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So you just bought the Amazon Firestick with Alexa voice remote and probably wondering how to break it out of "jail" and unleash its true potentials? Rejoice! For in this article, we'll teach you how to jailbreak a firestick.

Before now, we used to watch TV using our cable, but the tides has changed since the inception of movie streaming services such as Netflix, empowering us to cut the cord and stream contents online. At first, users could only utilize this services on mobile, PC and game consoles but a range of options surfaced sooner than expected with Amazon leading the chart with its Fire TV Stick. The Amazon firestick is a small device (the size of a flash drive) that once plugged into a TV HDMI port enables the TV to stream contents over WiFi from various streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and more.
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While it typically puts our cables to shame and acts as a smart TV offering search results across top apps and games, you can still unleash its true potentials by jailbreaking it, to enable you apply few hacks, tweaks and even sideload third-party apps without going through the AppStore.

Firestick Jailbreak - Is that Even a Thing? And is it illegal?

The term "Jailbreak" can mean an escape from jail, but on a computing level, it simply means to modify the firmware of a device in order to remove restrictions imposed by the manufacturer so that the device can install and run unofficial software. When you fire up a query on something like "How do you jailbreak a firestick?", Such thing doesn't actually exist, and you'd need to be wary of scammers asking you to crack open your firestick and solder the points. Things such as this can be messy and you may end up damaging your device.


A jailbroken firestick is often referred to as installing Kodi on firestick. Coming to the legality aspect, it's ​definitely not illegal to jailbreak a firestick. The only difference between a jailbroken firestick and a regular one is the installation of Kodi. Other factors depends entirely on how you use it. So from here, we will be walking you through the steps to install Kodi on firestick.

Install Kodi On Firestick

It is safe to mention that you can sideload any third-party apps on your firestick the moment it's out of the box. So below, we will highlight 3 different ways to install Kodi on firestick. But before we dive into the how-to guide, let's prepare your Fire TV Stick to install Kodi. Assuming you have connected your firestick to your television, the next process will be to toggle one of the default options within the Settings menu to allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources. So here's how to get this one going.
  • To begin with, click on "Settings" on the top of your firestick home menu, then scroll right and select "Device".
  • From here, select "Developer Options" and click "Apps from Unknown Sources". A warning message will appear, go through it and click "Turn On".

That's it. Your firestick is now ready to install apps from external sources. So lets quickly jump into the steps to install Kodi on firestick.

Using Downloader

One of the easiest or perhaps the simplest way to install Kodi on firestick is by using the Downloader app. It's free and doesn't require any computer software or command line. The only manual stuff you'll need to do is to type in the desired URLs into the appropriate box using your Alexa voice remote. So lets kick off.
  • Click on the "Search" icon on your firestick home screen and enter "Downloader". From here, click "Get" to install the app and open it. 
  • Now, type in and hit go. Select Android and choose the "ARM 32-Bit" build under the "Release" version and Kodi will start to download.
  • Once the download process is complete, click "Install" from the pop-up to get Kodi installed. You can head over to the home screen to find Kodi under "Your Apps & Games".

That's it, you can now install any of your favourite Kodi add-ons , Builds and/or Wizards to unleash the true potential of your firestick. But before that, ensure you connect to a VPN service to go anoymous and stream contents privately.

Using adbLink

You'd know you can install Kodi on firestick using adbLink. If you find the "Downloader" method cumbersome, then we will teach you how to use adbLink to install Kodi on firestick. AdbLink is a third-party program that let's you manage Kodi installation. So here's how to download Kodi on firestick using adbLink.
  • To begin with, you'll need to find the IP address of your firestick. So go to Settings -> Device -> About -> Network and note down the IP address since it'll come in handy later.
  • Now head back to the home screen and jump into Settings -> Device -> Developer Options and turn on "ADB Debugging".
  • From here, switch on your laptop and download the adblink software for your operating system, then Install and run it. Now click on "New" within adbLink and give your firestick a name. Enter the IP address you wrote down earlier, click Save and ensure it's connected.
  • Now download the Android version of Kodi on your PC, then on adbLink, click "Install APK", locate and select Kodi, then click "Yes" if you get a prompt, and wait till the installation process completes. Kodi will now be available on your firestick.

Using Apps2Fire

Looking for a good adbLink alternative? Then apps2fire should be your best choice. Apps2Fire is an app that wirelessly uploads every Android applications on your phone to your firestick. It's free and easy-to-use, all that is required to get it running is to enable developer options on your firestick, then enter the IP address and you are ready to sideload Kodi. So lets kick off.
  • Head over to the Google Play Store and install Apps2Fire on your Android phone. Then plug in your firestick to your TV and go to Settings -> Device -> Developer Options and switch on ADB Debugging.
  • Now ensure you have your firestick IP address ready, then download and Install Kodi on your Android phone. From here, open Apps2Fire and go to the "Setup" tab. Enter the IP address of your firestick and tap Save to connect.
  • Now swipe across to the "Local Apps" tab, select Kodi and wait till it uploads and automatically install on your firestick.

Wrapping Up

We do know that there are a lot of methods to install Kodi on firestick. One can opt-in to use es file explorer, FireDL or even AppStarter to download Kodi on firestick. But the three methods we listed above are the easiest, less cumbersome and can be carried out in under 3 minutes.

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Image Source:- Adam Elements

Storage Space may sometimes annoy us when it gets full and after that, we need to compromise a bit by deleting some files. While every smartphone nowadays come up with the external memory card slot so that you can expand your storage whenever required and some even have big internal memory. But when it comes to iPhone or iPad what is the solution to this problem. As much as you love your iPhone don't you always wish it could have more space?

Don't worry we have figured out a solution to this problem a unique product called as iKlips - World's fastest Apple lightning flash drive created by Adam Elements. With iKlips you can expand your storage space on any iOS device and quickly transmit data between iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC without the use of the Internet, Cloud system or iTunes.
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Let's brief through the highlight features of this great product - iKlips.


Transfer anything from your PC or Mac to iPhone, iPad or vice-versa. Expand your phone space to store or access photos, movies, music, and backup. With an extra special clips design, this flash drive is very easy to use and comes in handy in many situations. It is Engineered to support USB 3.1 which boosts up the transfer speeds for those big files so that you do more and wait for less time for any task.
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Sharing becomes easy with iKlips, whatever you want to share just clip it to your device, save it and then share it. You can easily exchange data with your friends by just giving them your iKlip and afterward they can access the data in it like the movies, songs, documents, and stuff. It comes with the award-winning lightweight Aluminium design with built-in clip on the back so that you can clip it to your bag or pocket and its hard to lose. 
  • iKlips is available into 4 Color Options - Rose Gold, Gray, Gold, Red.
  • iKlips is available in the following size options -
  1. 16GB      (Capacity can store:- 8,500 Photos, 20hrs Videos, 4,000 Songs )
  2. 32 GB     (Capacity can store:- 17,000 Photos, 40hrs Videos, 8,000 Songs )
  3. 64GB      (Capacity can store:- 34,000 Photos, 80hrs Videos, 16,000 Songs )
  4. 128GB    (Capacity can store:- 68,000 Photos, 160hrs Videos, 32,000 Songs )
  5. 256GB    (Capacity can store:- 136,000 Photos, 320hrs Videos, 64,000 Songs )
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Final Thoughts


The best part of iKlips is that it supports exFAT which means there is no limit to individual file sizes. iKlips has been fully certified and licensed by Apple as a product made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It's a great product to have as it provides easy access to our data which can be easily transferred or stored on our device.

iKlips are available to purchase from the creators Adam Elements website here.

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samsung galaxy note 9 review

Samsung launched the most awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 9 globally on 9th August 2018 and added another premium device to its Samsung Galaxy Note Series of Smartphones. Note series has always been innovative with Samsung's smart reforms and is a complete smartphone for people who demand everything from their Smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 continued this legacy and is not only powerful with its specifications but also comes with developed smart intelligent features which makes it different & unique from others.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 impressed everyone at the launch event #Unpacked and looks an interesting smartphone as it comes with loads of features at a decent price. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is impressing everyone with its features which made us do a review of the all-new smart and stunning Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Design & Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Display

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung's first device with a huge screen and largest infinity display which makes the Note 9 more attractive. It has the beautiful Dual-Edge infinity display with 6.4" Quad HD screen and the famous Super AMOLED display.
  • Samsung has always been known for its design and display quality and today with the Note 9 have maintained its legacy. Features like edge-to-edge surface, bright screen and Good look from front & rear makes the Note 9 more beautiful.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes in 3 impressive colors:-
  1. Ocean-Blue.
  2. Midnight Black.
  3. Metallic Copper.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note series has been known for its fast execution and big memory. The Note 9 sports the faster 10nm octa-core processor for better usage. It comes with the cutting edge processor just for giving you the speed with the 10nm chipset.
  • The combination of a fast processor with big memory is what makes Note 9 a tough contender because it comes in these 2 memory options:-
  1. 6GB RAM | 128GB Storage
  2. 8GB RAM | 512GB Storage
  • It also comes with an external memory card slot for expanding your memory up to 512GB so that you can have totally 1TB of storage. Note 9 gives you a massive storage up to 1TB so that you can always utilize the space whenever required without any hesitation.
  • Faster Memory and Huge storage option that's what makes the Note 9 a perfect device for the people who always want To Do!!
  • Innovative Water-carbon cooling system diffuses heat for efficient cooling and gives you a smooth and lag-free gaming experience which is one of the smart features of Note 9 that also makes it a good gaming device.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera

  • The revolutionary smartphone camera is here in Note 9 and has now become more intelligent. With features like dual aperture which gives you perfect stunning shots at any time.
  • The Rear Dual 12MP cameras enrich your photography experience, while the 2X optical zoom and the other telephoto lens along with the wide angle lens work together to click some awesome pics. Other features like Dual OIS and HDR for low-light takes the photography skills with Note 9 to next level.
  • Live Focus for perfect portraits and scene optimizer detects the subject and chooses color accordingly which enhances and give a good look to your pictures.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera

  • The Galaxy Note 9 comes with another innovative feature called the Flaw Detection which intelligently detects flaws in photos like blinks, blurs, smudged lenses, and backlighting. It notifies you so that you can adjust or reshoot the picture. 
  • The 8MP front camera smartly detects faces and clicks a perfect shot every time. The Note 9 camera also has some other cool features like Super slow-mo @960fps, AR emoji, and up to 10X digital zoom. 

Other Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Other Features

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a battery capacity of 4000mAh that gives you the power for doing your work entire day. Also with fast charging, you can easily fast charge your Smartphone and continue using it.
  • Note 9 has the stereo speakers tuned by AKG and with the theatre-like experience of Dolby-Atmos Note 9 gives you even more vivid sound and louder volume. 
  • Samsung Knox offers you a complete protection for your device right from the time you start using your device. Along with biometric authentication, you can unlock your device instantly anytime with an iris scan or face recognition.

S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen
  • S Pen the Intelligent Tool that makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 different from others with its capability to perform functions easily and along with Bluetooth connectivity you can have ultimate control on your device as it acts like a remote.
  • So with S Pen you can carry out some amazing tasks like Clicking a Selfie, Snap Photos, Change Slides or Youtube videos just with an ease. The S Pen offers you 30min of power in just 40secs. 

Pricing & Availability

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be available from August 24, 2018, onwards officially while its pre-orders have already started. So you can pre-order your Galaxy Note 9 here.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is priced at -
  1. 6GB | 128GB  - $999
  2. 6GB | 512GB  - $1250 
Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 offers you a complete package in a Smartphone and with the smart innovative features like the intelligent camera, S Pen functionality along with those powerful specs and the decent pricing Note 9 just proves why its the smartphone for innovative people for those who do. Note 9 is a great device with an intelligent use of technology and the entire review gives you the answer.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a hit !! 

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Xiaomi Mi A2
Image Source:- Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi A1 was the first Stock Android Smartphone from Xiaomi and also the most selling Android One Smartphone which took over many people's heart and brought in a great budget segment device that not only offers good camera but also keeps your smartphone updated with all those fast and latest updates all thanks to the Android One Program.

So Finally, Xiaomi has launched the Mi A1 successor Xiaomi Mi A2 which was the most searched smartphone right from the time when its rumors begin to spread out. This range is going to grow further with the Mi A2 and this time it will lead out to numerous people because it comes with some good specs and design along with some cool AI features.
Let's see whether Xiaomi has maintained its consistency with the Xiaomi's Android One Smartphone series by launching the Mi A2 in our in-depth review.

Design & Display:-

Xiaomi Mi A2 Display
Image Source:- Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi A2 comes with the beautiful 18:9 aspect ratio which is now popular amongst many smartphones and an FHD+ large display. While the screen is 5.99" large it gives you a wider field of view to enjoy viewing experience. It has a screen resolution of 2160x1080p which gives Mi A2 a nice look from the top. Mi A2 comes with the 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for screen protection against height drops and gives you high-resolution touchscreen experience. Overall the build quality looks good and the design is awesome. Xiaomi Mi A2 will be available into 4 different color options - Gold, Black, Rose Gold & Lake Blue


Xiaomi Mi A2
Image Source:- Xiaomi

Mi A2 comes with the flagship AI processor from Qualcomm the Snapdragon 660 which gives you a smoother control on your device and also provides you with a flagship smartphone level performance. Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is a 14nm FinFET processor which exhibits high performance and consumes less power. Also. its AI features makes your Smartphone smart and help you to multitask without any sort of issues. It has a frequency of 2.2Ghz to provide faster performance. Xiaomi Mi A2 is available into 2 options
  1. 4GB RAM & 64GB Storage
  2. 6GB RAM & 128GB Storage.


Xiaomi Mi A2 Camera
Image Source:- Xiaomi

Xiaomi's Mi A-Series has been most known for its cameras, Mi A1 impressed everyone with its camera quality at that price segment and now Mi A2 seems to be continuing that legacy. Mi A2 comes with the 20MP+12MP rear AI dual camera setup which gives you clearer pictures even in the day as well as the night. Low light photos are always brighter due to the 20MP lens and the 12MP lens helps you to click some beautiful daytime pictures. Both the lenses work hand-in-hand to help you to click some awesome shots.

The Mi A2 comes with a front selfie camera of 20MP which consists of the Sony IMX376 sensor and AI-powered beautify 4.0 to give you perfect selfies every time. Also, it has EIS support for video recording so that you can record videos with perfection.


The disappointing part or feature of the Mi A2 might be its battery. Mi A2 has a battery capacity of 3010 mAh which supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 but for heavy mobile users, this will be an issue. It has the USB Type-C port for fast charging. Also, Xiaomi has removed the headphone jack in Mi A2 so again it might sound bad to some users but they are providing the 3.5mm to USB Type-C converter so that you can continue if you want to use your headphones.

Highlight part of Xiaomi Mi A2 is the Android One Program which gives you a complete stock Android experience and all the latest innovations from Google built-in your device. So that you can get things done easily.

Pricing & Availability:-

Xiaomi Mi A2
Image Source:- Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi A2 will be available in 2 options as mentioned above and will be priced at -
  1. 4GB RAM | 64GB - Rs.16,999/-
  2. 6GB RAM | 128GB- Coming Soon
The device is available for pre-order now on and Xiaomi Mi Store and it will be on sale from 16th August '18 onwards via


Xiaomi Mi A2
Image Source:- Xiaomi

After the success of Mi A1, it looks like Xiaomi wants to keep up the momentum with its stock android series and A2 delivers that promise with a good combination of hardware and software. Android Program guarantees latest updates, Good Camera and faster performance with the Snapdragon 660 AI engine all this makes the Mi A2 a perfect device at that price and it looks competitive against other devices. The only concern is about the battery life and heating issues, otherwise, it looks good to go device at this price point.
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Honor Play
Image Source:- Honor

Honor India Launched the Honor Play Smartphone in India on August 6, 2018, and introduced a new product in its range. Viewed as a Gaming Smartphone, the device GPU Turbo gives you a fast & smooth gaming experience. With the inclusion of the Smart AI chipset Kirin 970 and the AI, NPU (neuron process unit) along with an intelligent photography experience Honor Play looks good with its specifications which made us Review it in detail and here we begin with it.

Design & Display:-

Honor Play Display
Image Source:- Huawei

Honor Play has the beautiful 6.3" Honor FullView Display with a screen resolution of 2340x1080p and FHD+ screen. Display just looks stunning to your eyes as its almost bezel-less with the 19.5:9 aspect ratio alongside the trending notch display. Beside that, It has about 89% of the screen to body ratio and feels good to hold in hand with its impressive design.

Honor Play will be available in 3 different colors - Midnight Black, Navy Blue, and UltraViolet


Honor Play Hardware
Image Source:- Huawei

The Honor Play comes up with the Smart Kirin 970 Chipset with AI NPU (Neuron Process Unit) which helps in running the applications faster and save much of your time in accessing them. It Performs multiple tasks without any issue and users can enjoy a smooth performance with the device. The honor play runs on the EMUI 8.2 based on Android 8.1 OS and has some smart AI features embedded into it.

Honor Play comes with two options - 4GB RAM | 64 GB ROM & 6GB RAM | 64 GB ROM. While the memory can be expanded up to 256 GB via microSD but it comes with the hybrid sim slot.   


Honor Play Camera
Image Source:- Huawei

Honor Play AI camera automatically adjusts the camera setting to get the perfect shot every time you click any picture. It sports the 16MP + 2MP dual AI camera setup at the rear and has a 16MP front camera. Smart and Intelligent photography with the Honor Play detects up to 22 different categories and up to 500 scenarios in real time.

It also offers some excellent camera features like the AI Portrait and 3D Portrait lightning and lets you click some awesome selfies with the Smart AI front camera. The cameras also come up with the EIS & AIS support for functional stability.


Honor Play Battery
Image Source:- Huawei

Honor Play has a battery capacity of 3750 mAh and comes with Honor fast charging which can charge your smartphone in minutes and lasts up to hours. It gives you longer battery life and the smart power management gives you options to optimize your battery according to the apps. Honor Play comes up with the USC Type-C 2.0 port which supports fast charging technology.


Honor Play
Image Source:- Huawei

Face Unlock becomes more accurate with the Honor Play as it uses cool AI features to make your smartphone secure and also keeps your data private and safe.
Online Shopping with the Honor Play has now become smarter as it comes with the Honor HiTouch feature that searches for a particular thing online when you point your camera at it. Thanks to the Smart AI features that help you to make much more use of the technology. 


Honor Play is not just another smartphone in the market with the ordinary AI features but it makes use of these features along with its innovative technology and gives you amazing extra built-in features in a Smartphone which makes this phone different from the rest.
The features like 4D Gaming Experience with the Smart Shock technology which makes you feel that gaming scenes in real time and give you the feeling of playing with a gaming console.

The cons of the Honor Play Smartphone might be only one thing that how well does the combination of Kirin 970 and EMUI 8.2 stands out with some of the tough contenders in its range. Else, the Honor Play Smartphone looks to be the perfect smartphone to go for at this price.

Pricing & Availability:-

Honor Play will be available in 2 different variants and will be priced as:-
  1. 4GB | 64 GB - Rs.19,999/-
  2. 6GB | 64 GB - Rs.23,999/-
It will be available across the online retailer and all leading Honor Stores.

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When I was a boy, I always saw myself as a hero in movies. I grew up believing this dream but soon realised it wasn't worth it. Arguably, watching free movies is something we do to pastime. With a cup of coffee and a set of television in front of you, you can literally watch just about any movie you dream of. Alternatively, going to the cinema could be the best way to spend quality time, but you do know that cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world, so this brings letmewatchthis into the scene.
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In an era where technology is advancing, one can comfortably sit at home and stream free movies online using his/her mobile or PC. There are a lot of sites like letmewatchthis that allows users to watch movies online for free. These websites brings huge collection of newly released movies and TV shows that can be streamed without signup and as a tech savvy, you would'nt want to miss out of it. So without further ado, here are the best free letmewatchthis alternative to watch movies online free.

1. Sony Crackle

We begin with Sony Crackle, one of the legal and most popular free movie streaming site on the internet. Crackle is an ad-supported streaming service that lets users stream free movies and TV shows online. The network itself offers a plethora of original contents including uncut and unedited Hollywood movies - all from different genres such as horror, action, comedy, crime, and Sci-Fi. Aside from this, users can easily watch free movies on Crackle without the need to sign up. Although doing so will give you support for resume playback and save to favorites.

2. YouTube

We're all familiar with YouTube, one of the free website that allows users to comfortably watch movies online or download them if need be. YouTube itself is neatly arranged and brings fewer ads. With just a search, users can easily discover the latest Movies, TV series as well as trailers which can be streamed in high definition. YouTube library comprises of contents uploaded by users and it's arguably one of the best sites like letmewatchthis.

3. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is another free movie streaming site that's completely legal. It offers its users full-length movies, trailers, TV series and clips that can be streamed for free without registration. The service itself is owned by Screen Media Ventures, a large independent movie distributor in the US and Canada. On Popcornflix, you'll find a nice-sized catalog of movies in popular genres such as drama, documentaries, romance, and nostalgia. You can even watch episodes from several TV series. If that's not enough, you can find more Popcornflix movies on Frightpix and Popcornflix kids.

4. HotStar

hotstar letmewatch alternative

Hands-down one of the most popular site like letmewatchthis. HotStar is a website that allows users to painlessly watch free movies online without signing up. It brings a slew of movies from genres which vary from classics, actions, adventure all the way down to comedies. The site is neatly laid out with a nice interface and easy navigation. HotStar also provides the latest box office movies and you can search for any content you'd wish to stream. Overall, HotStar is a great site, and with just a click, you'll be one step ahead to watching free Hindi movies.

5. Voot

voot letmewatch alternative

If you are a passionate movie-lover, looking to discover all the Hindi movies aired this year, then you should visit voot more often. Aside from offering popular and new contents, voot also brings the latest movies currently running in the Cinema for you to stream in high definition during leisure. The site's user interface is quite simple, and from the homepage, you can easily choose from a list of genres such as war, sports, biography, music etc. With just a single click, you can stream from an enormous collection of Movies and TV shows available on voot.

6. Tubi TV

tibi tv letmewatch alternative

Next up, we have tubi tv. A service that allows users to watch free movies online in high quality without downloading or sign up. Tubi tv is an aggregator of links to live streaming services, the site doesn't host any Movies on its platform and as such, it is completely legal and free to use. One of the advantages of using tubi tv is that you can stream movies without redirection and there are fewer ad pop-ups. Moreover, you will get to find 3D movies with English subtitles. It's unequivocally one of the best sites like letmewatchthis that you can use.

7. Viewster


Viewster is specifically one of the legal place to watch movies online. The service offers a broad range of ad-supported free TV shows and movies. On viewster, users can easily watch any of their favorite series without the need to register. Unsurprisingly, you'll get to discover a collection of over 12,000 titles on viewster, and this includes anime, comedy, documentary, Korean drama, Brit shows, classics and other independent films from around the world. Aside from this, viewster runs an online film festival and they claim that it’s the largest of its kind. It is really one of the most prominent movie streaming site on the internet.

8. Vudu

vudu letmewatch alternative

Fans of free movie streaming rejoice, as we have the ultimate movie streaming site like letmewatchthis just for you. Vudu is undoubtedly one of the most popular movie streaming site that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows all for free. For one thing, the site doesn't bring annoying adverts. Its user interface is quite arranged and elegant, you can search for any of your favourite series and stream it online for free. No sign up, no problem! Vudu has a huge library of movies and TV shows all from a variety of genres. You'll also get to discover latest movies and series currently airing in the theatre.
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Wrapping Up

Obviously, there are a lot of free sites like letmewatchthis designed to help users watch free movies with ease, but most of them aren't just cool. So if you are looking to watch free movies online without downloading or sign up, then the above lists should be your go to.

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Traveling round the city and suddenly lose your way? Then there are two options left. Either to ask a pedestrian for directions or simply shift the authority to an algorithm to help you find your way around. The latter brings maps into play. Maps are simply a visual representation of an area that comes in handy to help individuals avoid traffic jams and reach their destination faster. Take Waze for example, it's one of the most accurate GPS navigation app for Android and brings live traffic information. But it lacks one thing, and that's an offline mode.

Y'all know roaming charges are ridiculous on normal maps, and can result to a waste of mobile data. Fortunately, the Google Play Store brings a slew of offline maps apps for Android and they are completely free to use. So without further ado, here are the best offline maps for Android.

1. Google Map


If you are looking for the best maps app to rely on for real-time GPS navigation and live traffic conditions, then Google Maps should be your go to. Despite requiring an internet connection to perform some of its functions, Google Maps still offers an offline experience for its user. Activities such as establishment info, location searches and turn-by-turn driving directions can be accessed via Google Maps without having to connect to WiFi or cellular network.


To download Google Maps for offline use, simply open the Google Maps app and search for the specific location you want to save. Now pull up the bottom info bar and tap Download. Select the area you'd like to save, then hit the "Download" button to start saving the area. It's safe to mention that Google Maps doesn't support offline navigation for biking, walking and transit directions. But we do hope to see these features soon.

Download Google Maps (free)

2. is one of the best offline maps app for Android and it's entirely free. It brings a sleek user interface and a fast and incredibly detailed directions to points of interest. One thing you do love about is that it allows users to add new locations with ease. Compared to Google Maps, brings support for offline navigation for walking, driving and motorcycle touring. There's also a bookmark option that let's user save their favourite locations. doesn't only excel in offline searches, but offers a reliable GPS turn-by-turn navigation. Overall, it's a great way to save mobile data.

Download (free)

3. HERE WeGo


Here WeGo is another popular offline maps app for Android. It brings a reliable, fast and accurate GPS navigation with voice guidance to smoothen your car drive and walk. Aside from this, here wego offers a real-time traffic and transit information to help users avoid traffic jams and travel faster. The app's graphical user interface is among the best and it let's you download maps you can use offline even without a cell signal. Here wego's public transport option helps to keep track of departure times and its free offline navigation is ideal for knowing how critical your ride will be.

Download Here WeGo (free)

4. OsmAnd


​OsmAnd is an offline navigation app that brings a ton of useful features. The app lets users record or upload their own GPX track for storing waypoints and routes. One of OsmAnd's robust feature is the synthesized turn-by-turn voice guidance that helps you along the way. OsmAnd also brings support for offline location searches and an automatic day/night mode switch. You can download and save maps of certain area and use it when you have no internet connection. OsmAnd also provide information about depth sea objects and its contours. It's really one of the best offline maps for Android and it's handy for hiking, walking and city tour.

Download OsmAnd (free)

5. Navmii


Navmii is an accurate free offline maps for Android and it's ideal for taking abroad to avoid high roaming costs. The app brings a real-time traffic and road information to help you find your way around. Navmii also offers a free voice-guided navigation with support for local searches using postal code or address even without a data connection. Navmii is undoubtedly easy and simple to use, it works with GPS only and comes with points of interest. Offline maps are stored locally and once you have had navmii setup, it will plot the best route for you. Aside from the driver's score feature it brings, navmii is really a great offline maps for Android.

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6. GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic


Sygic GPS Navigation is another maps app you can rely on. The app brings up-to-date life traffic information about fuel prices on different petrol stations and lets you avoid speed camera warnings. That's not all, sygic GPS Navigation also includes a high-quality 3D maps that are stored locally on your  device and you can use it to escape traffic and find the best parking spot. Whether you commute daily or you're a professional driver, sygic GPS Navigation maps app can guide you safely to your destination even without an internet connection. It's in one word the best offline maps for Android.

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Wrapping Up

The above offline maps for Android can let you have a smooth and uninterrupted navigation experience. Aside from bringing accurate voice directions, they are ideal for getting speed limit alerts and they make driving in unfamiliar territories easier. It's quite obvious that normal maps can rack up or consume a hefty amount of data, but these offline maps for Android can come in handy to save data usage and help you find your way around deadzones even without an internet connection.