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USB On-The-Go or as they say OTG, is one of the most awesome feature of an Android phone. The advent of OTG in 2001 opened many doors to a lot of functionality in an Android phone. Basically, USB OTG enables our mobile devices to communicate or talk with each other. In the early days, a mobile could only connect with a PC/Mac but with the help of USB OTG, it is possible for mobile devices to connect to each other and that's not the end. You can enable your device to act as a USB host which means that it will be the boss of other devices. For instance, when you attached a mice or keyboard to any USB OTG supported device, then the device that supplies the power is often referred to as the host, while the other is called the slave. The good news however is that there are a number of cool things you can do with USB OTG. So checkout the 7 best uses of USB OTG on Android.

1. Connecting USB Storage Device

Phone connected with Pendrive using OTG

This can be useful when you have some data on a storage device and you want that particular data in your phone. You can just simply connect the USB Flash drive or Hard disk to your phone using an OTG cable and then transfer the data. You can also play songs or movies directly from the storage device without having to move it on the phone.

2. Connecting Keyboards or Mouse

Mouse connected with android device using USB OTG

Ever wanted to navigate your phone with a mouse? Well not a problem, you just have to connect your mouse to your mobile device and you are good to go. This can come in handy in situations like when your touch screen is not working. You can also connect your keyboard to the mobile device or tablet to convert it into a mini laptop.

3. Connecting MIDI Keyboard

Guitar connected with Android device using USB OTG.

Want to create serious music on your Android device? USB OTG lets you connect most of the modern musical instruments like keyboard and guitars to your Android device using  MIDI standard. Although to use this feature you might need some music instrument specific app.

4. Connecting Game Controllers

Gaming controller connected with Android device using USB OTG.

The Android gaming industries is booming with high graphic games coming in every year, the only difference that remained between console and mobile gaming is also bridged by USB OTG by enabling mobile devices to connect to a gaming console. By using this you can really enhance the experience of racing and shooter games. Mostly all the controllers will work directly, but some might need a rooted phone.

5. Controlling DSLR(s) With Your Phones

DSLR connected with Android device using USB OTG.

Digital Single Lensed Reflex Camera or DSLR Camera offers top class image quality and that is the reason it is preferred by many photographers. But what if you could control it with your Android device thereby twisting its manual controls and using them for stuff like zoom control, shutter speed etc. Well you can do all that with USB OTG but you must have an Android application to help you.

6. Printing Documents

Printer connected with Android device using USB OTG.

In early days when you want to print a document, you would have to use a computer but now with the help of USB OTG you can easily connect your smartphone directly to your printer however you will need an android app to assist you with that.

7. Charging Other Phones

An Android device connected with  another Android device using USB OTG.

It is one of the interesting features of OTG where you can charge an android device using another android device. The device directly connected to the USB OTG cable will act as the USB host and will charge the other device using its own battery. This feature can really be helpful when you need to charge your phone urgently but you don't have a socket around.

Final Words

USB OTG has made our smartphones smarter by introducing a lot of features that makes life easier in many different ways. Although there maybe a lot of uses of USB OTG but these are some of the best. If you know any other cool uses of USB OTG than the ones listed above, then do tell us in the comment section and don't forget to share this article with your friends, telling​ them about the various uses of USB OTG on Android phones.

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splitwise review

If you live in sharing or on a trip with your friends, it becomes quite difficult to manage all expenses and split them later on. Too many calculations involved! Also, it's quite embarrassing to keep reminding your friends to pay you the debt. Well, there exists a perfect solution for you - Splitwise. On Splitwise, you can track all your expenses, split them with your friends, maintain a ledger and even pay your friends with one tap using PayPal or PayTM (India). And here's the best part about Splitwise - it's free and can be accessed on the web, Android, and even iOS.

Your account is always synced and even if you lose your phone, you can check all your expenses, how much you owe, and how much your friends owe you anytime. You can use Splitwise as an IOU Manager where you can add day-to-day expenses and track who owes money to whom. Not only individual friends, you can even create groups and add expenses to the group. It has an option to simplify group debts, another cool function of this app. If you are a group of 3 friends on a trip, and you owe your friend A 20$ whereas he owes B 20$, it will simplify debts and will ask you to directly pay B 20$. So, it automatically combines debts of a group. However, if you don't like it, you can turn this option off anytime. Let's take a look at some of the key features of Splitwise:

1. Split bills with multiple friends in one go

splitwise screenshot

You can split a bill with your multiple friends without creating a group. You just have to select multiple friends while splitting the bill. And, Splitwise will do the maths for you.

2. Add Receipts and Notes with every Bill

splitwise review

Description not enough and you want to add some more details to the expense? Well, Splitwise gives you an option to add notes as well as to upload receipt of the bill. All you have to do is to click on the camera icon at the bottom (on the Add Bill screen) to add receipt. To add notes, tap on the extreme right icon at the bottom. 

3. Add recurring expenses and set reminders of payment

splitwise review

You can even add recurring expenses in Splitwise such as room rent, internet bill, etc. which happen every month or every 'x' days. You can also set a reminder for this recurring expense which will remind you of this expense. To set a recurring expense, click on Add Bill icon (+) and fill every field just like a normal expense. At the bottom left, there's an icon to set date. Once you click that icon, you'll see an option to repeat this expense. After you select the suitable option, you'll see the field to set reminder as well. Smooth and Easy!

4. Multiple Categories and Currencies to choose from

splitwise review

While adding expenses, you can select a category of the expense to analyze it later. They have some cool icons against every category. You can also choose your currency for every expense coz some expenses and payments are international too! So, convert the expense to your local currency or simply choose the currency, your choice! 

5. Multiple Options to Split Bill

Splitwise gives you multiple options to split bills. You can split bills equally. If the share is not equal, you can split the bill by amount, percentage, share, or by adjustment. Split by adjustment is a cool feature where you can add an 'x' amount against someone and that amount will be deducted in equal shares from others. For example, you went out for dinner and one of your friends ordered an extra drink for himself worth 5$. Your total bill came out to be 100$. Now, instead of splitting 95$ equally and then adding 5$ in your friend's share, split the bill by adjustment and add 5$ in your friend's share. Splitwise will do the maths and will split the bills accordingly. Cool, isn't it?

6. Create Groups

splitwise review

You can create groups on Splitwise as well. If you're going on a trip, or if you share a flat with your friends, you don't have to add your friends again and again. You can simply create a group and add a group of your friends and split expenses there. There are some more cool features as well in the group such as Simplify Group Debts which I'll discuss in the next point.

Note: An expense don't have to be shared with everyone if it's in a group, you can deselect any friend for any expense.

7. Simplify Group Debts

splitwise review
If you're a group of friends and your expenses are never-ending. Use this cool feature to combine debts of your group and simplify them. This feature comes handy when you're on a trip as well. At the end of the trip, instead of showing how much money you owe or owed to each of your friends, it will simply tell you how much to pay or get and to whom. 

8. Settle with PayPal or PayTM

splitwise review

Splitwise has already integrated PayPal and PayTM (only in India) to make the process of paying your friends easier. You can record a cash payment to settle up with your friend or simply tap on Pay with PayPal (or PayTM) option and authenticate the payment to pay him/her. 

9. Remind your friends about the dues

splitwise review

Splitwise not only reminds you of your check dues but also lets you remind your friends about the debts. To send a reminder, tap on your friend on the homepage and click on the menu option in the top right corner. You'll see a few options popping up. Select Send Reminder option and edit the reminder note. Once done editing, click send. Your friend will be notified by email or notification.

10. Maintains a Ledger

splitwise review

You can check all your expenses and transactions on the Activity tab. The activity tab is sorted by time. Hence, all your recent expenses are on the top.

11. Settings and Security

splitwise review

Splitwise gives you full control of almost everything you do. You can access account settings, device settings, notification settings and can even set a password on the app so that no one can access your Splitwise without your permission.


Splitwise is a 5-star app. The problem of splitting bills is very simple and common. But Splitwise has taken it to the next level by providing so many options in the app and by taking care of every small detail. Splitwise has so many options and even then the User Interface is very clean and good. They have also focussed on the User Experience. You'll never be presented with unnecessary options unless you really need them. The flow of the app is very simple too. I think they have done a very good job and I really like this app. 

You can download Splitwise from the given below links:
  • For IOS, Click here.
  • For Android, Click here.
  • To access Splitwise on Web, click here.
If you have any questions regarding Splitwise, let us know in the comments section down below.

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One of the best things to do on a money-free "weekend" is to watch movies. There are obviously a ton of options here, either you watch your favourite movies "locally" on your television, or you can simply cut the cord, ditch the cables and stream any film online. Thanks to the rapid growth of technology, DVDs are gradually going into extinction. Now, one such site that allows users to "painlessly" watch movies online from the comfort of their home or office is pubfilm. It 'single-handedly' spawned and have 'bagged millions of passionate users since its invention.

Following the site popularity, MPAA filed a 19 million dollars 'lawsuit' against them and it was instantly taken offline. After a short period of time, pubfilm surprisingly appeared, this time with a 'relatively' new domain and with the help of cyberlockers it has being able to circumvent the law in most countries. Pubfilms is awesome, but its slew of pop-up ads can be 'really really annoying. So if you are tired of seeing ads while trying to stream movies on pubfilm, then here are 'better' alternative sites like pubfilm to watch movies online for free.

1. Netflix


Netflix 'actually' shook things up, I won't be surprise if by the 'next coming' year, a revolution is made to solely build Netflix and Wi-Fi into all televisions. Obviously, we are all familiar with Netflix. A popular streaming service that lets users watch a vast library of movies and TV shows for a monthly fee. Binge watching was actually what made Netflix 'synonymous' and just like other streaming services, you'd get to find Netflix app worth using. Yeah I know, Netflix is paid but you can "easily" use its one month free trial period to watch most of your favourite movies and TV shows.

Visit Netflix.

2. Popcornflix


If you're looking for a legal movie website to stream movies online for free, then you are better of with Popcornflix. It's infact a movie streaming site that "beats" pubfilm in all ramifications. Popcornflix is an OTT (over-the-top) service that offers a slew of free 'ad-supported' Movies and TV Shows. The site itself is neatly arranged and you will get to find a ton of full-length foreign and Asian dramas from "different" genres such as action, science-fiction, adventure and comedy. On Popcornflix, watching all of your favourite movies is instant as this only requires "clicking' the play button. In summary, Popcornflix is a better site than pubfilm.

Visit PopcornFlix.

3. Tubi 


Tubi is a great alternative to pubfilm. The site "strives" to provide free movies for its users without asking for "credit cards" or registration and even though it's free, it's still a legal option. Similar to Popcornflix, Tubi is an ad-supported movie streaming service that "boasts" of more than 60,000 popular titles including contents from the 'libraries' of Paramount Picture, MGM and Lionsgate. The site "features a simple and "easy-to-use" user interface, and I love the fact that it doesn't promote pop-ups. So if you are looking for a movie streaming site that is similar to pubfilm, then Tubi TV should be your go-to.

Visit Tubi TV.

4. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is basically an​ online "television service broadcasting" that brings over 85 live channels full of TV Shows, Internet Videos and Movies on demand. For one thing, Pluto TV is completely free to use, it comes with no hidden fees which makes it feel like the modernized version of the free channels we'd get when we connect our TV or antenna. The site's wide array of contents includes thousands of movies curated from popular channels like CBS, Bloomberg, Warner Bros and NBC. You'll also get to find exclusive channels within the platform and similar to other services, Pluto TV features 'advertisements' which often appears whilst changing channels. But considering what you are getting for free, they're ignorable.

Visit Pluto TV.

5. SnagFilms


An odd 'mish-mash' I must say. Instead of offering the "latest" Movies and TV Shows similar to what Netflix and Popcornflix is doing, Snagfilms decided to go the unique way. It is literally a website that offers ad-supported documentary and independent films and they're​ available to be streamed for free. For one thing, Snagfilms library of more than 5,000 films includes videos, TV shows and documentaries. You'll also see a section "mapped" out for original short comedy skirts. Personally, Snapfilms approach is brilliant, and I love the fact that it is legal despite the fact that it offers under the radar movies instead of well-known fare.

Visit SnagFilms.

Wrapping Up

So these are 'unequivocally' the best sites like pubfilm. They are literally better, and comes with little or no cost. So if you are looking to quench your movie needs, then you should patronise this websites.

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When I was a boy, I always saw myself as a hero in movies. I grew up believing this dream but soon realised it wasn't worth it. Arguably, watching free movies is something we do to pastime. With a cup of coffee and a set of television in front of you, you can literally watch just about any movie you dream of. Alternatively, going to the cinema could be the best way to spend quality time, but you do know that cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world, so this brings letmewatchthis into the scene.
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In an era where technology is advancing, one can comfortably sit at home and stream free movies online using his/her mobile or PC. There are a lot of sites like letmewatchthis that allows users to watch movies online for free. These websites brings huge collection of newly released movies and TV shows that can be streamed without signup and as a tech savvy, you would'nt want to miss out of it. So without further ado, here are the best free letmewatchthis alternative to watch movies online free.

1. Sony Crackle

We begin with Sony Crackle, one of the legal and most popular free movie streaming site on the internet. Crackle is an ad-supported streaming service that lets users stream free movies and TV shows online. The network itself offers a plethora of original contents including uncut and unedited Hollywood movies - all from different genres such as horror, action, comedy, crime, and Sci-Fi. Aside from this, users can easily watch free movies on Crackle without the need to sign up. Although doing so will give you support for resume playback and save to favorites.

2. YouTube

We're all familiar with YouTube, one of the free website that allows users to comfortably watch movies online or download them if need be. YouTube itself is neatly arranged and brings fewer ads. With just a search, users can easily discover the latest Movies, TV series as well as trailers which can be streamed in high definition. YouTube library comprises of contents uploaded by users and it's arguably one of the best sites like letmewatchthis.

3. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is another free movie streaming site that's completely legal. It offers its users full-length movies, trailers, TV series and clips that can be streamed for free without registration. The service itself is owned by Screen Media Ventures, a large independent movie distributor in the US and Canada. On Popcornflix, you'll find a nice-sized catalog of movies in popular genres such as drama, documentaries, romance, and nostalgia. You can even watch episodes from several TV series. If that's not enough, you can find more Popcornflix movies on Frightpix and Popcornflix kids.

4. HotStar

hotstar letmewatch alternative

Hands-down one of the most popular site like letmewatchthis. HotStar is a website that allows users to painlessly watch free movies online without signing up. It brings a slew of movies from genres which vary from classics, actions, adventure all the way down to comedies. The site is neatly laid out with a nice interface and easy navigation. HotStar also provides the latest box office movies and you can search for any content you'd wish to stream. Overall, HotStar is a great site, and with just a click, you'll be one step ahead to watching free Hindi movies.

5. Voot

voot letmewatch alternative

If you are a passionate movie-lover, looking to discover all the Hindi movies aired this year, then you should visit voot more often. Aside from offering popular and new contents, voot also brings the latest movies currently running in the Cinema for you to stream in high definition during leisure. The site's user interface is quite simple, and from the homepage, you can easily choose from a list of genres such as war, sports, biography, music etc. With just a single click, you can stream from an enormous collection of Movies and TV shows available on voot.

6. Tubi TV

tibi tv letmewatch alternative

Next up, we have tubi tv. A service that allows users to watch free movies online in high quality without downloading or sign up. Tubi tv is an aggregator of links to live streaming services, the site doesn't host any Movies on its platform and as such, it is completely legal and free to use. One of the advantages of using tubi tv is that you can stream movies without redirection and there are fewer ad pop-ups. Moreover, you will get to find 3D movies with English subtitles. It's unequivocally one of the best sites like letmewatchthis that you can use.

7. Viewster


Viewster is specifically one of the legal place to watch movies online. The service offers a broad range of ad-supported free TV shows and movies. On viewster, users can easily watch any of their favorite series without the need to register. Unsurprisingly, you'll get to discover a collection of over 12,000 titles on viewster, and this includes anime, comedy, documentary, Korean drama, Brit shows, classics and other independent films from around the world. Aside from this, viewster runs an online film festival and they claim that it’s the largest of its kind. It is really one of the most prominent movie streaming site on the internet.

8. Vudu

vudu letmewatch alternative

Fans of free movie streaming rejoice, as we have the ultimate movie streaming site like letmewatchthis just for you. Vudu is undoubtedly one of the most popular movie streaming site that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows all for free. For one thing, the site doesn't bring annoying adverts. Its user interface is quite arranged and elegant, you can search for any of your favourite series and stream it online for free. No sign up, no problem! Vudu has a huge library of movies and TV shows all from a variety of genres. You'll also get to discover latest movies and series currently airing in the theatre.
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Wrapping Up

Obviously, there are a lot of free sites like letmewatchthis designed to help users watch free movies with ease, but most of them aren't just cool. So if you are looking to watch free movies online without downloading or sign up, then the above lists should be your go to.

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When it comes to designing a business card or flyers, you do be faced with the issue of choosing the right font. Apparently, there is 85% chance that you might've come across an image or logo on the internet exhibiting stunning fonts and you'd ask yourself, What font is used in this picture?. In most cases, one would head over to quora's typeface identification and input the question hoping to receive an answer from font experts. But when there is no reply to your query, then the​ best option will certainly be to use any of the robust font detection tools online. So if you've got the image or logo ready, below are the best free online tool that'll​ help you identify fonts from images.

1. WhatTheFont

WhatTheFont uses an artificial intelligence to accurately identify the fonts used in an image. Apart from being free, whatthefont supports image in gif, jpeg and png formats. To use this tool, go ahead and download the image or logo containing the font you need to identify. Navigate to WhatTheFont and upload the image. From here, WhatTheFont will try to guess the characters used in the image. During this process, some characters may not be detected so enter them manually and rectify the ones that have been guessed wrong. Then tap "Next" and that's it, you'll be presented with a list of fonts used in the image you uploaded.

2. FontSpring

FontSpring font finder uses a special tool named Font Matcherator to find out what the font is in an image. Here's how it work, If you've an image with type, and you don't know what the font is, simply upload the image and the tool will automatically detect each shapes. Highlight the text you wish to match and enter the letters correspondingly FontSpring will now show you a list of fonts that matches the one used in the image. You can also opt in for FontSquirrel, considering the fact that it is a great font detention tool powered by FontSpring.

3. WhatFontis

WhatFontis can seamlessly identify the font you're looking for, and it supports images in various formats such as svg, png, jpeg and gif. To get started with WhatFontis, upload the image or logo whose font you want to identify. From here, tap "Continue". Then fill the characters to match the image. This step is case sensitive, so if the texts in the image you uploaded are in uppercase, then input the characters in uppercase. When you are done, hit "Continue". WhatFontis will now unveil a list of the first 100 fonts matching the image you uploaded. So identify the font type from the preview and download it.

Identify Fonts by Name with Identifont

If you are unable to find an image or logo that contains the specific type of font you're looking for, then you can use Identifont to identify fonts by name, appearance, picture, similarity and designer. Lets quickly explain this options.
  • Fonts by Appearance: Identifont will ask you a total of 13 questions relating to the font you are looking for. Then it will present a list of fonts that matches with the queries you answered. Ensure to input the correct answers, some of the questions include “What shape is the dot on the question mark?", and "Do the characters have serifs?”.
  • Fonts by Name: Identifying fonts by name using Identifont is pretty easy, for example if you're familar with part of the font’s name, but you’re not sure of its full name, then identifont will give you suggestions and previews to match. With this, I was able to find out that the font used in Google Logo is Catull.
  • Fonts by Similarity: This option can help you discover an unknown font that's very similar to another font. Just enter the name and see what styles are a close match. 
  • Fonts by Picture: With this tool, you can search various types of fonts. You can even search by word, for example, entering “bike” will list all fonts which include images of webdings.
  • Fonts by Designer: This option is one of my favourites​, you can  easily find out numerous fonts from a certain creator provided they're famous. Just type in the name of a designer who is notable for his/her unique styled fonts and the lists will appear.

Wrapping Up

So I guess you can go ahead and complete your project now since you've discovered that stunning font that has been hindering your work. If you are faced with any issue while using of the above font detection tools, then use the comments below to file in your query. Also endeavour to tell us which tool of the font identifier you love the most!.
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play youtube with screen off

Yesterday was quite a busy day, i slept like a baby and woke up rejuvenated. Having had a glimpse at the wall clock, i realised it was almost night fall and the weather was cool too. So i decided to listen to some YouTube videos while doing some chores. I started with Alan Walker song titled Faded, since it was one of my favourites. Upon locking my device, the video got paused. I was irritated beyond control, as all i ever wanted was to listen to the audio from the video. Moreover listening to YouTube videos with the phone screen off can preserve the battery's​ life. So after experiencing these problem, i decided to sought-after a workaround and i finally found one. Listening to a YouTube video in the background even when your device's screen is off can be achieved if you have a YouTube red subscription. But this service comes at a price of $9.99/monthly and it is only limited to the folks living in the US. But in this article, i am going to teach you the best way to continue playing YouTube video even when your phone screen is off. There's no root access involved, and you don't need to pay a dime.
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1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is an independent browser created by Mozilla. Offering an intuitive visual tabs, it's one of the fastest, smart & personal web browser you can use. Firefox anticipates all your needs, and it provides you with add-on that can help in personalising your internet experience. Using Firefox to play YouTube videos even when your phone screen is off can be a very tricky business, but it can be achieved​ nonetheless.

To begin with, head over to the Google Play Store and install Mozilla Firefox.  Now open the app from your device app drawer. From here, simply tap on the 3 vertical dotted line at the top right corner of Firefox. Then tick to enable "Request desktop site". Next login to YouTube and search for the video you want to play or listen to. That's it, simply select the video and lock your phone screen. You'll see that the video will still be playing.

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most used and undisputed browser designed for Android, iPhone and iPad. Chrome brings an inbuilt Google translator, allows for fast download and it enables you to view webpages and videos when you're offline. Apart from this, chrome brings handy features and it helps to keep your phone safe when you attempt to navigate to dangerous sites.

As usual, you can use the Google Chrome to stream YouTube videos even when your phone screen is off. The procedure is similar to what was demonstrated using Mozilla Firefox, so it isn't complicated. To get this one going, navigate to the Google Play Store and install Google Chrome. Locate and open the app from your device's app drawer, tap on the 3 dots to access the hamburger menu then "Request desktop site". Go to YouTube, search and play the video you wish to listen to, then lock your phone screen.

3. Black Screen Of Life

There's always an alternative to apps, and black screen of life is one of the best among the numerous apps that allows you to play YouTube videos in the background while your phone screen is off. Unfortunately the app isn't on Google Play Store, but you can still install black screen of life from here. It's completely free, and there is also a premium version which is ad-free.

Now after installing black screen of life on your Android phone, locate and open it from the app drawer. Next you'll be greeted with a simple user interface. Tap the lone button in the middle to enable BSOL. Now simply put your smartphone inside your pocket or turn it face down on the table. Your device's screen will automatically turn off, allowing you to listen to youtube music videos while preserving your precious battery. Incase the app doesn't work, enable "Compatibility Mode" from the settings menu.

Final Words

Now you can comfortably play or listen to YouTube videos even when your phone screen is off. For iPhone and iPad users, the Safari browser can also allow you to continue playing YouTube videos after you've locked your phone screen. To do this, simply open YouTube via the Safari browser, then search and play the music video you wish to listen to. Minimize to your home screen, you will notice that the video have paused. Don't panic, simply swipe up to call-out the control center then tap the play button and the video will start playing again. Now lock your phone and continue listening to your music.

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Gaming is the only passion I shamelessly indulge in. However, for recreation and to probably pastime, I really enjoy watching movies especially on 'leisure' periods. For one thing, 'Matrix' was the first film I ever saw, followed by the 'James Bond' movies. Fast forward to the future, we began to see DVDs going "passé" and televisions aren't being used often either. This is all thanks to technology, everything has being made extremely easy to the extent that one can "painlessly" do just about 'anything using his/her device.
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Then comes "movie streaming" websites, "mushrooming" all over the internet with some "allowing users" to watch the latest aired Shows for free. Again, all 'thanks' to the video player embedded in a webpage. While sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video may seem to be a 'completely' legal "option" to "watch movies online"​, they do come at a cost. Now, In a bit to maybe find a free 'movie streaming' website, you may have come "across" But with the recent "shutdown' of the platform, you do know it is 'time to move on. So without further ado, here are the "best" free movie streaming sites like watchfree.

1. The CW

watchfree to

If you are seriously looking to binge watch complete seasons of modern classics such as Riverdale, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, The 100 and more for free, then you should make The CW your permanent home for streaming all your favourite TV Shows. One thing that allures me to the platform is its video quality, they are literally outstanding and I love the fact that it doesn't bring ads. The CW may not compare with watchfree when it comes to amount of contents, but it is a legal option especially for those who are interested in Supernatural drama such as The Originals and Supernatural. Furthermore, The CW has a mobile app that brings all of their TV shows directly to your doorstep and it doesn't require any sort of login or subscription.

Visit The CW.

2. CW Seed

Sounds identical? Yeah it does. CW Seed is a subsidiary​ website owned by The CW but you'd be extremely happy to hear that it hosts almost no CW contents. Instead, it is an 'home' to original web series and DC animated series. Most of the TV Shows you'd see on CW Seed comes from its parent companies Warner Bros and CBS. While the remaining ones are obtained from ABC and Fox. For one thing, CW Seed is like an engima, it falls under the strangest corner of the television internet and yet remains legal. It doesn't ask for any payment​ or login, but do has commercials. On CW Seed, you can stream tons of movies from comedies such as Everybody Hates Chris to action and dramas.

Visit CW Seed.

3. Yahoo View


Hulu debuted​ as a free streaming service where users can watch tons of TV Shows without "paying a dime". But even before this offer could​ get popular, the company ended it and moved over to subscription-based. But you do know, just because yet another platform has slipped behind the gratis arena doesn't mean there isn't any other free and legal TV streaming service on the internet. Fortunately, we've Yahoo View, a service that spawned after Yahoo decided to "partner" with Hulu to take up the role of displaying its 'free contents to users. As expected, Yahoo View has quite a vast range of "TV Shows" from different genres and you do get to find 'interesting' cartoons and anime to stream for free.

Visit Yahoo View.

4. Freeform


Freeform formerly known as ABC Family is a good alternative to The site itself is neatly designed and brings a simple interface. For one thing, Freeform provides a ton of TV Shows with complete episodes and they are all "available" to be streamed for free in the highest possible quality format. The site does bring commercials, but this is understandable since it's offering most of its contents for free. One of Freeform's strong point is that it targets young adults more than families and onceyou head over to the site, you do get to see a vast array of TV Shows from different genres and some of them includes Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, Home Alone etc. Overall, Freeform is literally a legal option for users in the US and for those who wish to watch movies for free.

Visit Freeform.

Wrapping Up

There are actually a ton of sites that are similar to, but most of them unfortunately falls into the illegal section. The aforementioned sites aren't only free to use, but they are legal and doesn't​ bring annoying pop-ups that tends to infect your device with malware if caution isn't taken. So go ahead ditch watchfree aside, and visit the above sites often to watch all of your favourite movies and TV shows for free.