Today we're going to learn how to enable whatsapp new status feature on your android phone using WA Tweaks. The app is optimized to enable most of the hidden features in WhatsApp,you just have to tinker with it and see how it works!.

Ever since Facebook acquired whatsapp for 6 billion dollars they've been bombarding it with series of essential updates that includes awesome features, first was the image editing feature which was similar to snap chat, secondly was the tinted solid emoticons they change and the newly updated emojis looks much more beautiful. Thirdly was the long awaited video call which has been officially released for beta whatsapp version and sooner or later this feature will legally roll out on the official whatsapp.

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Now whatsapp are testing one of there newest feature known as the "Whatsapp Status" which is similar to snap chat and the new instagram story released earlier this year. The Whatsapp status new feature has not been officially launched on the original whatsapp platform, but there's certainly a way to enable this feature if you're the type that loves having the coolest update first.

Before we can guide you on the procedure to enable this feature, there a some essential criteria's you need to oblige to, as every tinkering in android requires a rooted device, so you have to make sure your device is fully rooted, also we urge you to take a full backup of your whatsapp messages, photos and video to Google drive before proceeding since the procedure may damage your message database. However if you can't backup your messages via Google drive, we recommend titanium backup which is fully capable of doing the backup job. Most importantly make sure you're using the latest version of Whatsapp.

How To Enable Whatsapp Status Feature On Android.

We're going to use a third party app to achieve our aim here. So you have to make sure you have the below recommended apps. Also bear in mind that this trick can be able to work both on official whatsapp and the whatsapp beta version. So whichever whatsapp app your using, just give it a try.



#1. Download and install the above recommended app on your android phone.

#2. Locate and open the WA Tweaks you downloaded earlier from your app drawer then grant it root access.

#3. Now you will be presented with homepage interface of the app, scroll down and toggle the "Enable new home UI".

#4. Then open the WA Tweaks drawer from the left and tap on "Extra"

#5. On the next page that appears tap on "Inject Whatsapp Status Chat" and a popup box will appear, click on the "OK" icon to download and activate this feature.

#6. Close the WA Tweaks app and open your whatsapp application to see if you got the Status features on your whatsapp.

If perhaps you didn't see this feature after following this procedure, reboot your android phone and try it again. It should work perfectly this time around.

A Close Look At The New Whatsapp Status Features

After the above procedure has worked for you, once you open your whatsapp application, you will see a camera icon, New status tab and the Status button feature enabled on your whatsapp. Once you click on the camera icon, it will take you to your default camera application where you can capture a picture or video and set it as your whatsapp status. The status bar shows the statuses you shared with your recipients or with yourself.


So this is the step to enable whatsapp new status feature on your android phone. Soon whatsapp users will be eagerly waiting to gave this feature as an official update, but if you are the type that loves trying new stuff first before the official version will be released as quoted earlier, then you have to give this step a try and brag with your friends. If by any chance you encounter a problem endeavor to comment below.

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