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Traveling round the city and suddenly lose your way? Then there are two options left. Either to ask a pedestrian for directions or simply shift the authority to an algorithm to help you find your way around. The latter brings maps into play. Maps are simply a visual representation of an area that comes in handy to help individuals avoid traffic jams and reach their destination faster. Take Waze for example, it's one of the most accurate GPS navigation app for Android and brings live traffic information. But it lacks one thing, and that's an offline mode.

Y'all know roaming charges are ridiculous on normal maps, and can result to a waste of mobile data. Fortunately, the Google Play Store brings a slew of offline maps apps for Android and they are completely free to use. So without further ado, here are the best offline maps for Android.

1. Google Map


If you are looking for the best maps app to rely on for real-time GPS navigation and live traffic conditions, then Google Maps should be your go to. Despite requiring an internet connection to perform some of its functions, Google Maps still offers an offline experience for its user. Activities such as establishment info, location searches and turn-by-turn driving directions can be accessed via Google Maps without having to connect to WiFi or cellular network.


To download Google Maps for offline use, simply open the Google Maps app and search for the specific location you want to save. Now pull up the bottom info bar and tap Download. Select the area you'd like to save, then hit the "Download" button to start saving the area. It's safe to mention that Google Maps doesn't support offline navigation for biking, walking and transit directions. But we do hope to see these features soon.

Download Google Maps (free)

2. is one of the best offline maps app for Android and it's entirely free. It brings a sleek user interface and a fast and incredibly detailed directions to points of interest. One thing you do love about is that it allows users to add new locations with ease. Compared to Google Maps, brings support for offline navigation for walking, driving and motorcycle touring. There's also a bookmark option that let's user save their favourite locations. doesn't only excel in offline searches, but offers a reliable GPS turn-by-turn navigation. Overall, it's a great way to save mobile data.

Download (free)

3. HERE WeGo


Here WeGo is another popular offline maps app for Android. It brings a reliable, fast and accurate GPS navigation with voice guidance to smoothen your car drive and walk. Aside from this, here wego offers a real-time traffic and transit information to help users avoid traffic jams and travel faster. The app's graphical user interface is among the best and it let's you download maps you can use offline even without a cell signal. Here wego's public transport option helps to keep track of departure times and its free offline navigation is ideal for knowing how critical your ride will be.

Download Here WeGo (free)

4. OsmAnd


​OsmAnd is an offline navigation app that brings a ton of useful features. The app lets users record or upload their own GPX track for storing waypoints and routes. One of OsmAnd's robust feature is the synthesized turn-by-turn voice guidance that helps you along the way. OsmAnd also brings support for offline location searches and an automatic day/night mode switch. You can download and save maps of certain area and use it when you have no internet connection. OsmAnd also provide information about depth sea objects and its contours. It's really one of the best offline maps for Android and it's handy for hiking, walking and city tour.

Download OsmAnd (free)

5. Navmii


Navmii is an accurate free offline maps for Android and it's ideal for taking abroad to avoid high roaming costs. The app brings a real-time traffic and road information to help you find your way around. Navmii also offers a free voice-guided navigation with support for local searches using postal code or address even without a data connection. Navmii is undoubtedly easy and simple to use, it works with GPS only and comes with points of interest. Offline maps are stored locally and once you have had navmii setup, it will plot the best route for you. Aside from the driver's score feature it brings, navmii is really a great offline maps for Android.

Download Navmii (free)

6. GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic


Sygic GPS Navigation is another maps app you can rely on. The app brings up-to-date life traffic information about fuel prices on different petrol stations and lets you avoid speed camera warnings. That's not all, sygic GPS Navigation also includes a high-quality 3D maps that are stored locally on your  device and you can use it to escape traffic and find the best parking spot. Whether you commute daily or you're a professional driver, sygic GPS Navigation maps app can guide you safely to your destination even without an internet connection. It's in one word the best offline maps for Android.

Download Sygic's GPS Navigation (free)

Wrapping Up

The above offline maps for Android can let you have a smooth and uninterrupted navigation experience. Aside from bringing accurate voice directions, they are ideal for getting speed limit alerts and they make driving in unfamiliar territories easier. It's quite obvious that normal maps can rack up or consume a hefty amount of data, but these offline maps for Android can come in handy to save data usage and help you find your way around deadzones even without an internet connection.

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Kodi spawned from the love of media and now, it's serving as an entertainment hub for playing most of your favourite podcasts, videos, music and other digital media files. Even though there are several other media center apps out there, Kodi is still the best and the most popular due to its open source nature. This makes it incredibly easy for users to pirate TV shows, songs and movies with XBMC foundation having no control over it. While Kodi itself is good, it doesn't bring enough features. Hence one may need to enhance Kodi functionality with the aid of Kodi Wizard.

What are Kodi Wizard

To simply put, Kodi Wizard are a collection of Kodi addons, but they're not pre-installed. This gives users the opportunity to choose which add-ons they want to install depending on their working status. For me, I'd say it is a great development, considering the fact that a lot of Kodi addons are dead while some disabled. Kodi Wizard can also serve as an additional package used to simplify complex operations on Kodi, especially for inexperienced users who do not know how to setup Kodi and its repositories.

Attention Kodi Users

As mentioned earlier, Kodi Wizard brings a ton of third-party add-ons that are illegal. So to avoid copyright infringement issues from DMCA, it is recommended for users to make use of a VPN service such as IPVanish while using Kodi. Moreover, Kodi VPN comes in handy for anonymity and unblocking of Kodi addons that are geo-restricted. If you are still in doubt on whether to use Kodi VPN or not, then you can checkout the major reasons to connect to a VPN service if you use Kodi. 

Now without further ado, here are the best Kodi Wizard for 2018.

1. No Limits Magic Wizard


​No limits magic is one of the most used Kodi Wizard available. It utilizes the Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin which makes its appearance and layout quite futuristic. The Wizard brings all the latest Kodi addons for movies, TV shows and even adult contents. Hence you'll get to find covenant, Project M and Nemesis inside it. One thing you'd get to love while using no limits magic is that the addons in it are being updated regularly and they are all working like charm. 

Download No Limits Magic Wizard (free)

2. Man Cave Wizard


If you're looking for a free program add-on for Kodi that works with several services, then man cave should be your go to. Even with all the addons it brings, it still let's you add your favourite add-on with ease. Man Cave Wizard is extremely lite and it brings support for removing caches and thumbnails automatically. Overall, it's one of the best Kodi Wizard meant for people who prefer to use Kodi Wizards​ to save time.

Download Man Cave Wizard (free)

3. Brettus Wizard


Brettus is another kodi Wizard that offers a ton of features. It brings a plethora number of awesome addons that is suitable for all genders. With Brettus Wizard Installed and setup, you can stream TV shows, sports and movies with your spouse. One of Brettus wizard strong point is the crazy builds that it brings and this includes star wars, disney, Predator, Pokémon Go etc. Brettus wizard will surely appeal to you, and it brings huge lists for blockbuster videos.

Download Brettus Wizard (free)

4. Echo Wizard


Echo is an all-in-one Kodi Wizard that serve as a hub for add-ons. Aside from being a great maintenance tool, you can use echo wizard to watch an unlimited number of TV shows and movies. Users can install echo wizard through Colossus Repo and once that's ​done, you'll discover useful functions such as custom keymaps, advanced settings for latest news and the day sports listings. Echo is really among the best wizard for Kodi Krypton 17.

Download Echo Wizard (free)

5. CellularDoorTV Wizard


CellularDoorTV also known as CDTV is one of the most complete Kodi Wizard ever. Not only does it bring a cool maintenance option for keeping your device in shape by cleaning it automatically, it also let's you install add-ons, APK's and all CDTV builds. Aside from this, CDTV brings cool layout and intuitive interface. It can stream all your favourite movies and go as far as making your media experience better.

Download CellularDoorTV Wizard (free)

6. Misfit Mods Wizard


Misfit Mods is a good looking wizard for Kodi. It brings a ton of different add-ons such as uktvnow, mobdro, indi-pak sports and a lot more. It's quite popular due to the widgets it offers and this makes it easy to find movies and TV shows to stream. Misfit Mods also brings good content perfectly laid out. There are sections for music, live TV etc. It also brings a lite version that works on a variety of device including firestick.

Download Misfit Mod Wizard (free)

7. The Beast Wizard


If you're looking for the best Wizard in Kodi community, then Beast is the answer. Beast Wizard brings awesome addons that are updated regularly while the non-working one's are being removed. Beast offers a nice and friendly user interface and is focused on providing new contents. Furthermore, you'll get to discover that beast has two available server in UK and USA with access to a ton of movies and TV shows.

Download the Beast Wizard (free)

8. Zero Tolerance


Zero Tolerance is becoming thick and fast. It is one of the best Kodi Wizard that's highly simplified. Of all the addons that it offers, pyramid seems the most popular, housing a ton of contents that's unbelievable. Pyramid is an all-in-one kodi add-on that includes the latest TV shows, kids TV, documentries, music and more. It brings support for past and present movies with alluring skin that's appealing. Once​ you have zero tolerance wizard installed on your Kodi, there won't be any need for additional Kodi addons.

Download Zero Tolerance (free)

9. Supreme Builds Wizard


Supreme​ builds wizard brings a sparkling interface that will glue you to your Kodi screen non-stop. It brings a huge list of 4k movies with maintenance tools and an add-on installer. Inside supreme Wizard, you'll get to find the popular titanium build that offers a ton of TV shows, Live Sports and a replay option. Other builds such as quest, ether, the cell, Canada eh and Kubo kids can be found inside supreme Builds Wizard. It's really one of the best Kodi Wizard out there.

Download Supreme Builds Wizard (free)

10. Durex Wizard

Personally, durex is a very nice Kodi Wizard that's super fast and brings a crisp of HD wallpapers. It uses durexonfluence as it skin and offers a ton of add-ons. Durex layout is neatly arranged, and it's loaded with a lot of popular add-ons including poseidon, sports world, spinzflix, Bob unleashed, modbina and a lot more. This add-on gives you access to movies, TV shows, music and even live sports. Durex is certainly among the best Kodi Wizard you should try.

Download Durex Wizard (free)

Wrapping Up

Sadly, we saw the dismiss of some of the most popular Kodi Wizard including wookie, ares and spinztv wizard. It's very painful to see that they're dead, but there are others that can serve as replacements. With the above listed Kodi Wizard, you're just a step away from streaming your favourite media contents. Why bother yourself looking for the best Kodi addons when you can get all of them in one wizard. Overall, these are the best Kodi Wizard that's worth using in 2018.

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Over the past few years, media streaming apps like Kodi has evolved to become a cord cutter's best friend. They are everything one can long for and can certainly replace your smart TV if given the chance. Kodi formerly known as XBMC is a free and open source software application that lets users manage their media locally. Once Kodi is installed and setup on your home, it will allow you to play videos, podcasts, music and other digital media files directly from the internet.
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Kodi does not bring only an intuitive user interface, but a selection of third-party add-ons and support for live TV. Even for all these features, Kodi isn't for everyone. A lot of people tends to get bored of Kodi skin and may decide to try a better alternative. You don't need to blame this set of people, it's a thing of choice. Now if you happen to fall into the category of people who thinks Kodi skin is becoming boring, then here are the 7 best Kodi alternatives for firestick and Android.

1. Plex

Plex is one of the best media center app that serves as a hub for your movies, music and images. Unlike kodi, plex offers an easy way to share contents between different devices, so you'll be able to watch the movies stored on your PC on any Android device by using plex app. Plex brings a gorgeous interface and supports all music and video formats. The parental control feature built into plex helps parents keep kids away from watching inappropriate contents.


Plex doesn't offer much customization like Kodi and it isn't free. The free version of plex brings many restrictions which limits video and music streaming to one minute and watermarks are added to your photos. Although you can sign up for Plex pass to enjoy unlimited access to media files. Plex is the best way to watch live TV legally and it brings support for lyrics and ability to sync contents for offline viewing. As of now, Plex is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.


If you have familiarised yourself with Kodi and don't want to stray too far, then open source media center (OSMC) should be a better alternative. OSMC is a free and open source Linux distro based on Debian and Kodi media center. The software brings Kodi to a variety of device including Apple TV and raspberry pi. OSMC is simple to use and it brings a streamlined subtle color that is easy on the eye.


Unlike Kodi, osmc allows you to install both Kodi addons as well as Linux program via its app store. OSMC's video control center is minimalist, it gives you access to movies, TV shows, pictures and music. You can also fine-tune your Settings via "My OSMC". Vero VK is an ideal device to stream OSMC videos in 4k. The hardware brings support for HD sound and it can be the perfect raspberry pi alternative.
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3. Emby

Emby formerly known as media browser is a media server that unites all your personal videos, music, and photos and allows you to streams them on a variety of devices. Emby began as an alternative to Plex, but it's a bit more customizable and brings enhanced kodi integration. Aside from this, Emby lets you stream Live TV and record them if need be. Thanks to the DVR functionality.


Emby brings similar features as Plex and it is not a coincidence. Its primary purpose is to allow users stream media files from their PC to a variety of devices. Emby also brings support for remote content streaming, third party extensions, parental control & media playback. Moreover, it can organize your media into an elegant display with artwork, rich metadata and related content. Overall, emby is one of the best alternative to Kodi.

4. MediaPortal

When Microsoft removed the media center from Windows 10, one would've thought it'd be the end of media streaming. Fortunately, MediaPortal emerged as a replacement and it's now serving as an alternative to Kodi and Windows media center. MediaPortal is a powerhouse that lets you play, view and listen to your favorite videos, radio, music and photo slideshows.

The software brings support for Live TV recording and you'll get to find hundreds of plugins and skin in its extension manager. Unlike Kodi, MediaPortal automatically lists all the media files in your folder thus giving you free access to them.  MediaPortal can transform your PC into a complete media solution and it brings tons of features such as the ability to play music from a predefined playlist.

5. Stremio


Stremio is an entertainment hub specially designed for video content aggregation. The software focuses on ease of use and lets you add local video files from your computer to be streamed on a variety of smartphones. Stremio brings support for resume playing, and can be use to watch movies, TV shows and live TV series. Stremio's main go is to bring all your media content in one place, but it isn't customizable and feature-rich as Kodi. Similar to other competitors, stremio offers a ton of add-ons that comes in handy for streaming netflix and YouTube movies.

Wrapping Up

To enrich your movie experience, a media center app is needed. They are best for cord cutters and offers a lot of plethora features. If you're looking for an app like Kodi or the best alternative to Kodi, then you should start from here. The above mentioned apps are free (not all) and gives you access to an unlimited number of video streaming.

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A keylogger often referred to as keystroke logging is a type of surveillance software that once installed on a computer system monitors each and every keystroke made by a computer user. Let's assume for instance that you have had a keylogger software installed on a recipient's PC, the program will start running hiddenly in the background and when the victim tries to login to let's say by entering his/her username and password in the respective fields, the keylogger will secretly record the keystrokes and store them in a log file and this will later be sent to the specified receiver.
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Keyloggers are often used by employers to ensure their employees are using work PCs for business purposes only. Parents can also use keyloggers to monitor the activities of their children online. Sagaciously, keylogger softwares are legal. But a lot of bad people ends up using the program for the purpose of stealing passwords and other confidential information. Luckily, one can easily find out if a keylogger software is installed on their PC. For this purpose, an anti-virus, windows task manager or a spyware program can help detect and report any attempt of keystroke logging on your PC.
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Obviously, there are a dozen of keylogger software on the market but most of them are filled with malware and virus. Having known this, we geeks over here at techviola went on a tour to personally test some of the free keylogger software and we came to a conclusion that 11 out of the hundreds of free keylogger softwares on the market are the best. So without further ado, here are the best free keylogger software to record the keystrokes made by a computer user.

1. Spyrix Free Keylogger


Spyrix free keylogger or Sprix personal monitor is one of the best free keylogger software specially designed to help you record user activities secretly. The program can go extra mile to record keystrokes, clipboard content and even social network activities. Spyrix keylogger comes in handy to help parents monitor their kids internet usage and stop them from visiting malicious and unwanted sites. Employers can use Spyrix keylogger to remotely monitor their staff activities and they'll be able to have the encryted log files  sent to their email. Spyrix can't be detected  by any anti-virus and it's available for Mac and Windows PC.

2. Refog Free Keylogger


Refog is another popular keystroke recorder that's worth using. The program intercepts and logs all the keystrokes being hit on a computer system and the passworded log files are sent to the perpetrator's email address in a human-readable form. Refog free keylogger once safely sideloaded on a PC can run hiddenly in the background, and it'll appear neither on the taskbar or on the list of running programs in task manager. It's a free utility software that comes in handy for monitoring kids activities so they won't fall into the hands of online predators or view inappropriate websites.

3. Danusoft Free Keylogger


Personally, I like the idea of danusoft free keylogger. The program once installed on a targeted computer system goes into stealth mode and begins to record every keystrokes made my a computer user. Danusoft brings a simple and basic functionalities in such a way that it doesn't record programs, website activity etc. All it does is to record the keys pressed on a computer keyboard and the logs can be viewed using a Notepad (TXT) file. Its really an intuitive free keylogger program suitable for professional use.

4. Revealer Keylogger Free


Revealer keylogger is an excellent program that allows you to control everything that happens on your computer system. Users can use it to record keyboard inputs and capture screenshots and actions performed on their PC. Revealer also brings support for remote monitoring, and reports are sent through email, FTP, Dropbox or LAN in form of a log file. Obviously, revealer keylogger​ features an exceptional protection that gives it the privilege to remain hidden even in Windows explorer. The program includes other configuration settings that remain inactive until you upgrade to the pro version.

5. Actual Keylogger


Actual keylogger formerly known as actual spy is a robust free keylogger software that can be used to monitor and record anything your child or employee does with his/her computer. The software once installed and setup, will begin to monitor keystrokes, files opened, applications that are running, what is printed and to top it all of, it can capture screenshots of a monitor screen and you'll be able to see what's going on. Once actual keylogger finishes its monitoring process, the activity logs will be emailed to you at a regular interval. Actual keylogger does not take much space on your hard disk, and it runs on all version of Windows.

6. Realtime-Spy


Realtime-Spy is paid no doubt, but there are a lot of reasons to use it. Realtime-Spy is a keylogger software that runs stealthily on the background of a computer system and records every single keystrokes done on a user's keyboard. The log files are later sent to realtime-spy server and the perpetrator can have access and view the sensitive data from anywhere via realtime-spy webspace. Realtime-Spy supports remote installation which gives you the privilege to remotely install the program on any computer even if you have no physical access to it. As of now, realtime-spy is available on Windows and Mac.

7. KidLogger


Kidlogger was developed to help parents keep track of their kids online activities. The program once installed on a family PC can go as far as letting you know how long your kids spent whilst playing computer games and you can use it to block apps and also to discover whom they're communicating with. Aside from this, kidlogger brings a powerful keystroke feature that let's you record all the keystrokes they make, and it can be used to monitor chats and to capture periodic screenshot. Kidlogger incognito mode is top-notch and it's available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

8. Real Free Keylogger


As far as real free keylogger is concerned, it can secretly capture every keystrokes made on a computer without being detected. The program brings an invisible mode feature to help you record chats & IMs, monitor online searches and capture passwords and even usernames made by a user. For one thing, you can unhide real free keylogger from stealth mode by using a hotkey available in your Windows account. Real free keylogger is useful for catching cheating spouse and i personally love the idea of assigning a password to protect the program.

9. iSam


iSam is definitely among the world's top best free keylogger software. The program was invented by triple G to help users keep track of every single keystrokes done on a PC. If  you are afraid that a hacker or malicious people may get hold of your sensitive and private information, then you can use iSam to protect your PC when you're not around. With iSam, you can secretly monitor users activities individually, and it provides an option for image preview to see what the hacker was is doing. All this log files are recorded in a normal readable format and can be sent to your email. iSam is available for Windows PC and it has an auto revive feature incase of unexpected termination.

10. Perfect Keylogger

BlazingTools perfect keylogger is another professional keystrokes logging software that serves as a type of surveillance tool to help you record keystrokes and tell you the time they were made and the app they were made in. The program brings support for remote installation and one of its unique feature is the advanced keyword detection that can be ​used map out keyword phrases to watch out for. Perfect keylogger performs all of its activities invisibly and it can take screenshots for you to view as a log file. To sum things up, perfect keylogger has an easy to use and intuitive user interface and it is ideal for beginners.

11. Blackbox Express


BlackBox security monitor also known as BlackBox Express is a software program that serves as a secret watchdog on your computer system and monitors all network connection. BlackBox Express is literally a free keylogger software that sits hiddenly in the background of your PC and records all the keystrokes made on it. The program comes in handy to see which websites have been visited, texts​ copied to clipboard and applications opened so far. All this reports are sent as a log file to your email address and are highly encrypted. You can also opt-in to use BlackBox Professional to protect your kids from potential pedophiles.

12. Free Keylogger


Free Keylogger is a simple and effective key logging software that lets you record each keystrokes a user makes on his/her PC. Here is how it works; once you have the software installed on the targeted computer, it'll record the key presses to your hard drive alongside the time they where made. Just like real free keylogger, free keylogger is bounded to a secret hotkey that can be used to hide or unhide it. Overall, free keylogger is a great tool for parents to monitor their children and employers can use it to keep an eye on their employees.

13. mSpy


mSpy is worth downloading, it's one of the best monitoring software developed for smartphones and computers to help parents keep track of their children activities and to ensure workers productivity. Once mSpy is installed safely on a target PC or mobile, it'll automatically go into background mode and starts recording keystrokes, apps used and installed and it'll capture screenshots of the target PC depending on the time interval you specified. mSpy can also keeps track on text messages, call information and even on GPS coordinates and they'll later be sent to your control panel as a log file. Acting as a keylogger software for Windows, Android and iOS tablets, mSpy accuracy will surely​ allure you.

Wrapping Up

The above keylogger software beats other competitors in two respects. They're simple to use and are free. I have seen too many keylogger software that are bloated with viruses​, thus making them unusable.  However the above free keylogger software once installed on your PC, can help you monitor each and every keystrokes made by a computer user while running unobtrusively and undetectable in the background. Please do note that Identity theft is illegal and they're considered a crime. So do not use these free keylogger software to invade someone's​ privacy.
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It's pretty much aggravating and perhaps strenuous to find out that for the majority of things we do on the internet, we are required to create some form of account by providing our names, email address and even date of birth before wewe can gain access to read a newsletter. For someone like me who have a phobia when it comes to sharing sensitive informations on the web, I'd feel reluctant to share my logins especially on a site that I'm likely to not visit again.

As you'd know, most of the websites that parades on the world wide web may end up adding your email address to their mailing lists, thus resulting to a hordes of spam mails being received everyday. Of course one may choose to skip or bypass the whole registration process by using a temporary disposable email address that comes in handy for receiving account activation emails​. But there's a simpler way to get around not having to register on a website with fake credentials.This is where BugMeNot comes in to play.

What is BugMeNot?

BugMeNot is an internet service that provides free shared logins to enable users bypass compulsory website registrations in other to view free content. To find a login for a website, simply visit BugMeNot and type the website address into the Domain/URL search box then click enter. On the next page, you will be provided with a ton of usernames and passwords for the website you specified. Select the logins with the highest success rate as they're like to work.


BugMeNot is good, no doubt but it has its own bad points too. As a website which curates logins shared by users, there's a high probability that users may decide to go naughty by adding fake login information for accounts that doesn't exist. On a situation like this, BugMeNot tries as much as possible to use its rating system to weed the fake logins. But it can still prove to be an obstacle for people looking to obtain login information in a hurry. So without​ further ado, here are the 2 best site like BugMeNot.

1. Login2 is quite similar to BugMeNot and it's the best place to obtain free usernames and passwords for websites that requires registration. Unlike BugMeNot which claims to offer logins for over 450,000 websites, database isn't known. Although it is a simple tool that can be used to bypass compulsory registration on popular websites. To cut the story short, here's a couple of ways to use

Firstly, head over to and enter the URL of the website for which you want to get a login then click the "Get" button. From here, you'll be provided with the login information for that particular website. Do note that if the first login doesn't work, you can always opt-in to get another username and password by clicking on the "Not working show more" button.

Secondly, offers a quick and easy way to access and obtain free logins for any website on the world wide web. This process involves adding infront of the site URL you want login for. Here's a quick example;
Lastly, users can get login for any website of their choice direct from their browser. To do this, simply drag this bookmark to your browser, then click it when you're on the site that requires login.

2. Fakeaccount

If you are looking for a site like BugMeNot, then I'll suggest you checkout fake account. The platform was designed to help folks obtain logins (username and password) for any website requiring registration. One major advantage of using fake account is that your privacy and personal data will be safe with you and most importantly, you don't have to wait for activation emails anymore.

To begin with, go to and tap either the "Search Directory" button or the Show Random Account" icon. If you choose the first one, you will be presented with the URL of several websites arranged neatly in alphabetical order. Simply select the site you want login for and you're good to go. If you want to find login for a specific website, click on the horizontal dots at the top right corner then type in the domain URL and hit search. On the next page, select the entry that has the highest upvotes.

Wrapping Up

So these are the 2 best site like BugMeNot. One thing you'll need to note is that getting a working account from any of these BugMeNot sites may seem difficult, but if you can exercise a little bit of patients, then you might be lucky to find a working login. Also a ton of pay-per-view sites such as netflix are barred from BugMeNot system in case you're thinking to get free netflix account. In summary, we've had a hard time trying to list the BugMeNot alternatives. So ensure to share it with your friends and tell them that and are the 2 best password sharing site like BugMeNot.
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Social network games came to be in a bit to tackle boredom while waiting for friends to text back. Since then, its development has evolved beyond one's imagination. Looking back at 2016 when Facebook announced its new Gameroom software, one would have thought that it'd go head to head to compete against the likes of Steam and Origin, but it never got close. Although it was good in its own goofy and floundering way.
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Facebook Gameroom (formerly known as Facebook Games Arcade) is a stand-alone PC-based gaming app that allows user to play web and native games built exclusively for the platform without accessing facebook official website through a browser. As of now, only games built in Unity and Unreal are supported in facebook Gameroom. So if you're ready to access and play most of your favourite Facebook games within the Gameroom app, then here's how to get started.

Install Facebook Gameroom

Before we kick off, it's safe to mention that there's no support for Facebook Gameroom Apk for Android. Also users who are eager to see Facebook Gameroom for Mac or Linux will be sad to discover that it isn't available for now. Fortunately, Facebook Gameroom is available for PCs running on Windows 7, 8 and 10.


So to get this one going, simply head over the official Facebook Gameroom page. Then click on the Free Install button to download the Gameroom app. Now run the program, and allow Adobe Flash Player to get installed automatically. Facebook Gameroom is light weight and Adobe flash player is required for it to run smoothly. So it won't harm your PC.

Play Facebook Games with Facebook Gameroom

Once after the installation, simply open the Facebook Gameroom app. From the main overview which seem somewhat gluing, you will get to discover a ton of facebook games and this recommendations are based on the user's favorite games. Hence, your existing levels and rewards will still be intact.


Now notice the panel on the left side of the Gameroom app, it brings options for users to access a list of downloaded games and you can even select a category of game you wish to play. Facebook Gameroom app offer a bunch of games that are categorised into genre and most of them includes card games, action games, casino games and board games etc.


To play any of your favourite game within the Facebook Gameroom app, simply go through the grid and select the game you wish to play or you can select from a list of downloaded games within the Facebook Gameroom app. From here, you'll be required to connect to your Facebook profile before accessing the game. So agree to this prompt and click "Continue" to start playing.


That's it. Facebook Gameroom has proved to be the best alternative to high-end PC gaming sites such as kongregate. Not only does it offers a ton of games, users can also chat with other players while playing a specific game. Most of the games on Facebook Gameroom are free to download, but you'd have to spend a couple of dollar for games such as 1979 revolution.


Uninstall Facebook Gameroom in Windows 10

While the Facebook Gameroom brings a ton of games and is improving gradually, a lot of gamers may still want to get rid of it. So if you are tired of accessing most of the games on Facebook Gameroom, then here's how to uninstall it.

  • Access Cortana from your Windows Start menu, then search for “Add or remove program”.
  • From here, you'll get to see Apps & features. Simply type in Facebook Gameroom in the search field.
  • Once you see Facebook Gameroom, click on it, then select uninstall. A pop-up will appear. Simply click "Uninstall"  again.
  • Then wait for the uninstallation process to complete.
That's all! Facebook Gameroom is certainly the best gaming client that's worth using on Windows PC. So far, games such as zombie blitz, Motorbike racing and critical OPS are running like breeze. It's just a matter of time, who knows you'd be able to run need for speed on Facebook Gameroom.

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