Here are the most scary horror games for Android. Don't play them at night

Horror games are one of the most scary games on android you should try out when you feel like seeing some scary ghost, they're addictive and can keep you busy during your less busy days. Back way in the symbian era, when we speak of any horror game, then 7 Days Salvation is the first game to pop into our mind. However we have lots of horror games made for android users and developers aren't relenting to entertain us with the most scariest horror captivating games to play on our mobile.
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Android just like symbian has over one thousand horror games available to be played, while some can be termed stupid, there are some which can keep you awake all night. Playing horror games is capable of scaring your pants off, especially when you turn on the sound during gameplay. while horror games can be addictive, they can also be scary. The most impending tales about horror games is that you stand alone and lonely, where you have to journey into forest or ancient buildings while been careful of ghosts jumping out in front of you!. Oh that's quite scary.

In this article we're going to unveil the most scariest horror games for android with a stunning graphics, not only do they have a good quality graphics, the sound quality are something to be scare off. You can journey deep into the forest and ancient abandoned houses for your quest, be careful snakes, orangutans and other scary creature might jump out of no where. So let's get down to the show!.

#1. Eyes - The Hunt

Eyes the hunt is one of the most adventurous horror game ever developed for android phones. The game comes with a captivating graphics and sound quality capable of keeping you awake all night long.  In this game, you have to search an old, abandoned house and collect any valuables, in as much as you're doing so, you have to be careful since there are rumors of a ghost haunting the building. Eyes - the hunt is one of the most rated and downloaded game from the Google play store and people are testifying how horrible and scaring this game can be. E xperience fear and deep horrifying atmosphere. Currently over 10 million people downloaded eyes the hunt from the google play store.

#2. The Fear: Creepy Scream House

The fear is a deeply affecting horror game for android with high graphics and awesome sound quality. The story revolves around Marta who has been diagnosed of psychopath and the cure has not been existed, the only choice was taking her to the asylum and breaking up with her. After many years have gone, you got married to Serena in other to forget marta, but its like you feel something at nights. You have dreamt suicide of your ex-wife for a couple days. Sometimes you hear some weird sounds and all of these make's you scared. The story is full with fearful and tension atmosphere, you have to come back home to see if your family are safe, while haunting for your remind enemy, don't be scared even if she's like a remind. The fear is a paranormal horror and creepy game, after playing this game, you certainly won't be able to close your eyes at night. Currently over 1 million people downloaded the fear creepy scream house from the Google play store.

#3. Haunted Clown Circus 3D

The most impeding 3D horrifying game ever developed for android device, Haunted clown circus is the first person survival horror wrapped inside realistic 3D world. The story started quite ordinary, You got an offer to visit a legend circus but you will forever remember that trip. You have to discover what happened in the circus 25 years ago!. The game features a horrible atmosphere, broken lights, and insufficient cell-phone battery to make a call. But with full region over the entire circus, you can utilize monitors, elevators and anything else to ward off the dreadful creatures such as clowns, rabbits and other killers. You have to survive in this game or you join the other people who went for this journey and never came back to narrate the story.

#4. Aslyum (Horror game)

Aslyum is an RPG horror game for android phone with the most scariest horror experience. The story revolves around the child who cured from closed ward, 'Uzur' had a dream about murdered patient in the ruined hospital. When the child open his eyes, he realized that the scene is correspondent with moment which he dreamed about. So, he decided to escape from hospital, while avoiding fear and death which are coming to attack him. This game can make you become a cliffhanger, once you hasty any decision, then it becomes death. Battle against grotesque monsters and traps which you wont know when they appear. The game is full of suspense and tension so you have to ease up before playing it. Currently over 100 thousand people downloaded this game from the Google play store.

#5. Slendrina The Cellar

Slendrina is the most horrific intriguing horror game for android phones. The story tells about slendrina who has become more evil than before and hates it when someone intrudes on her territory as she will do anything to stop you. Your mission during gameplay is to find 8 missing old books in the dark cellar and then run to the exit. You also need to find keys to open certain doors, so look everywhere, for they could be anywhere. Slendrina proves to be absolutely one of the best horror games ever developed for android phone. Its been rated highly on the google play store and certainly the comments are superb and encouraging. You don't have to skip this game as it comes with high graphics and good scary sound quality. Currently over 10 million people downloaded slendrina the cellar from the Google play store.

#6. Forest 2

Forest is yet another horror game for android. The game comes with a very stunning graphics capable of engaging you all night long. The game is basically a haunting game but the difference is that the evil one is a white ghost with long black hair. Your quest is to escape and finally find a way to banish the ghost. Also you have to be extremely careful and quiet during gameplay. You can hear her breath when she approaches. Forest 2 differs from the the first forest game series as this one includes a new AI, upgraded graphics, better controls and a bit more content. Its certainly an addictive game worth playing and you will find it captivating. Currently over 1 million people downloaded forest 2 from the Google play store.

#7. Escape Haunted House Of Fear

Escape haunted house of fear is one of the most scariest game for android phone, Your goal is to find a way to escape this haunted house and save your friend who was kidnapped by monster while solving puzzles and finding hidden objects. The only reasonable way to survive in this game is to find how to escape the ancient mystical house full of terrifying monsters. The sound quality of this game is just perfect and it has a high quality and realistic graphics. Even the atmosphere of this game is scary, as you will have to fight again monsters, zombies and lots of ghost. You can also call this game a perfect brain teaser as you will have to solve puzzles to unlock doors. Currently over 1 million people downloaded escape haunted house of fear from the Google play store.

#8. Mental Hospital 3 Lite

Mental Hospital 3 lite, is a first-person survival horror with astonishing graphics and a really frightening atmosphere. The story started quite ordinary. The main character got an offer to record a video of a special forces raid in one of the psychiatric hospitals where secret experiments were supposed to be carried out. Sounds easy enough right?… That was what he thought. Experience horrible weather, problems on the news, and the car breaking down appeared to be inevitable, as was missing the start of the clinic capture operation. Having arrived at his destination late, the main character decides to find Lieutenant Sidorov as soon as possible, hoping to film at least something. After the main character gets inside of the hospital and is introduced to it's inhabitants he understands that it will be nearly impossible to describe what he saw there. You can of course erase the footage, but there is no option to erase your memories. Can he get out of the hospital alive?. This game is fascinating and worth playing. Currently over 500 thousand people downloaded mental hospital from the google play store.

#9. Horror Forest 3D

Horror forest is one of the most scariest horrifying game for android. In this captivating game, you have to be careful and move into the quiet and creepy depths of the forest to escape from horrible creatures wandering in the woods to find the hidden clues that you have only one chance to. The games comes with the legend slender man style gameplay with a fear that you will feel warm! There are total 8 hints in this game, so you have to dodge scarying creatures in other to find clues in various places. This game has a good quality control and the graphics is quiet awesome. You certainly will find it addictive. Currently over 1 million people downloaded horror forest 3D from the Google play store.

#10. Escape From The Hospital

Escape from the hospital is the best zombified horror game ever developed for android device.  The story read thus...After leaving the job at the Asylum, you have found work as a security guard at the Hospital. The patients here are far less creepy than the ones at the Asylum. Now a zombie apocalypse has broken out right in the middle of your shift! You need to leave before the zombies find you, but first you must find the objects hidden around the hospital. Use the security cameras to locate the missing objects, but be quick as you only have till 5:00 A.M. In this game you have to perform lot’s of jump that scares, the zombies are creepy and frighting, so you have to use security cameras to watch zombies and find objects. Currently over 1 million people downloaded escape from the hospital on the Google playstore.


If you love horror games, then the above listed games can scare your pants off. They're scary and comes with realistic graphics, also to experience better unique sound quality plug in your headphone during gameplay. You certainly won't be able to sleep at night after playing this games. So play it during the day time to avoid dreaming of ghost hehe!..

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