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Why pay for TeamSpeak servers and hassle yourself with Skype when you can actually use discord to simplify your gaming life. With over 135 million users per month, discord popularity has surged to become the best messaging app in the gaming community. Its main goal is to be wherever gamers are, whether it's on PC or on mobile. Discord is simply a cross-platform voice and text chat app that allows users to communicate with friends during gameplay. The app itself is quite streamlined and lightweight and has little or no minimal impact on your CPU, so it certainly won't slow down your game's performance.
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Apparently, discord has benefitted greatly from the sudden progress in online team-based video games such as "Overwatch" and "League of Legends" and aside from gaming, a lot of people are using discord for other interests too. One of discord's unique features is that it allows users to install and run a selection of different bots that can fullfill their different needs. For instance, a discord music bot can be used to welcome newcomers to your channel by playing music for them. So if you love this idea, then here are the best discord music bots worth trying out.

1. Rythm

We kickoff with rythm, one of the feature-rich and high-performance music bot for discord. It was specially created to deliver high quality music from multiple sources such as YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud and more. Aside from being easy to use, rythm brings "non-extensive command list" that promises huge stability and a lag-free music experience. Furthermore, rythm offers an auto play and lyrics feature and users can easily search for a song either by name or by URL, provided the service is supported. As of now, rythm is serving over 2 million discord servers.

2. FredBoat


FredBoat is an open source discord music bot that can serve as a good alternative to rythm. It's extremely easy to use and with 'zero configuration' you can directly add it to your discord server for an ultimate and rich music experience. Originally created to be used on 'small servers', FredBoat has gained a lot of 'praises' and can now work even on larger servers. It's quite similar to the previously mentioned "rythm" since it delivers high quality songs from YouTube, BandCamp, Twitch, SoundCloud etc. Aside from livestreams, FredBoat brings support for shuffling playlists and users can skip the hassles of "linking to a track directly" and make use of the search feature.

3. Vexera

Next up, we have a multipurpose and high quality "discord music bot" dubbed vexera and trust me, she's definitely here to stay. Vexera is often "pouted" as one of the best  music bot for discord and this is probably because it's authorized and trusted in the gaming community. Vexera was specially crafted to deliver a smooth and sound music experience while offering full support for playback. It also lets users control music queues via channel and there's a "command system' that helps to mute, ban or voice kick a server member. Vexera currently dominates over 25 thousand discord server and an automod feature is arriving soon.

4. Himebot


Programmed in 'python' using, hime was originally created as a hobby to learn programming but its popularity has grown and it's currently used in over 160k discord servers. Himebot is without doubt a powerful and user-friendly music bot for discord and it brings a slew of commands that are totally free. Aside from its unique autoplay feature, hime doesn't restrict the number of 'songs" a user can queue in one session and besides, there is no duration caps either. Overall, hime is a very handy discord music bot that once installed in a channel can easily play a ton of songs all night long without interruption.



Ayana is a flamboyant discord music bot that can "liven up" your channel​ with its multilingualism. Aside from offering cool customization abilities, ayana also brings powerful moderation utilities that's​ useful in controlling your community. One of the best features you'd fancy while using this bot is none other than the fun commands and reaction images it brings. Apart from this pros, ayana is capable of playing high quality music with smooth playback to welcome newcomers to your channel. She is currently being used in over 449k discord servers and can serve all your music needs without qualm.

6. Marv

If you're looking for an incredible discord music bot that can painlessly play music from any site, then Marv should be your go to. It's super fast, easy to use and can play songs of any length from multiple platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Nico Nico, Clyp and more - all for free. Aside from this, users can upload​ an audio file containing any of their favourite music and Marv will play all of them with ease while showing appropriate lyrics. The bot (marv) also allows users to blacklist and whitelist songs and there's a rewinding and fast-forwarding feature integrated into it. It's currently in used in over 140k discord server.

7. AvaIre


There are 'obviously' a ton of music bots for discord, but avaire has "proved" to be among the trustworthy. Once invited to a discord server, avalre can entertain your guests with high quality music curated from a ton of sites such as YouTube and SoundCloud. The bot itself is quite similar to Marv as it can easily play music with links gotten from Vimeo, Bandcamp and Twitchtv. Aside from this, users can use raw sound files like MP3, aac, ogg etc; to play music with ease. Ava also brings an interaction command that allows users to send funny gifs to each other and moreover it brings a moderation and search feature.

8. dabBot

If you are looking for a good discord music bot that you can leave in a voice channel without being afraid that it will disconnect, then you should consider dabBot. It is a stable music bot for discord that was specifically created to provide high quality music from radio stations,, YouTube, SoundCloud, Discord.FM, and much more. Aside from bringing a playlist support, dabBot has boomed tremendously and it's currently in used in more than 423k discord servers.

Wrapping Up

A good music bot can help you spice up your discord experience and even automate tasks for you. There are obviously a ton of discord music bots out there, but most of them aren't stable. The above lists contains highly rated music bots that are reliable. So if you need a good discord music bot that can play music for you in your voice channel, then the above list will do.

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convert dvd to mp4

DVD (Digital Video Disc) was invented by Philips and Sony in 1995. In a short span of time, DVD became a widely used format as it was capable of storing any kind of digital data. DVDs were widely used to circulate movies, music albums, games, software and more. People were using DVDs for every single purpose like to record their favorite memories so that they can cherish it later, store their favorite content like movies, songs, documentaries to view anytime they want to. And between the years 2004-2007, millions of DVD players were sold generating billions of dollars in revenue.

But, with the rise of online media streaming services and better internet speed, the use of DVDs has been declining and coming towards an end. People have shifted towards the digital distribution of media instead of physically distributing discs. In today’s digital era, we can have our content on web, cloud or any device, we don’t need to store them in DVD for any reason. Also, mobile streaming has increased over the years and people love watching it.

Now, the question arises, even if we live in this new digital era, how do we get our old memories back which we stored on some DVD a few years ago? The main problem of DVD’s is that it is not resistant to different conditions and due to which they get spoiled or corrupted.

Well, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is the ultimate solution to this problem - a fast, clean and safe DVD ripper program to convert DVD disc to MP4 with H.264 or MPEG4 codec, or other digital videos.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is capable of ripping any DVDs/ISO images to the hard drives. You can convert DVD to MP4, H.264, AVI, HEVC, MPEG, MOV, and M2TS. Also, it converts DVDs for playback on Apple (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iTunes), Android (Samsung, Huawei, Nexus, Kindle), Microsoft (Xbox, Windows Phone, Surface), Sony, and enables you to copy DVD library to Plex Media Server, NAS drive, etc.

WinX DVD Ripper comes with Level-3 Hardware Acceleration which speeds up DVD ripping by at least 50% while keeping maximum video quality, preferable output file size and lowest CPU usage. Let’s look at some of the key features of using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum:
winx dvd platinum
1. Backup DVD without any quality loss-
While maintaining the backup of any DVD the main issue we face is the quality degradation but with Winx DVD Ripper it maintains the original quality without having any effect on the original one.

2. Faster DVD Ripping Speed-
WinX DVD Ripper provides you the fastest speed while conversion and it speeds up by utilizing Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU, Multicore CPU, and Hyperthreading. It can rip a feature-length DVD movie to MP4 (H.624) in 5 mins with 300-500 fps.

3. Supports All Types of DVDs-
It constantly updates to support the latest DVDs: homemade DVDs, commercial DVDs, scratched DVDs, workout DVDs, 99-title DVD, folders, ISO images, etc.

You can free download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum with latest full licensed version and 6-month free upgrade. (For Mac version, click here) After downloading and installing the software, let’s see how it works:

dvd to mp4

Step 1: Click "DVD Disc" button to load DVD after inserting the source DVD. You can add DVD folder or ISO Image.

Step 2: Select your targeted video format/device. You can also choose "DVD Backup Profile" to copy DVD.

Step 3: Hit the "RUN" button and go!


WinX DVD Ripper Platinum converts any DVD to any output format easily and quickly. It can convert the DVD to formats such as MP4, AVI (DivX/Xvid), H.264, HEVC, MPEG, WMV, AVC, TS/MTS/M2TS videos and other PC general videos, DVD to MOV and M4V accepted by Mac, and DVD to FLV and more for sharing on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other websites with 350+ profiles!

It rips the DVD faster, and that's what we want. Also, the multiple output options make it one of the best platforms to rip as it satisfies the user requirement. It's easy and simple to use, even a beginner can rip a DVD easily. Also, you get a preloaded video editor so while processing you can polish your DVD movies, use any of the edit tools available and make the due advantage of it.

WinX DVD Ripper satisfies the user requirement and also with some cool additional features allows the user to have a great experience with the platform and process DVD like a pro. The main advantage of using it is that even a beginner can rip a DVD perfectly using its easy to access UI.

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modern gadgets Modern life is hectic and most-often rather hard. There are plenty of things we are required to do and sometimes it can all get just a bit too busy. The good news is there are ways to make your life easier with the help of gadgets. Gadgets are good at making little tasks a bit more automated and help you solve everyday problems quicker. However, not all gadgets are as good as others. When selecting gadgets, you need to be careful in analysing just how much it will help you to actually make things easier.

As sometimes, technology can just catch our attention away from other important things in life. When you want to ease your daily life just a little, you need to pick these five gadgets to your shopping basket. The good news is that these items won’t even break the bank. If you browse through the technology retailers at, you can find plenty of savings that’ll help you enjoy these clever and useful gadgets for a lesser amount of money. So, let us quickly check out the five modern gadgets that will make your life easier.

1. Voice-control Gadgets

alexa google home

As artificial intelligence keeps getting better, our gadgets are improving as a result. Voice-controlled gadgets didn’t use to perform many complicated tasks. But nowadays, you can use them for a variety of things – you can even play games with them!. The industry is growing fast and you have plenty of options here. The cheapest is to use your smartphone’s own voice-control assistance. These are available for iPhones, Android and even on Windows phones. But what’s truly going to make your daily life easier is buying a proper voice-control gadget. The main contenders at the moment are Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Both are good options and they will help you perform tasks like set timers, check out news, turn on smart lights, change the temperature and even play songs that fits your mood.

2. A Tracking Device


Now, your smartphone is probably one of the most valuable things you have in your pocket. We do many things on our phones these days and the thought of losing it can be dreadful. The same probably goes with your keys – those pesky things are always lost when you need them the most. The good news is that technology will save the day once more. Tracking devices allow you to attach a small device to your favourite item and then use another gadget to find your missing thing . The options in the market are almost endless, so you should be able to find something you like. BiKN Tracking device is definitely one of our favourites but you should also consider the "more" famous option of Tile Slim.

3. A Media Streamer

chrome cast

If you have invested in a good television, you'll want to make the most out of it. The best solution for this is a media streamer gadget – these small boxes bring the Internet and different streaming services on your TV in a click of a button. What’s best, the button could actually be your smartphone if you opt for the Google Chromecast. This handy little gadget makes it possible to watch YouTube, stream Netflix or enjoy gaming streams on Twitch in a tap of your phone. It’s an affordable solution to ensure enjoying some TV doesn’t break your bank.

4. A Robot Vacuum

robot vacuum

Cleaning is a necessary event in life and it can take a big chunk out of your life to just get the floors vacuumed. That time could be much better spent working or doing a bit of relaxing on the couch. The solution is a modern gadget: the robot vacuum. These little things will vacuum your floors with the push of a button and you don’t need to worry about anything other than emptying the box at the end of it all. There are plenty of options when it comes to robot vacuums. You have the top of the end models by iRobot Roomba and Dyson. These are rather expensive models but they do a rather good job and perform well in tests. If you want something a bit more affordable, Neato Botvac Connected is a solid choice.

5. A Portable Battery

portable battery

Finally, a simple but almost life-changing gadget to buy is the humble portable battery. It might not seem like a necessary item to make life easier but when you consider how reliant you are on your smartphone, you might think otherwise. Portable batteries come in handy sizes – they won’t take a lot of space in your car’s compartment locker or in your handbag. When your phone starts running out of battery – and most phones batteries don’t last forever – you can simply use the portable battery to charge the phone. No need to find a power outlet. When looking for a portable battery, check out Anker’s PowerCore collection.

Wrapping Up

If you want to make your life easier and perhaps just a bit more enjoyable, you should consider adding these five modern gadgets on your shopping list. They are bound to make your daily life better.

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Amazon Echo is a great smart speaker that helps to make life easier. Echo once connected to Alexa voice service acts as a home automation hub to let you control a number of smart home device with just your voice. Amazon Echo is capable of providing sport scores, news, weather and traffic information, It can play your favourite music, make to-do lists, set alarm etc. Device such as the new HTC U11 brings support for Amazon's Alexa, but you can also get it on your iPhone or Android device with the help of Reverb for Amazon Alexa. Reverb can turn your device into a portable Amazon Echo by using Alexa​ voice service to answer questions and interact with smart device such as lights, switches and thermostats. Without further ado, here's how to install Amazon Alexa on Android and iOS device.
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Install Reverb For Amazon Alexa

The app that's capable of converting your smartphone into a portable Amazon Echo is called Reverb. So head over to the Google Play Store or App Store and download it. Now let's learn how to use Reverb to get Amazon Alexa voice service on Android or iOS device.

Sign In & Use Reverb as Alexa Voice Service

When you're done installing the app, open it and you'll be asked to sign in to link reverb to your Amazon account. Once that's done, you will be taken to reverb's main interface. Now tap and hold on the lone button at the center of the app to get Alexa to listen to you. Now speak out the command and let go of the button. Alexa will start ​processing the query and within seconds, she'll provide you with the appropriate response. Reverb also allows you to use the skills you've​ enabled in the Alexa app with your Amazon Echo.

For example, If you have your Amazon Echo dot already setup and connected, you can ask Alexa via Reverb to turn on your living room lights and she'll do it without hassles. There's a hamburger menu located at the top left corner of the app, this provides settings option and a section that displays timers and alarms. Although the latter will only work on the iPhone version of the app (reverb), and you will still need the Alexa companion app for iOS to view your timers and alarms.

Wrapping Up

Reverb for Amazon Alexa is also available on Mac, and the steps to use it is as clear as possible. Just sign in, then click and hold on the microphone button using your mouse. Now fire in your question and release the mouse. Alexa will process your command and output appropriate response. Reverb also brings support for wake word detection which can be turned ​on from the Settings menu. Also you can add text commands to send to Alexa and that's probably one of my best features.
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​Dolphin is a powerful emulator that lets you play GameCube and Wii games on Android, Mac and Windows ​PC. It brings a slew of features that entails along with the ability to play games in HD quality with 1080p and more. Dolphin emulator brings support for save state, a dual core option and the ability to connect a game controller and configure it if need be. For the past few years, dolphin emulator has improved significantly and almost all the GameCube and Wii games are now fully compatible with it.
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There are a ton of dolphin emulator games out there, waiting to be discovered. Having used dophin emulator for quite some time  now, I couldn't help but play some of the best GameCube and Wii games on it. To be sincere, I got an almost perfect gameplay on my PC. On Android, some games where playable but had some minor audio glitches. Nevertheless, you can get good performance boost on dolphin emulator by modifying  a few Settings. Also do note that the device you're using matters too. So without further ado, here are the best dolphin emulator games you should play.

1. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Maker


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Maker is one of the most brilliant, balanced and realistic dolphin emulator game that's highly worth playing. The game introduces 'Link' as the main protagonist who sets out in search of his kidnapped sister Aryll, with the hope to save her from a powerful sorcerer named Ganon. Zelda's graphic is unrivalled and its control and polished gameplay mechanics is in one word awesome. As you join Link in a scenic adventure, you'll get to combat with unimaginable monsters and there are a lot of puzzles to solve. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Maker is overall a must-play dolphin emulator game and I was able to run it at 25 frames per second.

2. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2


Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 is another dolphin emulator game that you can get the hang of but its missions isn't easy at all. The game combines an action, fighting and 3D role-playing elements that delivers dynamic and intense acrobatics in a vast destructible environment. During gameplay, players are meant to choose their favourite warrior or hero and take on an enemy in a tournament and Vs. mode. Dolphin emulator certainly helped in improving DBZ's graphics, thanks to its anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering feature. If you are really a dragon ball fan, then it's time come face-to-face with over 100 DBZ warrior including Buu, the most lethal villain.

3. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is a survivor horror dolphin emulator game that runs perfectly well on PC but i encountered some minor graphical glitches while playing it on Android. First released on the GameCube and Wii console, Resident Evil 4 narrates the story of a US agent Leon S. Kennedy who's on a top secret mission to investigate the disappearance of the president's​ daughter and rescue her from the mysterious cult that had her forcefully adopted. Resident Evil 4 brings an enhanced aim and shoot feature and dolphin emulator plays a great role in making its controls super active. You can even connect your controller to experience smooth and vibrant gameplay.
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4. Mario Kart: Double Dash


Mario Kart: Double Dash is one of the best kart racing dolphin emulator game that kicks off in a mushroom kingdom. Unlike the previous kart racing games I've played so far, 'Double Dash' is quite interesting considering the fact that you're allowed to choose from a huge cast of favorite players and pair them up in an intense and mayhem multiplayer kart racing. Mario Kart: Double Dash brings vibrant graphics, the game introduces two players per kart and they each have their roles. The character in the front handles the driving duties while the character in the rear doles out damage to opponents. While playing Mario kart, I was able to get 50 fps on normal race and 30 fps on time trials.

5. Digimon Rumble Arena 2


Digimon Rumble Arena 2 is one of the most popular dolphin emulator game that was able to embarrass Pokémon Colosseum in all ramifications. The game features all the Digimons characters from the four seasons of the anime. Digimon Rumble Arena 2 is mostly based on the Digivolving techniques used in destroying opponents. Players are allowed to choose fight against their favourite character to see who'll emerge the winner. Most of these combats or brawls takes place in stunning locations ranging from fields of fire to icy glaciers. Running digimon rumble arena 2 on the dolphin emulator wasn't much of a stress, the game is quite playable and I haven't experienced any issues​ so far.

6. Need for Speed: Most Wanted


Need for Speed - Most Wanted is an arcade racing dolphin emulator game that puts you behind the wheel of an exotic cinematics that involves live actors alongside authentic visuals. The game brings a variety of customizable vechicles and urban maps featuring traffic shortcuts and patrolling police. One of the part of Need for speed most wanted is the replay cutscene, cop chases and radio chatter. Your mission is to outrun both the racers and cops in other to increase your reputation and become the most notorious street racer alive. Need for Speed Most Wanted brings a little bit of action and it's undoubtedly one of the best dolphin emulator game ever.

Dolphin Emulator Games Download Sites


Having unveiled a list of the best dolphin emulator games you should play, the next step will probably be to recommend the best free sites to download dolphin emulator games. Some of these sites features the top 100 Dolphin Emulator Games you can play along with an option to filter and sort them by genre or alphabets. So if you have got your device ready, then here are the best dolphin emulator games download sites you should use.
  • LoveRoms: Easy navigation, advanced option to filter over 1,000 dolphin emulator games by genre, letters and region.
  • Emuparadise: Intuitive user interface and offers more than 1,300 dolphin emulator games sorted alphabetically.
  • FreeRoms: Offers over 1,200 dolphin emulator games from different genres including​ action, racing and adventure.
  • PortalRoms: Brings a slew of the most popular dolphin emulator games and free direct download links.

Wrapping Up

There are a ton of Dolphin Emulator Games that are worth giving a try and we have had the chance to list a few of them. So go ahead and download dolphin emulator, load up the above mentioned games and enjoy all your favourite GameCube and Wii games on Android, Mac and Windows PC.

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Google Home and Amazon Echo in different pictures

Google and Amazon are the two big companies that I adore and watching them go head to head for the same market category is something to watch out for. With Smart Speakers on the rage these days Amazon's Alexa and Google's Google Assistant are engaged in a tensed battle to dominate our homes. Amazon with a 2-year head-start is currently on its second generation of Echo devices, whereas Google has entered the market much later. But as we say, better late than never!!! Although Amazon has a huge range of products but in this article, I am only going to consider the Amazon Echo which is a direct competition to Google Home in terms of price and functionality. I am going to put them, head to head and compare them keeping in mind their Design, Voice Assistant, Smart Home capability and other basic functionalities.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Design

Amazon echo and Google home is the same picture

In term of design both these devices are totally different, where Echo has a more basic, industrial and kind of a utilitarian look, Google Home is softer more rounded and homely aesthetic. Amazon Echo has a basic cylindrical design covered in fabric with color options. Google, on the other hand, is more curvier and its design is inspired by candles and wine glasses. Amazon Echo comes with 4 mechanical buttons and an LED ring on the top whereas Google has gone for capacitive touch controls and 4 LEDs on top that provide visual feedback.

Both of them are immobile and have to be plugged in to be used. Both of them have high quality microphones that can pick up your voice even from a different room and as privacy is a big concern, although both companies claim that the devices can't hear anything unless and until called upon, but still they provide a button to disable the microphone.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo : Voice Assistant 

Pictorial representation of a Google Assistant connecting Google home with Google Pixel.

Now comes my favorite comparison, Amazon's Alexa vs the Google Assistant. Alexa is good for understanding simple or a series of basic commands and the default search engine is Bing (and we all know how often we use Bing), Alexa also requires the user to phrase the command in a particular way which is not always natural. Google assistant has a huge advantage over Alexa and that advantage is Google. The assistant doesn't just extract information from Google, it is built into Google's overall architecture. As Google Home has a two word wake up phrase, it makes it less prone to accidental wake up. Google is also good in a two-way conversation owing to Google's own natural language processing algorithm, which means it can understand follow up questions. Although Google wins in terms of speech recognition and conversations, there is a lot of things that Alexa can do but Google Assistant can't and when Alexa can't do, there is an app store full of skills that can take the capabilities of Echo way beyond Google Home.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Smart Home Capability

Internet of things, which is a major technology used in a Smart home

Smart home capabilities are the main selling point when buying such devices. Both the companies support some big names of IoT industry including Nest thermostat, Phillips Hue lights, Samsung SmartThings. Amazon has made good use of the 2-year Head-Start and is currently better in Smart Home capabilities that Google Home but Google will be catching up soon. Alexa has routines that let you control multiple devices using a single command. For Example: You can set up a routine to lock the doors, switch off the lights and make Alexa read your flash briefing as soon as you say, "Alexa, Good Night". Although Amazon has not yet reached perfection in this field,so there is still hope for Google.
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Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Miscellaneous

When it comes to sound quality and performance, both the devices can play music on request. In terms of the microphone, Echo is slightly better in receiving commands in odd situations, but Google Home has a better audio quality. Although both the devices have a 360-degree speaker but the sound from Google home has tighter and punchier bass and moreover it experiences lesser distortion at higher volume.

Both devices have built-in features for communication. Using Echo, you can call other devices in the home or your friends over the internet which can be turned into a video chat using Echo Show. Echo also has a drop-in feature, using which you can listen-in to another Echo. Google Home, on the other hand, has a broadcast feature, which sends a recorded message to all the other speakers in your home, but it is not as useful as Amazon's feature.


Both are great devices and you can buy both Google Home and Amazon Echo at the same price of 99$ although with some discounts on you can get Echo at a cheaper price. In terms of performance, Google Home is better for having a conversation or as a personal assistant, but the main feature of such devices is the Smart Home capabilities and Amazon Echo outranks Google in this section. So all in all Echo is still a better buy, but we should give Google some more time and maybe in a few months it may surprise us all, but do tell us what do you think is a better option and why in the comments section below and don't forget to share this article with your friends who want to buy one of these products. 
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Gamers often believe that the best things in life are free, and this too "applies" to all the movie lovers out there. We have in the past few years seen the "rise and fall" of numerous sites, mainly because they are promoting copyrighted contents for free. Sites like primewire and Putlocker felled victim to Google's copyright infringement policy, and today they are partially history. Same thing happened to kickass and now the almighty Filmywap has felt Google's wrath. If as a 'Bollywood' movie lover that you have never heard of Filmywap​ before, then simply know that you are a beginner probably living under the rock.

Filmywap is 'undoubtedly' one of the best website on the internet that allows users to find and download "Bollywood Movies" all for free. The site's "reputation" is quite "unmatched", and it offers even the latest Bollywood series in Hindi. Unfortunately, Google called and the 'outcome' wasn't in any way pleasant. So as of today, the well known and highly "acclaimed" Bollywood Movies download site 'Filmywap' is down and it isn't in any way coming back soon. But don't loose hope, cause we have here a ton of filmywap alternatives that are even better. So without further ado, here are the top 3 sites like Filmywap you can use.

1. Sharespark

We begin with sharespark, one of the best Bollywood movie download site that in all "ramifications" surpasses filmywap. When you are in need of a lot of Indian contents, then sharespark should be your go to. The site itself does not only offer an 'intuitive' interface, but brings the latest 'Bollywood' releases. Most of the 'films' on sharespark are uploaded by users, and they're in high quality. One of the 'best things' about this site is that it does not 'promote" annoying ads & pop-ups, and 'registered' users won't be needing any premium accounts to find and download 'contents' from the site.

An initial visit to Sharespark will instantly tell you that the platform is a 'DDL forum'. So you'll be required to create an account before you can see direct download links for movies and also the search feature won't be available unless you register. Also as a member, you will get a lot of benefits and can even request for any of your favourite Bollywood movies​ and it'll be uploaded instantly. Overall, Sharespark is certainly the best filmywap alternative worth considering.


2. MovieCastle

With certainty, Moviecastle has been in the game long before 'filmywap' and trust me, they bring a lot of Bollywood movies both new releases and most popular - all from different genre. Aside from this, I've come to fancy Moviecastle's classic user interface, a first visit to the site will show you a list of Indian shows neatly arranged in "grid style". Most of the "Indian movies' and some Hollywood shows on Moviecastle are provided by third party bodies, so the site does not host any movie on its server.

Moreover, Moviecastle ensures they have the best quality of movies handpicked for its users. The site itself is completely safe, but you will need the "uttorent" app before you can download from the site. One thing that allured me to the Moviecastle platform is none other than the fact that you can easily choose to see the top 20 Bollywood movies aired from the year 2013 to 2018. It's really a site that will make you forget filmywap.


3. Einthusan

Einthusan is unequivocally a popular site that offers a huge collection of Bollywood movies, both new and old. The site's​ user interface is quite 'elegant', and it's free of pop-ups and annoying advertisments. To further emphasise, einthusan offers the latest Bollywood movies dubbed in Hindi, temil, punjabi, bengali and other languages. Users are also allowed to "sort movies" by popularity, alphabetically and year which they where debuted. When you head over to "einthusan", you will notice that there's no download option available on the site. Users can only "stream" movie within the platform and that is quite disappointing. Luckily, we found a great trick that can be used to download Bollywood movies from einthusan and we're going to unravel it below.
  • To begin with, head over to and select the "Bollywood Movie" you want to download.
  • From here, copy the movie 'URL' directly from the address bar, then go to any of the  following sites and paste the URL into the provided field and wait till it loads .
  • Once done, select the format/quality you prefer (that's if there's any) then click on the download button. That's it.
Einthusan itself offers a lot of features for those who wants the best user experience and high speed movie streaming without interruption. With $25, you can easily get a lifetime premium account that'll get rid of advertisements. Users can also mirror a currently playing movie to their AirPlay or Chromecast, and moreover you'll get to watch all these movies in ultra HD quality if you desire to.

Wrapping Up

So these are definitely the best Bollywood movie download site that are better than filmywap a million times. On the pro side, this sites offers high quality subtitles and they're quite reliable. Also if you think the above lists aren't enough, you can try out 1337x since it has all of sharespark and einthusan releases.