Adding Google analytics to blogger blog is one of the basic thing a blogger is expected or required to do before moving on. Google analytics was originally created with the sole aim of helping us track/monitor the number of visitors or page view we receive per day.

In this article we are going to look at the 2 different way to add the Google tracking ID to our blogger blog. It's up to you to choose the one you find quite easy.

How to add Google analytics to blogger blog

Method 1

With your mobile phone or PC (depending on which one you're using).

  • Go to Google analytics. website and sign in to your account with your Gmail ID.
  • Now go to admin section>Tracking info (under property column) you will see a tracking ID code which looks like this UA-0000000-1. Copy the entire tracking ID of your blog to your clipboard.

  • Log in to your blogger account and choose which blog you want to add the copied tracking ID to, Go to dashboard, click on Settings>Other and in the "Analytics web property ID" paste the tracking ID you copied earlier and click the "save setting" button.

Method 2

If the above method seems confusing, then we are going to guide you on another way to add the Google tracking ID to your blogger blog.

  • Log in to your Google analytics account and copy the entire "universal analytics tracking" code. You can find it by going to admin section>Tracking info(under property column)>Tracking code>website tracking. (Should be in HTML format)
  • Now log in to your blogger dashboard and click on Template>Edit HTML. Search for the </head> tag and paste the Google analytics tracking code before the </head> tag.

  • Click on save Template.

That's it. To check if it worked, Go to your Google analytics account and check the tracking ID status. If there's any visitors it should show.

Guess that's it on adding Google analytics to blogger. As for me I will recommend using the first method since its simple and you can accomplish it easily. Sometimes it takes Google 24 hours to to give accurate status of your blog.

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