it with awesome modules and updated features to ensure its continuity. However in as much has this modules are available for you to tinker with, it's only limited to rooted android users, also when you're using any xposed module, you should bear one crucial thing in mind, and that's to have your backup ready on your phone, since at times this modules when activated tends to mess up with your android phone and thus causes it to boot loop.

There are lots of modules available at the xposed repository website for us to download, but finding the perfect one which can do the works you desire most can be stressful and time wasting. However we've research and listed down the best xposed modules for android phones in our previous article which you can have a glimpse at. And today we're continuing it, since there are lots of modules out there we're going to list more of the five essential once you need. However as times goes on, we will be guiding you on how to use these modules and what there functions are only on your android phone. We've already posted some of the xposed modules tutorial which can enable you achieve that which seems unachievable on your android phone so you just have to search for them on this blog and read the guides closely.

5 Best Xposed Modules For Android Lollipop & Marshmallow

All the xposed modules we're listing below has been tested out by us and thus they're working perfectly when you activate them via the xposed framework. Below are the best xposed modules we recommend for your android phone.

#1. All My.....

All My is the collection of tweaks extracted for cyanogenMod/AOSP/touchwhiz and other few app. I refer to it "as all in one" since it's been bombarding with many tweak and to be precise there are over 28 tweaks you can enable with this module such as the ability to disable su indicator from the status bar, make auto brightness go only up, no wake on charge, native freezer and many more.  This module is been updated frequently and more tweaks have been added in it, also its in the stable version do it will work perfectly on your android phone. Use the download button below to grab it.

#2. Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Engine Pro

Ultimate whatsapp theme engine a.k.a UWTE is the modern way of modifying or customizing your whatsapp, forget all the hassle of uninstalling official whatsapp apk to install the GB whatsapp which is the modded version. Mod your official whatsapp to your preference since it is safer and easy than installing modded ones. UWTE is divided into 5 categories to make it easier and apply mods. You can also disable mods and revert back to stock settings easily. It also came with a theme store where new themes are been released every week and also you can create your own theme and share it with your friends. UWTE is lightweight and battery friendly and also there's no hassle of restarting your android device after every single change is made.

#3. Battery Shutdown Manager

This is by far one of the best xposed module I fancy so much, it helps to prevent your android phone battery from shutting down automatically. It kind off seems awkward when your battery is remaining 1% and you think of using it for about 20sec before getting a charger and at exactly that moment it will switch to 0% and you will see the threaded "Shutting down" which means it's too late to get a charger. This is exactly why you need battery shutdown manager, it shows a dialogue with a countdown before the actual battery shutdown. So you will have the time to connect your charger before the the auto shutdown occurs. This app is in its stable version and it works flawlessly.

#4. Android Apps Theme Engine

Android apps theme engine is the perfect theming tool for every android device. It allows you to theme your favorite android apps on the go. It also allows you to change the look of every app to some great extent. It certainly will not theme the framework and so all changes done are private to each app and its also much stable than a system level theming app. After theming your favorite apps, you should go to Settings>App manager and force close it so that the changes can be enabled. Here's some of the supported apps you can theme. WhatsApp messenger, Settings, Hangout, swift keyboard, Google play, Google play music, Textra SMS, AOSP keyboard and stock messaging apps on LG phones.

#5. Fonter-Android Font Manager

Fonter is the best font manager for any android phone, it allows you to change your system fonts and also per app font. Its super easy to use and comes with thousands of font available for you to use. Fonter supports multi theme, flip font changer and custom font. Its very tedious and thus you can install your favorite fonts on your android smartphone. All you have to do is to enable it via xposed framework, reboot your device and launch the app from your apo drawer then select your desired font and apply. This module is in it's stable version and it works flawlessly.

Authors Desk

Android Xposed modules are perfect for enhancing your device potentials, once you get to root your android phone you can enjoy all of this modules right on your device. Thanks to the xposed modules developers who are making it possible for us to enjoy this modules on our android device. Also download "Gravity box" for your lollipop and marshmallow android phone. Watch out for some essential modules you can apply on your new android nougat. Meanwhile if you have any queries you can use the comment box below and also endeavor to share this post.

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