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With over 2.7 million apps, the Google Play Store is undoubtedly the best app store on the internet coupled with its ubiquitousness on every Android phone. In spite of being popular and safe, there are a lot of freaking apps on the Google Play, and the majority of these apps are too overwhelming that they aren't good at all. Finding an app that's worth it on the Google Play Store isn't as easy as you think, since you'd need to scroll through a dozen of ad-riddled apps & games to discover what you're looking for. If you're tired of the Google Play Store, or if your new device doesn't bring support for the Google Play Store, then you're at the right place. In this article, we're going to unveil the best alternatives to the Google Play Store. So if you've got your Android device ready, and you're ready for a change of app store, then here are the best app store similar to Google Play Store.

1. TutuApp


TutuApp is available on Android and iOS, in fact it's the best place to discover apps that aren't available on play store. TutuApp is a Chinese app store (but in English) that offers tons of cracked or modified Android apps and games that are entirely free. The app store brings a very clean user interface with plenty of plethora features such as barcode scanner. For one thing, TutuApp popularity was a courtesy to its modded Pokémon Go, and it claims to be the best iOS helper as well as the best alternative to Apple iTunes App Store. So it enables iPhone users to get paid apps for free without jailbreaking​. In summary, TutuApp is really a very good alternative to the Google Play Store.

Download TutuApp (free)

2. Amazon AppStore

Amazon AppStore

With over 334,000 apps, Amazon app store is without doubt a go-for if you are looking for the best alternative to Google Play Store. Amazon AppStore offers a dozen of all your favourite apps and games, both free and paid, with a huge collection of books, music and movies that are cheaper​ compared to that of Google Play Store. Apart from its UI, one of the exceptional or benefitting feature you'd like in Amazon Appstore is its "free app of the day". This works in such a way that users are offered a paid app or game for free everyday. Aside from this, most of the apps you'd find in Amazon AppStore are safe and ad-free. So go ahead and install Amazon AppStore on your Android phone.

Download Amazon AppStore (free)

3. F-Droid


F-droid is a repository that contains an installable catalogue of free & open-source apps (FOSS). The app store works similar to how Google Play Store works, but the major difference is that it offers an archive of open source apps. This practically means that you won't be able to discover any famous or well known apps and games. Fortunately, f-droid brings over 2,000 free and open source Android app in its repository, so you won't get tired wading through the lists. Similar to the Google Play Store, f-droid can be able to detect which app you have already installed and brings suggestion to update it to newer version. Overall, f-droid is an excellent app with clean interface and probably the best alternative to Google Play Store.

Download F-Droid (free)

4. Aptoide


Aptoide is an alternative marketplace that hosts over 700k Android apps. Even though it isn't a centralised store just like Google Play, users can still manage their own store and share with anyone. Perhaps this is one of its outstanding feature, as it enables each user to share games and apps that aren't on Google Play Store. Aptoide's main interface is quite intuitive, offering tons of free apps plus rating to know if the particular all you are trying to download is good or not. A lot of free apps are being shared on aptoide community, and you can even use the new "rollback" fracture to revert to the older version of an app. Aptoide is doubtlessly a cool alternative to Google Play Store, but the only downside is that there's nno option to filter apps.

Download Aptoide (free)
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5. Mobogenie


Mobogenie is an Android app store that is quite similar to the Google Play Store. The platform claims to offer a ton of apps and games that aren't on Google Play. Using mobogenie market, you'd notice that the user interface is incredibly sleek, concise, fully organised, clean smooth and most importantly user friendly. On Mobogenie, you'll discover millions of apps and games that are free and safe to install, coupled with a huge collection of ebooks, pictures, themes, launcher, music and videos that are available for download. Even though mobogenie may seem interesting, it has a downside. And that's because users aren't allowed to directly download apps and games, instead they will be redirected to the Google Play Store. Mobogenie is nore than an appstore, you can use it as a cleaner, manager and as a tool to backup to PC. So if you are tired of Google and its play store policies, use mobogenie to get paid apps from Google Play for free.

Download Mobogenie (free)

6. SlideMe


SlideMe is one of the independent Android app store that offers a huge catalogue of junk-free Android apps and games. This means that all the apps & games on SlideMe have already been scanned for viruses. One thing you'd love about SlideMe is that all the apps submitted on its platform are curated to work in AOSP based device. Coming to SlideMe user interface, it's quite focused, apps are less cluttered & the user experience is top-notch. One of the biggest advantage of SlideMe app store is that it accepts payment through PayPal and you'll discover millions of apps and games that are almost free. So if you need the perfect Google Play Store alternative, then you should consider opting in for SlideMe.

Download SlideMe (free)

7. Uptodown


Uptodown is another unique alternative to Google Play Store, you will get to discover thousands (if not more) of free apps and games with neutral contents. For one thing, uptodown's main user interface is quite classic, and it's filled with daily featured apps plus Android news. Similar to aptoide, uptodown offers a rollback feature which enables users to install an older version of an app or game, that's if they are unhappy with the new update. One major difference you'd fancy while using uptodown is their honest and straightforward description review, they'd exposed every tiny secret of an app, and tell you if it's worth trying or not. Overall, uptodown is a cool alternative to the Google Play Store.

Download Uptodown (free)

Wrapping Up

The above third-party app store is without doubt the best alternative to Google Play Store. You can also opt-in for the Samsung Galaxy app store or Getjar, since they offer a huge catalogue of free apps. If you are the type who isn't comfortable installing third-party app store, then you can visit ApkMirror, considering the fact that it hosts a ton of official and unofficial Android apps that are free of course. So what are you waiting for? Simply head over to Settings -> Security and enable installation from "Unknown Source". Then start installing of the above mentioned third-party app store. They're probably the best alternative to the Google Play Store.

Tech Viola provides useful digital tips relating to Android, iOS and Windows. In here, you will discover the best software, apps and games.

Have you ever meet any problem while using Windows Disk Management utility? Guess what? The answer of most people isn't negative. Generally speaking, the Window's build in disk management is powerful, it could support most of the partitions and disk tasks. If you want to perform some advanced features, some kinds of third-party software might be helpful.

Standing out from the full marketing partition software, AOMEI Partition Assistant includes rich features with intuitive user interface, which is designed to optimize disk storage and manage partitions. You can use it to resize, extend, split, format, create, move, recover and merge partitions, meanwhile, it provides migrate OS to SSD, convert file system among NTFS, create Windows to go, SSD secure erase functions. Let's see deeper with the latest AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Highlight of AOMEI Partition Assistant

There are six editions of AOMEI Partition Assistant based on the different audiences. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a free partition software which covers most important features for basic Windows users. AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional offers more advanced features for those users need higher priority technical needs and it’s paid edition. For server and enterprise users, there are AOMEI Partition Assistant Server and AOMEI Partition Assistant Unlimited. AOMEI Partition Assistant Technician Edition provides charged technical service to clients with unlimited usage and manage hard disks and partitions for unlimited computers.
  • Resize/Move Partition: adjusts the size of partition or move the place of partition without data loss;
  • Merge Partitions: merges two partitions or merge unallocated space into one partition to extend partition’s space;
  • Create/Format/Delete Partition: helps you create partition from blank space, or format partition, or delete partition for protect data leaking;
  • NTFS to FAT32 Converter: can convert file system from NTFS to FAT32 without data loss;
  • Align Partition: Max the performance of your SSD or HDD by using partition alignment;
  • Windows To Go Creator: save your personalized Windows 10, 8/8.1/8 or 7 OS and use it on any compatible device and keep your work and home use of PC separate if you use the same PC for each;
  • Partition Copy Wizard: the partition copy wizard offers two ways for cloning/transferring one existing partition to another one, easy to use;
  • Make Bootable CD Wizard: creates a bootable rescue disk based on Windows PE to boot your computer when the native system failed to boot, and then manage partitions or recover partitions by using AOMEI Partition Assistant in the Windows PE environment;
  • Integrate to Recovery Environment: integrates AOMEI Partition Assistant or AOMEI Backupper into Windows built-in recovery environment;
  • Split Partition: can split the whole hard disk and partition into multiple partitions easily and safely;
  • Convert GPT/MBR Disk: can convert mbr to gpt without data loss and change a disk from GPT to MBR partition style or MBR to GPT partition style without deleting the existing partitions and losing data.

The Change Logs of AOMEI Partition Assistant Version 6.5 

  • Added "SSD Secure Erase Wizard": securely erase your SSD to reset the SSD to its factory state for peak performance.
  • Enhanced Windows To Go Creator: support to choose a system in WIM file.
  • For safety, add limitation to resize/move boot partition in Windows 10, version 1703 and later under Windows and PreOS environments. However, there is no limitation under Windows PE environment.
  • Fixed bug: in rare cases, error code 6 occurs during conversion between MBR and GPT.
  • Fixed bug: an encrypted disk will be initialized.
  • Fixed some other known bugs.


There is no doubt that AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is your most powerful partition manager and complete hard disk management tool. It enables you to organize disk space usage without data loss, and manage disk partitions to improve server performance. It supports English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Magyar, Polski and 日本語.

Tech Viola provides useful digital tips relating to Android, iOS and Windows. In here, you will discover the best software, apps and games.


The Nintendo's GameCube and Wii needs no introduction, they where doubtlessly among the very best video game console ever made. There ability to run even the most intensive games with vivid and vibrant graphics was out of the original. Sadly, things later went sour when Nintendo decided to discontinue the production of the Wii and GameCube console. Fortunately, a kind developer came up with a very powerful​ emulator that is capable of emulating ​most of the GameCube and Wii games on any Android device. So if you are ​ready to recall the nostalgia feeling of the past, here's how to play GameCube and Wii games on any Android device with Dolphin emulator.

Install Dolphin Emulator

To begin with, you'll need to download and install dolphin emulator​ on your Android phone. It's free, since it's open source. One thing to note here is that dolphin emulator is compatible with Android 5.0 and higher, but we strongly recommend a very powerful Android device with high specs running on 7.0 Nougat. I.e if you want to experience an almost smooth and buttery gameplay without lags or glitches. So for this tutorial, we're going to use OnePlus 5.

Get GameCube and Wii ROMs

The next step is obviously to download most of the best GameCube and Wii ROMs for the dolphin emulator. To reminisce, Dolphin emulator utilizes ISOs for its original game. So we won't stop you if you Google for the best GameCube and Wii ISOs available on emuparadise. Now that you have GameCube and Wii ROMs placed on your device​'s SD card or internal memory, let's quickly learn how to setup or configure dolphin emulator on Android.


Setup Dolphin Emulator

Configuring dolphin emulator to run most of the GameCube and Wii games on your Android phone won't be that easy, although if you are able to balance the right settings for a specific choice of game, then you can get close to something playable. For this settings, we were able to run legend of Zelda the Windmaker at full speed or extremely close to it. So simply download and extract this ini config file for dolphin emulator and place it within /storage/emulated/0/dolphin-emu/Config.


This folders and files will only be created if you open dolphin emulator once. For other GameCube and Wii games such as Super Mario, Resident Evil and MarioKart Double Dash, you'll have to tinker with the Settings Options found within the dolphin emulator to see which is playable. If your device isn't powerful enough or your desired game is to heavy, then you might get 60 fps which is too slow but playable.
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Enjoy GameCube and Wii Games on Android

Now it's time to play GameCube and Wii games on your Android device. So go ahead and open dolphin emulator, tap the folder icon on the right and hit the plus button. From here, locate the ROM you downloaded earlier and open it. The initial boot should go around 50 fps depending on the Wii or GameCube ​game you're trying to run plus your Settings configuration.

Note that the controls on dolphin emulator aren't set up yet, so when you open a game, simply swipe down from the notification bar and a blue bar containing three menu (dots) will appear. Tap on it and configure the GameCube pad controls to your preference. Dolphin emulator brings supports for touch and controllers, also multi player is highly possible.

Wrapping Up

That's it, playing GameCube and Wii games on Android wouldn't be possible without dolphin emulator. There are a dozen of Wii and GameCube ROMs/ISOs compatible with dolphin emulator, and the developers are relentless in releasing new updates to fix bugs and glitches. Dolphin works better on Nvidia Shield, Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5 and the new Razer Phone. But you'd know it will be very demanding especially on your battery. So have you tried dolphin emulator? If yes, share us your Settings tweaks and games you've played so far.

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It's been almost a year since the launch of Overwatch, and it's still considered as one of the best team-based multiplayer online first person shooter game. Overwatch sets its cause in a war-torn world, where crisis was rampant. Heroes banded together to protect the world and maintain peace. After Overwatch's influence got waned, conflicts started rising across the world. Hence the disbanded heroes has been called to protect the world again. Overwatch's initial debut received lots of acclaim from critics, with its cartoonist art style, accessibility and diverse appeal of its hero characters. Now if you're depressed with Overwatch's competitive mode, here are the best games similar to Overwatch you can play.

1. Paladins

Want a cool game like Overwatch? Then Paladin: Champions of the Realm should be your go for. Paladin starts of in a world of ancient technology, players are bound to rely on strategy elements, team work and coordination in other to attain victory. Just like Overwatch, Paladins brings a similar team-based first person shooter experience but the major difference is that it utilizes a unique collectible cards system to amplify and augment a character's innermost set of abilities to play exactly like they want. The deep customization, map type & game style in Paladins sets it aside from been a replica of Overwatch. Paladins is available on Xbox One, Windows, PS4 and macOS.

Download from Steam (free)

2. Team Fortress 2

Team fortress 2 (TF2) is another team-based multiplayer first person shooter game that's similar to Overwatch. It's fiction focuses around two opposing teams in a combat-based objective, the teams are composed of mercenaries hired by two feuding brothers to protect the company's assets belonging to one brother while trying to destroy that of the other. Team fortress 2 allows players to choose between 9 character classes, with a broad range of tactical abilities, weapons and hats. TF2 brings stunning cartoon like visuals, and it relies heavily on strategy and teamwork with variety of different game modes including king of the hill, capture the flag and payload. Team fortress 2 is available on Windows, Xbox 360, PS3, OSX and Linux.

Download from Steam (free)

3. Gigantic

Gigantic is a 'five players' strategic hero shooter game that focuses on team based action combat as seen in Overwatch. The game begins with heroes battling alongside a magical behemoth known as a guardian, with the goal of destroying the opposing team and their guardian while protecting yours. Gigantic comprises a 'mixture' of MOBA features, with 20 playable heroes to choose from and they all have a wide variety of abilities. Unlike Overwatch's first person shooter gameplay style, Gigantic is a third-person perspective game with fast and fluid experience. The game is currently available on Xbox one and Windows.

Download from Steam (free)

4. LawBreakers

LawBreakers is another new team-like first-person multiplayer shooter games that's a lot similar to Overwatch. The game focuses on two teams of five players, and they must work together to complete the objective of the match. One side of the team plays as the 'Law', and the other side plays as 'Breakers'. LawBreakers brings a variety of different game modes such as overcharge, turf war, blitzball, occupy & roles. During gameplay, players can shoot, grapple and slice while delivering death from every angle. It's really a fun game, and quite similar to Overwatch competitive team based strategy experience. LawBreakers is available on Windows and PlayStation 4.

Download from Steam (paid)

5. Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb, formerly known as extraction is another team based first person shooter multiplayer game set in 'London' after a radiological attack. The main objective is to repair and escort an extraction vehicle to a predetermined location, or to plant a C4 charge on a certain target. Objective varies from map to map, and there are times when the attacker's goal is to steal data or drug sample from the defending team and deliver them to a helicopter or other areas. During dirty bomb's gameplay, players are placed on one of two teams, either "Jackal or CDA". The game encourages teamwork, as being a "lone wolf" can lead to death. Players can choose mercenaries, with a ranked game mode option that uses the rule of stopwatch. Dirty Bomb is similar to Overwatch and it's available on Windows.

Download from Steam (free)
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6. PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 is a massive and fast-pased multiplayer 'online' first-person shooter game that took place on the continents of Auraxis where thousands of players battle in as one in a strategic targeted mission against opposing empires for territorial control. The game start of in an open-world large battle featuring up to 2000 players per continent, and one of its important aspect is that players skill and teamwork are a major determiner when it comes to being able to kill opposing teams. PlanetSide 2 is quite similar to Overwatch, and it utilizes infantry, air and ground vehicles to destroy enemies. It also features a day and night cycle, and variety of different factions including terran republic and vanu sovereignty. PlanetSide 2 is available on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

Download from Steam (free)

7. Battleborn

Battleborn is a heroic​ first-person shooter game with elements of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). The game tells a tale of a tremendous band of badass heroes, whose main goal is to fight and protect the universe very last star from a mysterious evil. During gameplay, players are allowed to select from one of several pre-designed characters with different skills, attacks and power. Battleborn​ exhibits a cooperative & competitive match that's quite similar to Overwatch, but the game does a poor job in explaining the complex difficulties​. However its team-based competitive gameplay and a 5v5 matches can be experienced by up to 10 players. Battleborn is currently available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Download from Steam (free)

8. Warframe

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third person multiplayer online shooter game set in an evolving sci-fi world. The gameplay narrates a story of an ancient warriors in Tenno, after being awoken from centuries of cryosleep they find themselves at war with the Grinner, and they must fight to defeat the opposing faction. Players are equipped with three weapons during gameplay, and they include a primary, secondary and a melee weapon. Warframe possesses a team-based cooperation, as up to four players are allowed to work together to complete missions such as assassinating dangerous targets and retrieving data from terminals. Warframe's gameplay style is similar to Overwatch, and it is available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One.

Download from Steam (free)

9. Squad

Squad is a 50 vs 50 multiplayer online first-person shooter game similar to Overwatch. The game features infantry combat, and it includes various armored and unarmored land based vehicles, couple with large scale environment, base building and integrated positional VoIP for proximity talking and radio available for players and squads to use. Squad's main goal is to capture combat realism through cooperation, teamplay and communication. Hence high level of teamwork are crucial to success and survival in this team-based military fps game. Squad fluid gameplay is detected by players, with real organic and emergent reigning supreme. Squad is currently available on Microsoft Windows.

Download from Steam (free)

10. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another objective team-based action multiplayer  first-person shooter game that's similar to Overwatch. The gameplay pits two teams (the terrorists and counter-terrorists) against each other. Each opposing team are tasked with separate objective and eliminating their opponents. For instance, the terroterrorists can secure a location to plant or defuse bombs while defending hostages, and the counter-terrorists on the other hand prevents the bomb from being planted, while rescuing hostages. CS: GO features six game modes and powerful weapons. The game highly recommends teamwork, in other to achieve success. Counter-Strike: Global offensive is available on Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, OS X and Linux.

Download from Steam (paid)

Games Like Overwatch

There are dozens of team based competitive multiplayer online shooter games similar to Overwatch, including Vision Origin, Paragon, Titanfall 2, Blacklight, Plants vs. Zombie, Block N Load and Battlerite. The aforementioned games are our top recommendations and the best alternatives to Overwatch. So if you have got your gaming console ready, the above Overwatch like games are a must play!.

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As a voracious reader, I've always had this thing about books and one of its measure benefits is to improve fluency. Whenever I felt the need to read online, I'd always visit Goodreads and Scribd. The latter is sort of my favourite, since it hosts a huge catalogue of digital library and e-books. Scribd often referred to as "the Netflix for books" is a reading subscription website that hosts tons of books, audiobooks and documents. Most of its documents can be viewed for free, but downloading them comes for a fee. In a bid to create an easy way to publish and share written contents​ online​, Scribd came to be and since then it has received high acclaims.
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Having grown rapidly to become the world largest digital library with over 60 million documents on its open publishing platform, Scribd started allowing users to self-publish documents and books on its website with the aid of its document reader, making it "the YouTube for documents". Also writers can upload and sell digital copies of their work online, courtesy to Scribd store. If you want to download from Scribd's digital library of historical papers, novels, poll results, political documents, and other ebooks that will help in your projects or college assignments, then we've 2 proven methods to download documents/books from Scribd without paying a dime.

1. Using Scribd Facilitator

This is by far the easiest, most authentic and 100% working method to download books and documents from Scribd. Before now, one could easily use Scribd downloader add-on for chrome and firefox to download document from Scribd. But considering the fact that this process is cumbersome, we have found a new survey-free online Scribd downloader  tool that you can use. So if you are ready to tap from Scribd 60 million documents, here is how to download books, audiobook and documents from Scribd by using Scribd Facilitator.


To begin with, go to and enter the keyword phrase that's similar to the content you want to download. For example, I'm looking for a document that'll give me an "assessment on financial math", that's my keyword. (Refer to the Screenshot above to see this).


Now scroll through the tabs and search for your desired document. Once you find it, click on it and copy the document's URL to your clipboard. (Refer to the Screenshot above to see this). Next paste the link elsewhere and extract the numerical sequence after "/document/". For instance, if the file URL is
Copy only the numeric string "122523247" and paste it on the "File ID" field in Scribd Facilitator. Then select an "Extension" option (the site offers 3 options, "txt", "pdf" and "original.")  "epub" and "docx" was removed in recent update.

After choosing an extension, solve the captcha and click on "Download". Now wait for a few seconds and you'll see a green bar containing the document's download link. Click on it, and the download will start. If you see a white screen or error message, select another extension and try again.

That's it, I've personally tested this method and it's working perfectly well in 2017. So use it to download books, audiobooks and documents from Scribd without uploading any document. Apparently, Scribd Facilitator is the best Scribd book downloader I've used so far. Now let's quickly dive into the 2nd method.

2. Uploading a Document

With this method, I was able to download a plethora number of Documents from Scribd. So if you're ready to try it, let's roll!. Firstly, go to and search for the document you want to download, click on it and copy the "document's URL" to your clipboard. Now click on the "download icon" and sign up using your email address.


On the next page, simply tap on Scribd's logo to head back to the homepage. From here, tap the "Upload" button followed by "Select Documents to Upload".


Now select and upload any document you've on your PC. Alternatively, you can create a new text document, give it a name and open it. From here, type in any random text and sasave the document. Now go back to Scribd and upload the document you recently created.


Wait a few seconds for the document to upload, then enter a title and description and click 'Done'. On the next page, highlight the current URL and replace it with the document URL you copied from step 1, then click enter.


That's it. The document will now bypass the subscription service. Now click on the "Download icon" from the next page and choose the file/document type. Either PDF, TXT or DOC. When you are done, tap the "Download" button it and click save. Wait till the document download process is completed, then you can easily view it.


Wrapping Up

Downloading Books, Audiobooks and documents from Scribd isn't an easy task, but with the above trick, you can achieve it painstakingly. We'll​ try to update this article once we find any other working methods to download documents from Scribd. Till then, kindly use the comment box below to tell us if it works for you. That's it. We've just narrated the steps to download a book from Scribd for free. Enjoy!.

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When an intimate relationship turns sour, and you have had a nude photo taken​ and sent to your partner, then you might be nervous about where your sexually explicit pictures could end up. Chances are, your partner may want​ to satisfy his/her anger by uploading your nudes on various social media platforms in other to diminish your reputation. Another scenerio is when your phone gets hacked, the perpetrators may decide to use your nude photos or videos to​ blackmail you into continuing the relationship.

Whatever the case might be, Facebook have decided to go new lengths to combat nude photos from been shared without the subject's consent. Hence, in an attempt to fight revenge porn, Facebook​ have gone into partnership with the Australian eSafety Commioner's office to prevent non-consensual intimate images from being posted and shared anywhere across its main site, Messenger and also on Instagram.

Here's how it Works

Facebook's global head of safety Antigone Davis has attempted to explain the facts about this pilot. In his blog post on facebook newsroom, he stated that the program is completely voluntary, and that it's an emergency protective measure that can help prevent a much worse scenario where an image is shared more widely at the first place. So if you're worried your intimate image may be shared on Facebook, Messenger and on Instagram without your consent, then you can do the following...
  • Complete an online form on the eSafety Commissioner’s official website
  • After that, send the sexually explicit image to yourself on Messenger
  • Now the eSafety Commissioner’s office will notify Facebook of the submission (Note, they do not have access to the image)
  • Once Facebook receives the notification, a specially trained representative will review and hash the image to create a human-unreadable and numerical fingerprint.
  • Now the "photo hash" will be stored. So if someone tries to upload that same image, (which would have the same digital footprint or hash value), it will be prevented from being uploaded.
  • Once the photo is hashed, Facebook will notify the user via eSafety secure email to delete the photo from messenger and it'll also be erased on Facebook server. 

Wrapping Up

Before now, facebook designed a nifty tool to help flag sexually explicit pictures. This tool aids users to report an intimate image which has been shared on Facebook without the subject's permission. The picture gets reviewed, and once found guilty, it will be removed. In most cases, the perpetrators fb account may be disabled and even if he/she files for an appeal facebook will use its photo-matching technology to thwart the negative plans. Currently, the pilot of uploading your nude photos on Facebook in other to combat revenge porn is only rolling out in Australia. Facebook may decide to expand to other regions soon if everything work as planned.
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For 7 years, Sony's PlayStation Portable AkA PSP triumphed as the best handheld game console with the likes of N-gage and Neo Geo Pocket trailing behind. Sadly, Sony had to discontinue the PlayStation Portable, making the hardware console hard to come by. But you can still relive the old memory of gran tourism, tomb raider and other PSP games if you have the perfect PSP emulator installed on your Android phone. Emulators are software that simulates another system, but they are hard to create. Apparently, no emulator is perfect, but we where able to find the best PSP emulators that are free of bugs and foibles. So if you've got your tablet or mobile phone ready, below are the best PSP emulators for Android.
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1. Ultra PSP


UltraPSP is a Playstation Portable emulator based on PPSSPP. The emulator offers tons of features, classic user interface and a huge variety of settings options to setup the speed and graphics of an individual game. A lot of PSP games are playable on ultraPSP, and the performance can be seamless depending on the settings been used. There's an option to edit the touch control layout, and you can even customize the button style if you aren't comfortable with the default thin borders. With ultraPSP​, we where able to play Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker smoothly with vibrant sound. The "save state" option in UltraPSP comes in handy to quickly save game progress at anytime so that you can pick up later and continue from where you stopped.



PPSSPP is the first, the best and the ultimate PSP emulator for Android phones. It brings support for various platforms such as iOS, Mac and Windows. It's the best emulator that lets you play most of the high definition PSP games on your Android device with extra features and no expenses. Henrik Rydgãrd's PPSSPP emulator can run a lot of PSP games at full speed, provided you've a powerful device. PPSSPP brings a unique and classic user interface and a ton of options to configure from the Settings menu. It also supports network gameplay and game controller. Most of the acclaimed PSP Emulators such as UltraPSP and AwePSP​ borrowed a lot from the source code of PPSSPP.

3. AwePSP


Lastly, we have the AwePSP​. It's yet another PSP emulator that can run most of the high quality PSP games on your Android phone. When you fire up AwePSP, you'd notice that the user interface looks a whole lot like ultraPSP with little or no changes. But the main fact is that it's source code was borrowed from PPSSPP and it offers handy features and even loads faster. One thing about AwePSP is that it registers clicks with ease, and you can configure the button and touch layout to your preference. AwePSP brings support for save state, network gameplay, game controller and the sound quality can be tinkered to deliver a vibrant output.

Wrapping Up

Y'all know it's hard to emulate games on Android, but even though it seems difficult, it's still doable.There are a lot of apps out there that claim to be the best PSP emulators for Android, but believe me when i say they're all craps. After borrowingtheir source code from the original PPSSPP emulator, they tend to lag during gameplay. The aforementioned PSP emulators are the best we have tested so far and they load pretty much faster. So go ahead, grab them and enjoy most of the high definition PSP games on your Android phone.