Multitasking are undoubtedly one of the best feature Android users have ever craved to be able to do, they're unique and comes in handy, for example let's say you're watching a YouTube video, and it pops into your mind that you have some important messages to read, you can be able to make the app float on your screen while reading and watching the video at once because this helps to prevent buffering on YouTube videos. Not only that, there are lots of thing you can be able to do after applying this step, for instance you can chat with your friend while playing games, you can watch movies while surfing the web etc.
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The floating window features has been integrated in most of Samsung galaxy Note line device, and also on Paranoid Custom ROMs. However you can experience the sweetness of this feature on your android with just a little tinkering and modifications. We're going to highlight TWO working method to enable this feature on your android phone, the first method will be for those who have rooted there android phone while the second method will be for those who haven't been able to root there device (unrooted users). We're going to be kinky in this post so read carefully.

#1. Rooted Android Phone Method

For this method we're going to use the popular xposed framework which required root access, its a free android application with lots of essential modules, so head over to the official xposed module repository website and download it. If you've already downloaded it then you can start method 1.

1. Open the Xposed Installer app you downloaded earlier, click on framework and tap install/update, then reboot your device to activate the App.

2. Open the Xposed Installer App again and this time tap on the "Download Section' and search for 'Xhalo Floating Window" since its the module we're going to use. Now tap on it once you've seen it and swipe to the left, then hit the download button.

3. After installing the Xhalo floating window module, open your Xposed installer again and tap on the "Module Section", Now tick the Xhalo module, goto framework in the xposed main menu and "Soft Reboot" your device.

4. Now you need to tinker with the settings in the Xhalo floating window module (some of this settings require reboot), but before that, tap on "Popup Behavior" in the xhalo floating window module homepage, hit on "whitelist App", now select the apps you which to be floated.

5. Also on the Xhalo floating window module homepage, swipe left to navigate to the "Moveable & Resizable" tab, then toggle it. (Note: There's an option that prevents background apps from pausing in this module, you will have to find it in "Popup Behaviour" in the main memumenu and make sure "App Pausing is OFF").

6. Minimize your device and hit any of the app you added as Whitelist from your homescreen or application drawer and see it working.

#2. Non-Rooted Android Phone Method

This procedure is for those who haven't been able to root there android device due to one reason or the other, however this method can also work on rooted android device. We're going to use the popular "Floating App" which gives you the opportunity to experience real multitasking on your android phone or tablets with floating windows.

1. Go to and download the free or paid version of the app according to your preference. Paid version gives you more multitasking application but it's not necessary. It will redirect you to Google play store for downloading and installation.

2. Open the application after installation and click on the "Setting tab, tick the boxes provided to your preference if you want to enable its function as notified under each features.

3. Now you've configured your preferred way for launching the floating apps. Its recommended you place your favorite floating apps in notification bar or floating menu while others not frequently used be launched from application drawer. Now you can open Any of your floating apps and start using it.


Once you tinker with the above two methods to your preference and enable more option than the designated, then you can be able to do this:

1). Move: You can move any window by tapping its title bar and start dragging.

2). Minimize: You can minimize any window by tapping the minimize icon in the top right corner of the title bar.

3). Resize: You can resize any window by tapping on its bottom and star dragging.

4). Close: You can close any window by tapping the × icon in the top right corner of the title bar.

5). Snap: You can snap any window by tapping the "downward arrow" and snap the floating window to left, bottom etc.

6). Others: You can perform other functions on the floating window like setting it's transparency and more.


With the above procedure, you can multitask your android device easily. Enjoy your new floating window enabled on your android device.

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