A well developed android smartphones with amazing features tends to serve most of your needs once you get to bombard it with tremendous stuffs, the most impressive thing about android phones is that there are huge numbers of games and applications available for consumption, both the essential ones and the awful ones. Your android phones serves most of your daily needs like playing high quality games and installing tremendous amount of apps. Now with this apps/Games installed on your android phone, there are times when it tends to lag due to low processor and RAM.
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When you are making a choice to which android smartphone to purchase, you have to consider the specifications of that particular smartphone to know if it can probably serve your needs. Most folks consider the processor of a smartphone to its RAM, but having a smartphone with a top-notch processor speed and low RAM is completely useless. One of the main features of your android smartphones RAM is that you can run multiple apps simultaneously without any lags, the processor aids to improve performance but the RAM performs much huge task that are quiet essential.
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To play HD games, you need to have an android device with at least the minimum of 1GB RAM, else the game is likely to lag or crash during gameplay. In this article we're going to brief you on how to increase your android smartphone RAM, this  varies with both rooted and non-rooted users so you don't need to be left out. However we're going to specify the rooted users method and the method you can apply on your non-rooted smartphone.

#1. Increase RAM Using ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (Root)

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander is the most popular and efficient android app that is capable of increasing your smartphone RAM by swapping and using the free space on your SD card as a working memory expansion. The app comes with many features, and it's relatively costly at the rate of N222.000 in Nigeria currency. However you can easily download the cracked version of this app free from the internet. To use this app on your android phone, you need to be rooted.

Step 1

Before we proceed in briefing you on how to use this app, you need to check whether ROEHSOFT RAM Expander is compatible with your android phone as this is a paid app, you won't like the situation whereby you purchase this app and later found out that its not compatible with your device. To check your device compatibility, you need to download and install the MemoryInfo and Swapfile check.  The purpose of this MemoryInfo & Swapfile check is to test whether your device (Kernel!) is compatible with ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER. You can use the Google playstore badge below to download it.

After downloading the above recommended app, install it on your phone and launch it, then tap "START RAM EXPANDER TEST HERE". Now minimize your phone and start using it normally for about 5 minutes, after 5 minutes, the app will calculate and give you the accurate memory result of your phone.

If your device was unstable during those 5 minutes, then that means this app won't work fine on your phone, so scroll down and read other method on how to increase your android phone RAM. But if during this 5 minutes your device ran fine, then you're perfectly good to go!.

Step 2

Now after you're done with the above process, download and install ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER on your android device. You can use the Google playstore badge below to download it or search for the cracked free version if this app on the internet then download it and it normally.

Step 3

Launch ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER after download and a popup will emerge asking you to grant the app root access. Click OK to accept the request. Now you will be taken to the home screen of ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER where you will see some information about your phone including RAM and SD card memory.

Step 4

Now we're going to do some tinkering here, but before that, there's one essential thing to do which is to select SWAPDIR (swap direction). To do this, click on option, then select your SD card or internal storage as SWAP partition but I recommend you select the SD card instead in other to ensure efficient running of this app.

Step 5

Here's where the tinking comes in, on ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER home screen, tick the "Autorun" in other to automatically start the app after your phone boots. Also tick the "Drop cache" and the "perfect kernel" (this is optional) in order to ensure efficient running with lag.

Step 6

Next you have to select the optimal RAM value by clicking on the optimal value button. You can also use the "Swappiness" slider manually to increase or decrease the amount of SD card memory storage you want to use as RAM or rather tap on swappiness and manully input the value you want to us since the slider method can be jumpy.

Step 7

Now after doing the above procedure, click on "Swap Active" to start optimizing the RAM processing by swapping and using the SD card as RAM. After the swapping process is done, you might not see the increase of RAM on your smartphone but certainly you should feel how faster and smoother your device is running. In other to verify if this process is actually working, try playing some HD games which lags or force closes on your device before due to poor RAM performance and it should run much better this time.

#2. Increase RAM Using RAM Control Extreme Lite (No Root)

RAM control extreme lite can also help increase and boost up your android smartphone phone by killing tasks and clearing caches. The app is not that popular, but it does it's work perfectly.

Step 1

Firstly, you you have to download RAM control extreme lite on your android phone before we can proceed in guiding you on how to boost your RAM using the app. It works perfectly on non-rooted android phones. Use the Google playstore badge below to download RAM control extreme.

Step 2

After downloading the app, install and launch it. Now we need to tinker with some settings here, so go to the SETTINGS tab, from the first option, you can select the RAM boost level such as normal, strong or extreme. You can also set the Auto RAM Boost Frequency to an hours you desire in other to automatically increase the RAM of your android phone.

Step 3

Switch to the TASK KILLER tab on RAM control extreme, now you have to select the applications you want to kill, tick the box of each of them to select it, after selecting the apps, go down and simply click on the KILL ALL button to kill the apps and thus increase your android phone RAM. On the task killer tab, you can also add your apps to whitelist if you desire.

Step 4

Now go back to the RAM BOOSTER tab and click on the start button. This will automatically start the auto RAM booster and thus RAM control extreme will increase the RAM of your android phone. Also bear in mind that the app will automatically boost your RAM at regular intervals so that you can always have enough free RAM for efficient multitasking on your phone.

#3. Increase RAM Using RAM Manager Pro (Root)

Ram manager is another popular application that can help increase your smartphone RAM. I discovered this app when I was surfing the internet and since then, it has serve almost all my essential need. Here's how it works, the app optimizes the memory of your android phone and keeps the best balance between enough free memory and running applications. The main advantage of this application is that it allows you to set your RAM according to your demands (e.g. you can select how much free memory in percentage you want or how much multitasking in percentage you want).

Step 1

Firstly you need to download RAM manager Pro version, there's a free version of this app but most features are limited in it so we suggest you use the Pro version to get all the extended features. The pro version is relatively costly at the rate of N1,800 in nigeria currency but you can find and download the cracked version free on the internet. Use the Google playstore badge to download it.

Step 2

Now install and launch the app after the download has completed, click on option and make sure "start on boot" is ticked in other to start the app during boot process. Also tap on "Extra" and on the next page, select "VM heap size", it is the maximum memory that an app for use on your phone. Drag it to your desirable size and tap confirm.

Step 3

Also you can enable the swap by clicking on swap file, then select the swap location (we recommend you use your SD card). After selecting the swap location, drag the icon to your desirable size and click create. Also you can explore and tinker all the settings in this app to your preference.

Step 4

Next you have to select the profile that you want to use to increase your android phone RAM. It's the best thing I love about this app, to do this go to the RAM settings and tap on custom, a drop down menu should appear, now select the profile you want, from hard gaming to hard multitasking. After you select the profile, then you're done. Your phone should now manage RAM according to the profile you selected.

#4. General Method To Increase & Boost RAM (No Root/No App)

This is the most common and general method to increase the RAM of your android phone, it doesn't involve root access and also you don't need to install any third party app in other to achieve this process. You should have it in mind that the more task your android phone is performing, the more RAM it consumes. So if you can reduce what's running, you can easily increase and experience good performance on your android phone.

Step 1

Uninstall or disable unnecessary or unused apps. This method can effectively increase your android phone RAM. You should endeavor to disable most of the apps that you're not frequently using on your android phone, to disable those app, go to settings and tap on App manager, now select the app you aren't using at that moment and tap disable. You can also uninstall them from here. This method can also help to disable the bloatware apps that refused to be uninstalled before.

Step 2

Limit widgets and live wallpapers. Using widgets and live wallpapers can help beautify your android phone, but they have there cons too. When you use a live wallpapers or widget, they tends to consume RAM thus making your android phone to lag. Also they're capable of draining your android battery in a greedy way. So it is recommended you make use of an image as your wallpaper and also limit the widgets you install on your android phone.


You don't have to complain about your android phone poor performance anymore after following the above methods, they can help you perform huge tasks like playing HD games and other function. Follow all the recommended methods above and your RAM will certainly thank you. Also if you're in search of a good working RAM EXPANDER that works perfectly,&then comment below and we will upload it foryou.


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