Need an overhaul for your Android phone? Then here are the best custom ROM for Android.

Custom ROMs are the best and most efficient way of customizing your android phone. With custom ROMs, you can be able to get a new fresh look on your android interface without using any external apps. Android as an open source device has certainly shown how powerful it is, your android smartphones gives you the opportunity to tinker with it to your outmost desire, been able to flash a new custom ROMs is no easy thing, but once you have your backup, then others can be quiet easy.

People's reason for flashing ROMs varies, some indulge in flashing ROM in other to get rid of the system malware that has infected there phone, while others do it for fun or to get a new look and see how there android smartphones will look like with the awesome ROMs they've flashed. Perhaps your device manufacturesr didn't include an OTA update for your phone and thus looking at your device interface from year to year can be annoying.
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Everything in life has its advantages and disadvantages, just like we love to flash ROMs, certainly most of the ROMs we flash might not be stable and also tends to full with annoying bugs, but once you find a stable ROM, then things can get much easier for you.

Custom ROM developers aren't relenting either in making sure they build the best custom ROMs for us, Instead of trying to customize your device with some launchers and third party apps, then using custom ROM can be the best alternative considering the fact that those apps can aid in making your device lag, but when you use a custom ROM, then you take control of every tinniest element both the interface and performance, good ROMs can aid you play games that your device has not been playing before and they can help improve your android device speed and performance.

In this article, we're going to list out ALL the best custom ROMs for android phone we have come across and they're highly recommended for your device, so if you're the type the loves tinkering with your android device, then certainly the below listed ROMs are specially for you.

Note: Installing custom ROM requires a rooted android phone and once you root your android, then you're voiding its warranty, and also during the process of flashing a custom ROM you might encounter a brick device thereby damaging your device. But with full backup things can get better. So you can flash ROMs only if you're an experienced expert in it.

#1. CyanogenMod 

The undisputed king of all custom ROMs,  cyanogen is a customized aftermarket distribution for several android device, Based on the Android Open Source Project, CyanogenMod is designed to increase performance and reliability over Android-based ROMs released by vendors and carriers such as Google, T-Mobile, HTC, etc. CyanogenMod also offers a variety of features and enhancements that are not currently found in some versions of Android. The method of porting a cyanogen ROM differs from other ROMs, as you have to port the kernel and boot.IMG to match with your device. Cyanogen ROMs are unique, they're packed with several features. Porting a cyanogen ROM requires an experience expert since its not meant for average users, for if care is not taken, you might brick your device. Speaking of the unique features of cyanogen ROM, its been integrated with a theme engine, gestures, Custom profile and gives you the ability to tinker or customize everything on your android. They also have 3 variant firmware which are split into categories, such stable, release candidate, M-series and the newly nightly builds.

#2. MIUI

MIUI is another popular android custom ROM powered by the prestigious Xiaomi, the ROM is clean and smooth and looks much like an iOS with beautiful interface, it comes with some cool handy features such as new weather UI, awesome settings introducing shortcut menu, a beautiful designed cleaner, Mi cloud, Mi wallet, data stats and much more amazing features. It also comes with a theme store that gives you access with over 5000 themes and also miui ROM works flawlessly. The ROM presents you will cool clean UI which is capable of making you to forget your android device stock ROM. The lock screen of miui ROM allows you to view your notifications with ease and also  the notification shade present you with essential information in an interactive way. With its pre-installed wallpapers, you can get the most out of your device.

#3. Paranoid

Paranoid is one of the most popular custom ROM that is worth having on your android phone,  its main aim is to extend the system functionality, and works on enhancing the already existing beauty of your android smartphone. With close look at paranoid custom roms, you will find out that it has some common features and looks much more like cyanogen ROMs, thus its a quiet competitive ROM and comes with beautiful interface. Paranoid allows you to customize and tinker with your device in an intuitive way. Paranoid custom ROM is packed with awesome features that are quiet amazing, such as the Hover Notifications which aid to avoid distraction that will interrupt you with the document you're working on, it also comes with an immersive mode which hide the system bar globally, thus gives your apps more real colors, images and funny text. The Pie features enhances the simplicity of your smartphone navigation bar while saving screen space on Immersive mode. It also comes with a dynamic system bar and a them me engine just like in cyanogen ROM.

#4. Resurrection Remix 

Resurrection Remix is one of the old most popular custom ROM for android phones, the project of this ROM first started with android 4.0.1  ice cream sandwich device, and was the most view ROM on XDA developers back in 2012. After series of upgrade, resurrection remix ROM was then supported for android 4.2.2 jellybean device. The ROM gives you a very smooth and beauty look of android Lollipop latest source, its an open source ROM, meaning that you can customize everything the way you prefer, ressurection remix Custom ROMs is a very stable custom ROM that can be relied upon, the ROM is very battery friendly even with all the customization included it in. The Good news is that eesurrection Remix ROM is available for various devices with an amazing support from fellow users and developers in forums. It also has a mix of features from many ROMs, including Paranoid Android, Omni, Slim and AOKP ROMs.

#5. Blisspop

Blisspop ROMs is yet another beautiful custom ROMs for your android phone that comes with awesome features, its the best custom ROM experience for every android phone, however blisspop ROMs might not be that popular to you, but they're packed with captivating features. Blisspop ROM is based on lollipop CM12 which enables you to tweak the settings to your desire. The ROMs is fully loaded from scratch, with a customizable lock screen, ability to change app icons, ability to tinker with its status bar, comes with a beautiful life display and much more. The interface is just like what I term ,"Bliss interface". Its stable and lagless, and most importantly blisspop ROMs are supported by most android device. Give it a try, you won't think twice about it.

#6. OmniROM

OmniROM is also another popular custom ROM with intriguing features, developed by the ex-cyanogen developers. The ROM is widely used on most Samsung Galaxy devices however it support other android device like HTC, Sony, Asus, LG and some many others. If you want to get a cool feel of Marshmallow custom ROM, then OmniROM is certainly the best option recommended for you. The most intriguing feature packed in OmniROM ROM is its OmniSwitch features which allows you to switch between different apps quickly, just like most android ROMs, there are lots of other features that's been packed in OmniROM like the ability to customize your notification and status bar, change themes and colors with a quick setting panels. OmniROM ROM is clean and stable and its has a pretty nice interface that can bring out the best out of your android phone.

#7.Slim Bean

Slimbean Custom ROM is yet another popular ROM for android phones that provide its users with unique experience in just one click, the ROM has better multitasking along with marking favorite apps, it also comes with tons of gapps which can be inverted in just one click, slim bean cones with a fully replacement of the official Google source dialer with lots of features, its user friendly and comes with a pretty good interface. The most unique feature about slim bean is that you can access your most important apps from notification drawer and lock screen, and also customize quick setting style. You can disable unneccessary permission set by app developers by using slim bean ROM. The notification remainder come in handy too  since it reminds you of your scheduled.


AOKP stands for android open kang development, its a Custom ROM mostly for several high-end android device, after flashing this ROM on your device, you will see that it looks much more like a stock ROM but its fully loaded with amazing features that your device stock ROM can't be able to perform. AOKP ROMs are very lightweight and also you can add up to 5 custom applications or actions to your navigation ring to reach everything you need as fast as possible. With AOKP ROMs you can build your own custom vibration patterns, making it easier to discover who is calling you while your phone is still in your pocket. The swipe gesture on this ROM allows you to make use of it anywhere and also it comes with a LED control and a Custom toggles.

#9. Pac-Rom

PAC ROM is one of the best unique custom ROM for android phone, its a combination of the most popular custom ROM out there ranging from paranoid, blisspop and others. Pac-Rom offers a unique and awesome custom ROM experience with tremendous tweaks, it allows you to customize every tinniest elements in those ROM, its packed with different in-built launchers and other amazing apps. The perfect thing about pac ROM is that its stable and bug free, the interface is gorgeous and once you get to tinker it the way you want, they certainly the rom will look good and awesome. Also psc ROM is supported with most Android device and  you can be able to change predefined patterns and button in this ROM.

#10. Euphoria OS

Euphoria is yet another popular custom ROM for every android phone, it was previously known as Mahdi but the name was later changed to euphoria. Euphoria ROM is based on AOSP Lollipop, and recently it was supported for android 6.0 Marshmallos. The ROM is best suitable for nexus device however you can try them on your android phone. It comes with lots of pretty features like the sound enhancements including AudioFX, expended volume panel, different animations, lockscreen, weather, configurable power menu and recents screen and more. If you're looking for a custom ROM for your Nexus, LG, Motorola, OnePlus device, then euphoria is the best choice for you as its fully loaded with amazing features.

Other Custom Roms For Android Phone

There are plenty of Custom ROMs out there on the internet for you to grab, both the stable once and the unstable ones but we're listing the best, below are some of the custom ROM recommended for your android phone...

  • XenonHD
  • Carbon ROM
  • Dirty Unicorn
  • Popkat
  • Liquid Smooth
  • Cataclysm 
  • Silykat
  • Inspired ROMs etc.

Final Word

You can get the best out of your android device with the above listed ROMs, as they enhance your android device functionality giving you the opportunity to customize or tinker them the way you prefer. The ROMs we mentioned above are light, stable and fast and they're certainly a recommendation for you!.


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