Today we're Guiding You on The safest method to get all Google features and experience on your android phone.

The Google pixel like no other device has come to stay. Whether the Nexus line is dead or not, that's what we don't know for now. The Google pixel has gain lots of popularity by many folks ranging from its hardware, System UI , Software Features and the lastest android Nougat it was shipped with. Google took out time to notch every single bit of the pixel device into something everyone will like. This is certainly a device "Made by Google".

However the unique software features was what really boosted and made the Google pixel smartphone to stand out among others thus gaining popularity over other device. In our previous articles we highlighted how to get some of the pixel smartphone features on your android phone. So as this topic is moving, we're going to recommend some of them since we won't repost it here.

Today we're going to guide you on how you can get the Google Pixel Smartphones exclusive Features on your android phone without thinking of swapping it for the pixel smartphone.

Exclusive Features Of The Google Pixel

Perhaps you have been wondering what the hell is the Features been lamented about the Pixel smartphone that gives it such a tremendous buzz since the released date. Well we've got you covered, below are the exclusive features of the Google pixel smartphone.
  • Google Assistance
  • Pixel Daydream 
  • Pixel Camera 
  • Pixel Launcher
  • Unlimited backup of photos
  • Smart Storage
  • Pixel Wallpaper Picker
  • Android 7.1 etc 

There are lots if them, but we decided to mention few in other to make thing ms easy and tactic. Having seen the above listed Features, you do agree with me that its quiet tempting. Don't worry you can get all those Features on your Phones after going g through this post.
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NOTE: The Google Pixel phone features can only work if you're running Android 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 device. We’ve mentioned the specific requirements for each feature both for rooted and non rooted android.

#1. Pixel Icon Pack

On one of my previous post, I laid an emphasis on how to get the pixel rounded icon on any android phone and now it seems things are getting easier. The pixel icon pack brings you the exclusive pixel rounded icon Features on your android phone.  However to get this icon pack to work, you will have to use a third party Launcher that supports  icon changeability. Thus we recommend the famous Nova Launcher.

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4.0 and above.
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#2. Google Assistance

The pixel smartphone was the first device ever launched with the google assistance. Many have seen this Features live on Google allo and its more better than the Google voice Now. There are two ways to get the Google assistance feature on your android phone. Firstly is to download the Google allows chat and start see this feature. Secondly we're going to apply this feature with a little bit of tinkering. Make sure your android is rooted, download build.prop from below link. Open the app and grant it root access. Now locate the line that read thus "ro.product.model=[YOUR DEVICE]" and replace it with "ro.product.model=Pixel XL". Now add the following on its own line "ro.opa.eligible_device=true" save and reboot your phone.

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4.0 and above.
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#3. Pixel Stock Wallpapers

The new pixel stock wallpapers gives you a handful of categories including landscape, cityscape, life and earth. The good news is that the Google pixel stock wallpapers will work with or without the pixel launcher. So if you want the pixel stock wallpaper you can easily download it on your android phone, you dont have to stick with the pixel Launcher. So far there are 43 wallpapers available in total and we're expecting more in the nearest future. The pixel smartphone stock wallpapers are in high resolution and we will keep you updated with the latest wallpapers released.

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4.0 and above
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#4. Pixel Phone Dialer

The Google pixel android 7.1 brings a new retouched phone dialer packed with color interface. It includes a number of cool new features, including an incoming call screen that matches the new Google Duo video chat app, and it can be installed on compatible devices if you're interested in getting a feel of the Pixel smartphone experience. The pixel phone dialer is not compatible with all device but if your using a Nexus device you shouldn't have a problem .

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 6.0 and above
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#5. Pixel Launcher

After series of redesigned from the pixel launcher, its now available on the Google play store. However the pixel launcher is not available for the non-pixel smartphone owner. The new Pixel launcher comes stuffed with a rather minimal interface that replaces the old dock button with a swipe-up gesture for revealing the app drawer which comes in handy. You can download the apk of the Google pixel launcher if which is supported on most Android phone. Before installation of this app, Go to setting>Security and enable Unknown sources.

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 5.0 and above


As I have always mentioned, android is full of customization and that's one of the best reason why people stick with it even after using other OS. With those above method, you can easily enjoy all the Google Features on your android phone.

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